Pulling Cards ….

Everyday I pull 3 Mermaid & Dolphin Cards first thing in the morning — I’ve been doing this for almost 2 years. I like pulling cards because it gives me something to think about during the day– as well as giving me some insight to a particular situation happening in my life. We all need little bits of inspiration every now & then — we aren’t on this spiritual path alone!

If you don’t have cards but want to try it out — check out ::consciouseone:: online cards you can select!

Here’s Louise Hay’s Wisdom card!! love her!! They also have Wayne Dyer, Sonia Brown and Sasha’s Angel cards which are pretty great! Bookmark this page and select one every once in awhile and see how you feel. Kinda good, huh?!

AND of course, another option are the MPL Oracle Art Cards!!

10 IDEAS to create conversation or ideas for yourself or to share with others! Let’s see what happens with more Magic Passion Love in the world
$13.00 includes US shipping

PURCHASE @ www.trickydame.com!


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