What Trickydame has learned so far from her MPL special guests thus far…

Sunday, August 22, 2010 will be my 12th BTR Radio show!

As I prepare for the show tomorrow with Gerlaine Reliford I began to look back on what I’ve learned from my other special guests. One of the reasons I began to invite others to share their Magic Passion Love with me is because I am always open to discovering new ways to ALLOW MY MAGIC … FEEL MY PASSION … LIVE MY LOVE! There are so many wonderful souls who are sharing their personal experiences so that others can WITNESS THEM! By witnessing positive change – it shows you that anything is possible!! Gerlaine is SAYING YES TO LIFE — and one way she is doing this is with the Massive Change Challenge … LISTEN TO THE SHOW TOMORROW NIGHT TO FIND OUT MORE!!

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Here’s what I’ve learned from…
Courtney Mclean has an amazing talent as a very smart writer/singer who is proud to live her words honestly! On this show, I wasn’t keeping a secure internet connection so while I was trying to get a secure line, she sang a song for us! It was lovely ( you can go back and listen online!!) – and her voice inspired me to stop struggling with trying to get on line and instead… call in the power of everyone listening to help get online. I asked for 30 seconds of silence to concentrate on getting a secure internet connection as well as help stopping the oil lean in the Gulf. Low and behold, within minutes I was back on line and taking calls! Then a few days later, the oil leak stopped!!! Coincidence?! Who knows?! Who cares – the end result is positive… my show with Courtney reminded me to keep ASKING my guides and people around me to SHARE energy to create positive outcomes for all of us!!

My next guest was one of my co-creators on the 100 Day Reality Challenge, Stacy Stehle! Listen to this show and find out how she uses SEA CREATURES as guides to understanding ourselves!!


The bit of wisdom that I really am grateful Stacy shared was the info about PRE-PAVING my day … before the day begins (or the night before), she shares that she states out loud how she feels about doing the tasks of the day. Stating out loud how the day is going to go, how she will handle the tasks and any surprises and how she feels at the end of the day. This has been extremely helpful to add to my list of daily tools that I use to stay in balance in my own life. I have said for years, “today is a good day” and now I add, “Today I feel awesome about blogging because the words and ideas come easily to me. I am able to blog enough today and still have time to chill & process. I enjoy all of the food that I eat today and having the groceries that I need makes it simple for me to prepare.” Pre-paving your day so you don’t have to think about which route you will be going …its already set in your spiritual GPS!! Thanks Stacy!

As you can tell, I have lots to say about my SPECIAL GUESTS!!! Because as Stephen M Thorton reminded me is we all have a responsibility to enjoy our lives work and do what we enjoy! Stephen is a talented musician and is fortunate to be working in the music industry. How does someone who works in a Bed Factory or as a cashier/stock person in a grocery store enjoy our work!? Recently I’ve met people who work in factories or stores and as I told them, people who make beds are doing the world a great service! I loved my amazing soft bed I had in NYC! Thank you to everyone from the people in the factory – to the drivers who drove it to the store – to the salesperson who sold it to me! The same goes for people who work in Grocery Stores! We are so lucky to be able to go into stores and have all of the food we need at our fingertips!
Thank you to all of those people who keep it stocked so neatly for us to find and for the cashiers who put it in the bags. We need food and I try to imagine what we would do if we didn’t have buildings filled with food to feed us! I would suggest that most every job that is out there in our society has a purpose to serve society. Its important to appreciate it!!

Last week I chatted with Deborah Kagen – Mojo Recovery Specialist!! This show was so insightful because we talked about ways to stop those NAGGING PAST LIMITING BELIEFS!

STOMP YOUR FEET!! and this week as I’ve been working on the plans for the MPL-USA Art Tour – there has been a lot of stomping feet!!! These shows are more proof that we all experience similar issues when working on Allowing Our Magic Feeling Our Passion Living Our Love!!

The Manifesting Circle show is still one of my favorites and I hope to do it again — if you want to listen – here’s the link to this show!

I learned a lot from the Spontaneous Special Guest – AMY CLARKE — however I think I want to hold off writing about my shows with her until after our second show together – Sunday August 29!!!

Thank you to everyone who’s listened, called and shared the link to your friends. I am starting to book my Fall Special Guests, details will be coming soon. There will be surprises, art and perhaps a chat about Menopause!

Magic Passion Love is EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING is Magic Passion Love!

I’ve been receiving a lot of what I’ve been asking for in the last few months and it feels good. However, I am realizing it feels good to receive what I’ve been receiving because I’m READY to receive — truly receive it so that I ALLOW FEEL LIVE my Life 100%.

As with so many of us, there are two areas that we often feel that is lacking – this is our finances & romantic relationships! If I can find a place to release the “need to fear” these areas – I truly believe that I will receive an amazing financial opportunity that will really make me feel good being an artist and as soon as I am 100% comfortable to receive the love & attention from a man – I will meet the right man for me to be in a romantic partner-friendship with.

It doesn’t matter what I’m doing because when the time is right, we will meet at the exact spot that is already destined to happen – ha! Yes … this is an amazing moment in my spiritual growth and I am grateful to be sharing this with my co-creators … It is important to have witnesses to our spiritual growth. We can be our witnesses … what are you witnessing in yourself today?!

I have witnessed that I am finding ways to feel bad about myself & the ideas of me being in a healthy sexual/romantic partner-friendship with a man. Which is so unacceptable (it doesn’t make me feel good!!) … so I’m writing a blog about what I’m ready for!!

My ideal romantic partner-friend is a man who is looking to share a moment in time with me — this moment is as long as it feels good. In this moment, we live our lives!! For me, my life is currently in a constant state of flow – I will be traveling soon and if he wanted to join me that would be awesome. However, if the moment shifts and it feels right to stay in his home that he’s created, this is also possible. Unlimited possibilities on how we share time together.

My life’s work is how i spend my moments in life – I am an artist who shares magic passion love… and there is room in my life to inspire & support his life’s work.

To feel good, my mind/body/soul requires being with sexy, smart, cute, funny, spiritual, creative, clever, kind, honest, responsible man. My body/mind/soul also needs to be cared for, sexually, emotional, physically …. and to have one man who is open to giving this attention to me – I am so willing, able and ready to support his own sexual, emotional, physical needs to find balance in his life.

It is safe for me to meet him – what is mine has not passed me by.
I am worthy loving – my body is worth loving.
Being honest & Laughing is what is so awesome about our relationship
We easily & effortlessly get to know one another

Thank you for being a witness to the release of all fear of being in a romantic partner-friendship!

I allow my magic, I feel my passion, I live my love which attracts my romantic partner-friend to appear!

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