I’m changing my story and releasing distractions – week 2 update!

Its been 2 weeks since I’ve left NYC not sure how long this countdown will be the start of my weekly updates. Maybe a MONTH as I did live there for almost 16yrs of my life. I’m still in a daze that I actually left. I’m giving myself permission to adjust … giving ourselves time is so important!!

For as long as i can remember, I told this story, ‘it was my life long dream to move to NYC and I did!” Whenever speaking to my NYC friend, I would be part of the group that said, “I will always live here,” so you can imagine my surprise in January when I made the choice to let go of my apartment. I’m not being over dramatic when I tell you it felt like I was leaving a lover!! I had so many experiences in that apartment and shared it with so many Boarders*… not to mention Holiday Parties. However, as with all relationships, everything must change. My relationship with New York City was shifting and to keep it in balanced, change needed to occur.

Last week I have spent a lot more time alone – I started to ride my bike more. It’s a little scary on the hills and I’m still getting used to the hand breaks instead of the foot brake of my NYC Beater Bike. This bike was left not locked on the street 3x and no one ever took. Yes, it was a beat up old bike, but it was the best NYC Bike. I bought it from a neighbor for $25 and I’ve given it to my friend who still lives in the East Village. I hope it will be passed on for generations to come 🙂 In addition to riding my bike, I have been making myself go on walks so I keep my body moving. Moving the body is key when your brain wants to go into overdrive! Letting go of my “NYC story” has been a little bit of mind “fuck” — a part of me is trying to create stress & worry about “THE PLAN!”

However, because I have released so many of the “daily distractions” – my spirit is getting much stronger than my mind. Which means …when these thoughts work their way into my consciousness, I say out loud, “HUH!?”. Stopping those thoughts from getting any power!!

Then …. the choice is mine which direction I want to choose to go – to the old fear based thoughts or the RIGHT NOW FEEL GOOD THOUGHTS! The thoughts that create excitement about stepping into the unknown of following another dream! We are allowed to have more than one dream!

And … when we accomplish one dream – this is the fuel that inspires more dreams to come true. Why can’t we have it all ?

Taking responsibility for living your dreams is just as important as being a responsible adult who takes care of themselves. There are many parts to be taken care — the physical, the financial, the mental, emotional and spiritual just to name a few!!

AND … on this tour, I’m discovering how good it feels to help my friend who is a new mom take care of her son. This tour is an opportunity for me to ask for help and offer assistance whenever I can.

That’s what Magic Passion Love energy is all about – SHARING!! We all have it in us. Its renewable and sustainable so we never run out of it! And it feels good to use it! WOW 🙂 Part of my new story is traveling and sharing how good it feels to share with each other!

As you see, I’ve been processing, releasing and allowing this past week which I know strengthens my intuitive self. Strengthening my six sense helps me get into the “flow” of manifesting. Here’s a simple example of this: yesterday I was sitting in this garden that is managed by the Lullwater Garden Club. Its been an amazing place for me to meditate/write and yesterday I thought, “wow, it could be kinda fun to garden here”. As I was leaving, who should I meet?! The president of the Garden Club who invited me to help with a garden clean up on Saturday!

Interesting yet simple, but if I can manifest an introduction to help garden, perhaps I am manifesting an introduction to someone who lives in a b/b, resort, artist community where I could spend a few weeks working & making art?! I have to be willing to put it out there what I want! You have to be willing to state your fears out loud to release them. We have to be willing to receive the love the Universe is offering us!

Tonight I’m going to a spoken work open mic. at the Red Light Cafe. I’m going to tell the ‘highly trained spy dog story” – its an audience favorite. I’m going to walk over there – it’s about 2 miles which for NYC standards not far. How will I get home? I’m positive I will attract a cool person to offer me a ride … cuz, I easily attract cool people where ever I go!”

Thanks again for reading my updates and sending your energy via facebook/100 day reality challenge/twitter and emails!

I am doing research about Savannah & Sarasota – if anyone knows people there that might be open to someone sleeping on their couch/spare room as well as hosting an artist … please let me know!! I’d like to go there in after May 10…

I’m a very courteous house guest – I’m always doing dishes as a habit of keeping the kitchen sink clean because I hated brushing my teeth over dirty dishes! (I don’t miss having the bath tub in the kitchen!!)

Sending everyone much Magic Passion Love energy for you to examine your own stories & distractions … if you feel like! Its all about our choices!!

MPL-USA Art Tour – sharing positive energy from sea to sea!

PS: My final boarder count was 40something – what’s a boarder – email me & I’ll tell ya!!

TODAY’S AFFIRMATION FROM MY Louise Hay Affirmation Calendar:
I allow myself to succeed. I am far more than my past limited thinking.


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