all of this on a Friday night…

(here is something I wrote in 2005)

remember a time when I lived in Mexico… fighting the rebels and loving a man.

A man who would betray me. I wandered around for many years wondering… why he did it?

Until one day, I understood that it was in my destiny, to be betrayed by love. Betrayal story – the location has been changed to protect the innocent and there were no rebels.

Tequila is in my blood – my soul breathes its fumes. Where do I go from here, no one knows but I move forward. Women in love, they sit in dark bars of lower Manhattan. Arms clung to one another. Their intimate bond felt by all. Wonderful laughter rises through the smoke. Love is magic. Passion is real. Real is our life. All of this on a Friday night in June. Fairies are in the street. Boys planning adventures. Drinking pleasures. Intoxications. I am enjoying it all. Summer Music.


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