So we are at the mid-point of July and for anyone who is feeling the effects of some of the transformational energy shifts that are occurring, You are NOT ALONE! We knew this was going to be a transformational summer and we are ready for it! So many of us have been doing the personal work on ourselves that I want to remind you that you’re exactly where you need to be!! YEAH for YOU!!

Everything that is happening is for OUR HIGHEST GOOD and all we need to do is relax & enjoy our lives! Continue to take action that feels good and focus on the feelings that are most aligned to our spirit. Ask for support and guidance from your spirit guides as well as your friends/family that are your “true fans”. Let go of what doesn’t feel good — and you know what that is! For me, its late night potato chip binge!! Luckily there are no more chips so tonight will be a lot easier to let this go!!

I’m working on a public art performance that I hope to be ready to announce by next week. Next Weeks’ Blog Talk Radio show will be my first attempt to do a “manifesting circle” on the air. I NEED PEOPLE TO CALL IN — if you would like to participate in this – please let me know – I have 5 Spaces available to chat at one time! This should be a powerful MANIFESTING SHOW – for a few reasons;
1 . Full MOON
2. We are POWERFUL
3. Its recorded and we can go back and listen!
4. It will be fun!!

Again, please email me if you want to be a part of this – 9:30pm, July 26!!


I have a feeling we’re going to be talking about this JULY FORECAST FROM POWER PATH – its been very forth coming in my life … read it and for yourself -click the link! Here is the first paragraph —

The main theme for July is CRISIS-OPPORTUNITY. This may seem like a complete paradox however the influences of the times are creating an intensity that will bring about crises that present opportunities for major, sudden and complete change. “CRISIS” is defined as a “decisive or crucial moment”. “OPPORTUNITY” is defined as “a chance for advancement”, (in this case a chance to advance to a higher level of consciousness).


According to Mayan calendar and its scholars, we are now at an important pivotal point in the world–a time to affirm, acknowledge and visualize our Unity Consciousness. How do you see this change point? What are you doing to co-create Unity?

Should be a VERY INTERESTING & ENTERTAINING SHOW! Here’s the call in # and link to listen!
Call-in Number: (347) 202-0609

Sunday @ 9:30 eastern time!

Trickydame chats with Ocean Energy & Wellness Coach, Stacy Stehle! As an Energy & Wellness Coach, Stacy applies the universal spiritual principles, like the law of attraction, deliberate creation, the art of allowing into her life and business and help others to do the same. Both of us truly believe in practicing what we speak and doing the work ourselves in order to help others succeed. Call in and let’s chat and see what good energy we can share!

REMEMBER – first caller receives their very own Trickydame Energy Art!
Thanks to Robin Coley for being last week’s winner!

Call-in Number: (347) 202-0609


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