Ghosts and Angels

Tonight I begin this leg of my MPL Journey as a Storyteller telling ghost stories for Hearse Ghost Tours in Savannah. I will be hosting 3 tours nightly for a few nights a week … and tonight is my 3rd time out and this time with another tour guide – to make sure I know what I’m doing! I can’t be afraid — I have to take the mic and just start talking about Savannah – Ghosts – Dead Bodies – Supernatural, Debtors and Revolutions!(history sure does repeat itself, doesn’t it!?!)

This weekend I drove my route on Saturday and Sunday with two different groups of Friends which was scary too cuz for some reason its a lot easier for me to perform in front of people I don’t know. I’ve really been pushing some pretty intense boundaries of “fearful” actions since leaving New York City.

I now know that jumping into the world is the best way to see how big your Wings are! Having just a few nets in place to catch you when you need a little break is also important as is ASKING for the ANGELS HELP! I’m asking them tonight!! Right before I meet my tour for the evening, I plan to take a moment and feel my ANGELS!

And isn’t it really interesting that I am telling Supernatural Stories about Savannah at night as well as sharing Positive Energy through Angels during the day… wonder what kind of paranormal activity will follow me on my tours!!

I have a choice right now – I can either get all freaked about doing this tour LIVE or I can get excited about having the chance to entertain people for 1 hours and 15 minutes about Savannah and its creative past! ALWAYS a CHOICE to be made — and I make the choice that makes me FEEL GOOD being ME!

By taking the risks – I’m opening the way for more opportunities to appear — this feels good. By taking the risks, my confidence is getting stronger — this feels good. By taking risks, I see the results more often and much easier – and this feels really good!

I’ve manifested a well paid storytelling job for myself!

====for those who have been following me – know that I’m a big believer in Affirmations and my main affirmation is “I am a well paid full time artist”.

By staying aligned with the universal flow – manifesting opportunities come to you. Its key to stay balanced – have faith and breathe while ENJOYING everything!! And the cool thing is – I’m witnessing lots of other amazing manifesting moments for other people.

Another really interesting thing is happening right now BESIDES having an amazing opportunity to work through public speaking fear … I believe I am connecting with one of my past lives. and this is going to make an amazing story — stay tuned for more!


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