1st sunday in november

This is the start of my third week of my 100 Day Reality Challenge #4 …and I’m about to travel to yet another “unknown’ destination on the MPL-USA Art Tour. This past weekend, I ended up chilling with a dear artist friend on Tybee Island. I had thought I would drive to Tampa on Sunday however, once again, its not MY THOUGHTS that are guiding me, rather my “FEELINGS” – my intuition – my guides?! Yesterday morning when I was feeling a little scattered, a little distracted, unable to focus and experiencing low energy… INSTEAD of resisting it and making myself do what “I thought” was necessary — I INSTEAD allowed myself time to be still. We all have that choice to be still, whether for 10 minutes or 10 hours, we can make this choice. Being still can be defined in your own personal way — this is what I am discovering on a daily basis because of this choice I’ve made to completely 100% live a spirit guided life.

Every day I have a choice on how I will perceive my day, my experiences, my emotions, my life — and I feel so much better when I allow feel live with such intense GRATITUDE!!! With gratitude on what I already HAVE … on Monday when I head towards so many Amazing Possibilities – I am ready!

I relax & enjoy my life!!!

And I’m also grateful that I’ve been living a life of gratitude for many years – here is gratitude list I wrote on my blog http://www.trickydame.biz -July 2007!

I am grateful – words can not express the gratitude I have for my choice to put my
intentions to my passions which has allowed me to experience and create
magic in all areas of my life all the while to be receiving more love
from so many people including myself.

bergamot oil
white flowers
sweet music
soft breezes
delicious coffee
beautiful naked body
positive people
multi-tasking responsibly
being human
financial abundance
strong relationships
healing myself
energetic body
unexpected possibilities
taking risks
being fearless
tom 4 prez

(I told myself to listen to my guides this weekend…and I did!)


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