angels are with me…

It’s day four since I’ve left the life I knew so well to begin a new chapter in my life. So far it’s been rather easy so I want to express gratitude & appreciation for this! I feel its important for me to stay in touch of the positive things happening instead of allowing thoughts of past worries/fears to take away what is working out.

I can feel the ANGELS all around me offering me strength and support to stay in the present moment — stay connected with Source Energy! If I can keep this as my priority — I trust answers & opportunities will appear.

WHEW …it feels so new to think this way and I need to remember that the shift I am feeling others are so I’m not alone. The next week is going to be interesting – – I am going to do things that are so daring however… the outcome of these daring moves will only bring me new opportunities to share my art.

I am ready to host Manifesting Circles – create Mass Manifesting Mobiles in public spaces – offer Re-Energizing Sessions – sell my art!

Who/What is going to come into my life this week which will give me opportunities to make this happen?! The Not Knowing can also be exciting …. and the excitement feels a lot better than the fear so GUESS WHICH FEELING I’m CHOOSING?!!?!?!?

If I trust my intuition and ASK_BELIEVE_RECEIVE – all that I need will be provided.

So it is!


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