Another week on Tybee Island…

I had planned to travel into Savannah for the MPL-USA Art Tour this next week however, plans sometimes change.

A part of me was half expecting this as the person I was going to stay with has been having some challenges. When I see other people experiencing challenging times, I want to be able to help them, offer them some advice however, as we all know, ultimately we are responsible for our own lives. We make our own choices and have to realize that there are consequences to every action. Which is why I encourage positive actions because that creates positive outcome!! AND … we can’t solve other people’s problems…all we can offer them is support & understanding as well as suggest that they get “Professional help”! I am not a life coach – counselor, I am an intuitive energy worker & artist — I can offer insight how to find ways to feel balanced but if there is someone in your life who is going through challenges, remember the best thing you can do is live your life as an example of how its done!!!

Which is what I am doing on a daily basis!! Now that I’m going to be on Tybee for another week, I will have more time to focus on the planning of the MPL-USA Art Tour!! I have started to get some ideas of where I will be traveling after I leave NYC on October 18. First stop will be Philadelphia … then Lexington, VA, Ashville, NC, Charlotte, NC, Columbia, SC …. and the list grows. As I begin to plan the tour and do the research, I’m finding myself feeling URGENCY to get the plans settled! Find the money that is going to pay for this! Know who might be traveling with me! Figure out where I’ll be staying … so many unknowns are presenting themselves to me and a part of me wants the answers now!!

This is part of the lessons I’m learning — its ok not knowing. Take the action that you can. Trust in the process of life. Be kind. Be honest. Be grateful. Which I am.

I’m being very conscious of the thoughts that are coming into my head and gently releasing them after I acknowledge them. I am not interested in feeling “crazy busy” or “crazy stressed” and it is such a choice to feel this way!! This is where living on an island with the ocean as your best friend does come in handy 🙂

However, I only have until the end of September to enjoy the beaches of Tybee and when I leave, I will have the memory of the ocean to keep me calm. I will also have the tools I’ve learned over the years to stay balanced. We must always remember that we don’t need to do things alone… when you are feeling stressed, under pressure, scared – REACH OUT AND ASK FOR HELP!! There are people to help others … and its the best thing to you can do for yourself. That’s one of the reasons humans exist – to help one another 🙂

And … my next Special Guest on the “Magic Passion Love & …” Blog Talk Radio Show is an amazing resource for women who feel “BUSY!”

Joanna Lindenbaum is the creator of the Woman Wisdom Success Principles System and the 12-week Women’s Intuitive Leadership Program. She believes with every fiber in her being that women have the power to transform the world. Because of this, Joanna coaches busy women who are looking to nourish their creativity and take their lives to the next level. Using the Woman Wisdom Success Principles, Joanna partners with her clients to create vitality, passion, and fulfillment in their lives. These women are often already working on or are ready to embark on projects that will launch them out into the world to have a voice, create inspiration, and take action. To learn more about Joanna and the Woman Wisdom Success Principles, visit


Call-in Number: (347) 202-0609
Sunday, September 19, 2010
9:30 est, 6:30 pacific

and for those who dare – Tomorrow is talk like a pirate day!!

MPL Art Exhibit – The Gratitude Show!

MPL Art Exhibit – The Gratitude Show!

Originally uploaded by Trickydame!

Magic Passion Love on Tybee Island
Intuitive Expressionist Paintings by Joanne Morton
the Mass Manifesting Mobile, a Collaborative Public Artwork by YOU!

Thursday, September 9 3:00 – 7:00
Afternoon Art Event
Tybee Island Arts Association Bldg, 7 Cedarwood

Saturday, September 11, 3:30 – 6:30
Installation of the Mass Manifesting Mobile
Tybee Island Social Club, 1311 Butler Ave

Please join artist, Joanne Morton, for an afternoon of viewing art, creative conversation and helping create the first MASS MANIFESTING MOBILE as part of her MPL-USA Art Tour!

“Artist Statement
This exhibit is a combination of work that I painted in New York City and on Tybee Island. I paint the feelings as they are imagined in my mind. Releasing my spiritual energy is one of my favorite things to do as a human being. Sometimes being a human can be a little baffling and confusing for me as I am in a quandary about the hesitancy to share Gratitude & Love easily.

Being appreciated and loved is my first need from other humans and in order to fully be appreciated & loved by others, I have learned that I must also love & appreciate myself. This summer living on Tybee I have had an amazing love affair with myself! There were many others who I was able to share this affair with and for them, I will always be grateful!!

There are six canvases that I painted in my art studio in Chinatown, NYC during the years 2008-2009. Using the energy of NYC, I painted fast & swiftly with acrylic. It feels good!! It is ok to touch the paintings!!!

The first few weeks, I spent many afternoons painting on the front porch while Sam Adams played next door in the back of Bernie’s. The three watercolors were a way for me to relax in the flow of island life. The four mixed media matted pieces represent the affirmations that I use every day to keep my mind/body/soul balanced.

“In the Vortex” has two sides, words by an author/friend who so wonderfully describes what being In The Vortex feels like – and I created the image one afternoon with the windows open watching the surfers on the waves. The other oil pastel I painted while watching the sunrise over the Atlantic.

The “Hearts on Wood”, represent my relationships with four different men with two names – this artist never reveals the names of her sexual/emotional muses because these relationships are very special. My heart is open for all kinds of love as long as it inspires my art.

This summer has been the beginning of a huge shift in the Transformational Energy that is happening on our planet right now as a part of spiritual human evolution. I have made the decision to honor my own spiritual self by Allowing Feeling Living my life as an artist. How are you honoring your spiritual self? (There are no wrong answers!!)

“We are here to experience Human Love. Self Love.
Service to Me then to We.”

Joanne Morton, the Artist in the Attic

Thank you to the Tybee Arts Association for making this show possible with allowing me to use the space. I would also like to thank Denise Elliot-Vernon for her amazing help in producing this show, Sari McAfee for her creative inspiration, Fran Galloway & Marilyn Rosenberg for both of their friendship & support.

“The Gratitude Show” is dedicated to Eldo Hartz, of the Carbo House for giving me the opportunity to be the Artist in the Attic!

Joanne will always be grateful for the people and the island of Tybee for welcoming the artist that is Trickydame.