Let’s the GAMES Begin – the Prosperity Game!!

The Universe makes no distinction between the vibration you offer in response to what you are living and the vibration that you offer in response to what you are imagining, so this Prosperity Game Process is a powerful tool for shifting your vibrational point of attraction. — Abraham-Hicks

Nine days ago, a few friends and I decided to play the PROSPERITY GAME together.

What’s the Prosperity Game?!

Here’s the basics:
Every day, you pay yourself $1000, adding $1000 each day – so day 1: $1000, day 2: $2000, day 3: $3000, if you do it for 365 days, on that day you pay yourself $365,000! That’s a lot of cash to spend!! If you have an old checkbook, write yourself checks and put in the ledger, or use a computer program (I’m using Quicken)… you can even make a special book just for this game.

By doing this Prosperity Game, I am shifting my perceptions on receiving and spending money – so often we often are afraid to spend the money we have for “past fears” of not knowing where/when the money will come. Many of us are choosing to freelance, be business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants so we are living from project to project.

How would this shift your spending?! What would you spend your money on? Which charity would you donate to? Who would you gift $1000 to? Where would you live?

Watch the video for more info and/or check out the website link.

Each day post how you spent your money – along with any affirmations that align with your spending/receiving.

MOST OF ALL – HAVE FUN WITH THIS!! After all its just a GAME! Just like LIFE!!

Magic Passion Love & The Prosperity Game!
happy spending & RECEIVING!
Joanne xo

Here are a few posts what some of the Co-Creators on the 100 Day Reality Challenge are spending their money on – it’s kinda fun sharing in their SPENDING!

Today I received $3,000 into my credit union account. Me and the boys went to the Museum of Science for $20 per person. I have so much money coming in! We ate at this wonderful restaurant afterwards for $80. We then went to the mall and I bought the boys 2 pairs each of some Jordans that cost $130 each! I paid off my tax bill of $1,200. I bought me some $1,500 shoes! I just love shoes : )


I started today and have recieved $1000 in my bank account when I woke up =) I have attracted a wonderful Virtual Assistant for 5 months! It feels so wonderful to have help so I can continue to connect and create with others!

I am a money magnet!


Day 2: $2,000
$1,200 – new MacBook Pro -15inch
$ 200 – swimming lessons for my nephew
$ 600 – 3 hotel rooms for 2 days ($100 a night) at JFK’s Comfort Inn, for people stranded by volcano in Iceland

Every day money flows to me easily and abundantly


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