Trickydame’s New Adventure

Every year as the leaves start to bud and the robins begin to sing … I get all excited to celebrate my birthday! I love being an Aries! I love that I have the opportunity to begin another new year in my life as the world wakens up from a long winter.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve made many major life transitions around my birthday and this year is no exception! On Monday, April 12, I’m taking the train to Atlanta, GA. This is a place I never thought I’d be going to 16 yrs ago when I first came to New York City – just goes to show how “your thoughts’ aren’t the only part of you that “guides you”!!

I’m choosing Atlanta as my first stop in the MPL-USA Art Tour for a few reasons:
1. it begins with A and I like that!
2. its warm there
3. the train goes there easily
4. Paula has friends there that I can connect with
5. I HAVE A FRIEND THERE! My friend Beth who has always been an amazing supportive friend with my art! I can’t wait to hang out with her again and her SON!!!

There is also a part of my soul that is guiding me there … so I’m going to listen to this. Afterall, this tour is about continuing my spiritual quest that I began in July 2001. This is quest that I’m sure to be on for the rest of my life … and right now the journey is leading me to PHYSICALLY TRAVEL!

The MPL-USA Art Tour is a work in progress – just like me! There are a few things I intend to do while I’m traveling as well as be open to whatever appears to me — I am excited to use the laws of “ART OF ALLOWING” & “LAW OF ATTRACTION” to take care of me.

I trust in my divine wisdom to guide me along my journey. I easily ask for help and receive all that I need effortlessly.

I am just as excited to SHARE positive energy via my Magic Passion Love ideas & art projects!
I look forward to meeting other cool people and experiencing their own ideas of living spiritually!

So off I go … along the way, I will meet others who will co-host Manifesting Circles with their friends, I will create Mass Manifesting Mobiles in public spaces and engage in creative conversations with people using the MPL Oracle Art cards! (see photos below!!)

To see the photos that INSPIRED THIS PHOTO PROJECT- visit my FLICKR! page! These photos were taken my Lauren Lavitt.

If you want to follow the MPL-USA Art Tour – I will be sending updates via FACEBOOKTWITTERYOUTUBE

If anyone is interested at any point in joining me on this journey – let’s talk!

IF YOU KNOW ANYONE in the following areas (ATLANTA*TAMPA*SAVANNAH*ORLANDO*NEW ORLEANS) Please email me their info! Would love to meet them!

This tour is also an opportunity for my art work to become my sole source of income – I truly believe that we all have the ability and right to earn money on our own terms and want to encourage & support YOU. Let’s find ways we can create financial abundance thru our Magic Passion Love ENERGY- it’s in all of us!! :

I appreciate any support you can offer me – financial, spiritual or physical support!!

To find ways to make a $$ donation – you can visit:

See you soon!!
with much love & gratitude

Here are pictures of some lovely women I met on Sunday @ 1834 (62 Pearl St) —this is where I’m having my BDAY PARTY & SEND OFF!!
Please join me FRIDAY, APRIL 9 from 7pm till ??!!

Subways to get to 62 Pearl Street:
1 – South Ferry
R – Whitehall St – South Ferry
4 – Bowling Green
(each subway is about 2-3 blocks away)

BUSES!! M15, M9, M6

1834 Bar is near Bridge & Broad St at 62 Pearl St.
We’ll be downstairs!


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