One month on the road!

MPL-USA Art Tour so far…

I arrived to Tybee Island on Saturday …and it’s been 4 days. I feel really good. I feel really amazed that this is what has manifested for me. Its positive proof that Law of Attraction does work for me. Which is one of the reasons I am traveling…to understand these laws better.

I look at my time in Atlanta very fondly and appreciative!! (especially for my friend Beth!!) So grateful for this time to relax and let go of NYC! It was so beautiful and GREEN! I loved the walks I took especially to the Lullwater Bird Sanctuary off the By Way. Walking through the neighborhood was so enjoyable! The houses were gorgeous, the lawns filled with so many different kinds of flowers, herbs, and TREES!! Stepping out and enjoying bits and pieces of the Atlanta scene from Little 5 Points on 4/20/10 – where there was a 420 Party at the local head shop! The lady manager was sharing lots of Love!! Stopping off at a great bar where I could go online and have a BLT & Beer for $10.50! My first reminder that I was “really out of pricey New York City!”

Now I’m in Tybee Island, what some have lovingly called “The Redneck Rivera”. I appreciate the diversity of class however, I am saddened by the racist police force. If I were to settle in a southern town, I know I would have to share the importance of Tolerance and Peace!

Most of the people I’ve met are very open to my ideas about Magic Passion Love. Its going to be fun to get to know the locals. There are two gentlemen that sit in front of my door – a retired businessman who works at the local café and musician who plays keyboards and sings the Standards. They sit in chairs on the porch as people walk by. It’s hilariously wonderful!

Riding the bike on the beach yesterday afternoon was amazing!! Almost as amazing as riding the bike around the island the other day. However the walk on the beach last night to watch the sunset has been the best and I’m doing it as often as I can. I’ve been inspired to make Intuitive Art – looking to start offering to make intuitive drawings for others. Here’s one that I made on the beach …

I have things to do and I have time! I’m getting into a routine – it takes a day or two – to set up your life!?! Writing a lot !

Allowing myself the time to get in touch with my intuitive self has been awesome. I’m using all of my “wellness” tools to access the ART of ALLOWING!!
every day, I read my morning affirmations,
every day, before I sleep, I release & relax
every day, I write my gratitude list
every day, I share time with like minded people (on or off line!)
every day, I meditate
every day, I exercise
every day, I eat
every day, I sleep
every day, I breathe
every day, I love & approve of myself at 1:11pm

Its an every day job to …
Allow my Magic
Feel my Passion
Live my Love!


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