Magic Passion Love & MANIFESTING CIRCLE” Blog Talk Radio Show

SUNDAY- July 26 @ 9:30pm est
“Magic Passion Love & MANIFESTING CIRCLE” Blog Talk Radio Show

Are you Ready!?!

Call-in Number: (347) 202-0609

MPL Manifesting Circles are interactive creative exchanges of positive energy between two or more communicating humans where they discover, inspire and manifest the “good stuff”! The Manifesting Circles are opportunity for people to share Magic Passion Love Energy with each other – allowing more positive energy to flow with everyone. WOW!

Join Trickydame for her very FIRST ONLINE MANIFESTING CIRCLE – each caller will be invited to state out loud their intentions!
There are 5 Lines available – call in by 9:15 to be one of the lucky 5!

Be prepared to state out loud what your intentions are for the rest of the summer. This Sunday is also a FULL MOON which is always an excellent time to state your intentions to the Universe!

What are you waiting for!!!

Call-in Number: (347) 202-0609
We will also be doing the AH Meditation as a part of the call. In all languages and religions, the sound of the Creator is the same–the “AH” sound (God, Buddha, Jehovah, Krishna, Rah). Meditation connects you to the Creator. You’ll learn the power of the “AH” sound to connect to the abundance of the Creator and the Universe, and to manifest miraculous change in your own life.

We will make the “AH sound” together and then each one of us will state our intentions. This should be a pretty powerful opportunity to shift your personal manifesting vibrations — if you want to be a part of this, be one of the first 5 callers by 9:15.

I’m very grateful for all of the callers and special guests I’ve had so far … and I look forward to each of these shows. We are truly co-creating some positive energy because of all of the Magic Passion Love Energy we’re all sharing — wow!!

Call-in Number: (347) 202-0609

Until we speak on Sunday – Enjoy your day!


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