Trickydame & Blog Talk Radio!!

Sunday, May 16 – I did my first LIVE Internet Radio Show on BLOG TALK RADIO! I was very excited and nervous about this!! This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a bit and I know its important step in my art career. I will be great practice to share some ideas I have about energy, the spiritual shift as well as MAGIC PASSION LOVE!! It’s also going to be an “AWESOME” opportunity to share Positive Energy to lots of people!!!

I’m all about sharing positive energy because every time we share positive energy with others, it shoots out positive energy beams into the universe, thus colliding with other energy beams – adding more power to the positive energy and depleting the negative energy. Positive Energy is MORE POWERFUL than the Negative ENERGY! IT IS . IT IS. IT IS. IT IS. IT IS!!!!

Last Sunday when I was talking into my phone knowing that I had people listening I could feel their positive vibrations! THEN —-
when I actually spoke to my THREE CALLERS – wow!

I can’t wait to share Magic Passion Love every Sunday!!!
If you’d like to share your MAGIC PASSION LOVE — please

Call-in Number: (347) 202-0609
(you can also listen from your phone and not speak!!)

or Listen ONLINE!!


Gratitude is Magic!
Trickydame has been writing & sharing gratitude lists for almost 7 years! What are you grateful for? How does being grateful affect your life? Do you have an attitude of gratitude?! Can you be grateful for your challenges?! Join Joanne as she shares her stories of being grateful and invites her callers to share what they are grateful for! WOW!


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