Here’s a copy of a message I sent on Facebook today — in response to a message I got from Pam Adair who created this awesome Group “30 Day Shift”… Shift Your Focus …Shift Your Life” on Facebook!! It’s an open group so you can join if you are interested in experiencing a 30 Day Shift ( you know how I love breaking down time in 100 days/30 days/40 days/)… and CLICK on the “Grace Card” link!! it’s cool!!

Hi Pam,
I’ll be honest – I get a lot of “inspirational” emails these days so its always interesting when you pick one to read and its’ the PERFECT one to read!! This happened today when I read this message …. JUST yesterday I had to take a step away from a situation that wasn’t making me feel good and use my intuition to create another way to handle the issue. I took a breath and spoke to my Angels … asked them to help me know what to do … and I pulled a Grace card (cheryl richardson’s deck that someone gave me!) … BEFORE I pulled the card, I asked to be given a word that I could say throughout the evening to keep me calm as I was going to make the “phone call” in the morning. I wanted to sleep on the situation and not “immediately react. Guess what the word was – TRUST!!!

Trust Trust Trust is coming up in so many ways and I’m very excited about this as well as letting myself stay centered in the TRUST.

thanks so much for sending out these 30 Day shifts — because you just never know when your ready to SHIFT!

magic passion love & 30 Day Shifts!

much love & gratitude,

PS’ — I think I’m going to use the email as a blog post!! and add your message —

AND I DID POST IT!! Whoo hooo!!

Here’s the Message she sent to the group —

Day 8 Trust (Sending a 2nd Time)

We are noticing some glitches with FB and many aren’t receiving our messages so here it is again. Message me back when you receive it please so we can get an idea who is actually getting it. Thanks

I have notice “Trust” everywhere this past 7 days and probably ever since we chose “Trust” as the theme for this 30 Day Shift. It reminds me of when we first bought a motorhome and I started noticing motorhomes everywhere. Now 5 years later I am still more aware of them than I was previous to owning one. I think it will be like that for me and trust.

Trust has just popped up everywhere, in books, on CDs, in conversations and in my own inner dialog. I realized that I trust more than I would have thought I did and in more ways than I thought I did. I am also more conscious of when I am in fear and not trusting.

What have you noticed this past week regarding TRUST?

Side note: If by chance you don’t receive the message for the day (fb can be a bit squirrelly) go to the group page and under “Discussions” you can find all the message under the “Spring 2011 Discussion”.

Pam Adair
The Women’s Prosperity Network


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