It’s been 7 months since I’ve been on the Island of Manhattan …and this is the longest I’ve ever been away for 15 years. I’ve been really enjoying shows that are filmed in NYC no matter how farcical the apartments can be sometimes.

Luckily, I”m pretty good at VISUALIZING these days — so it is easy for me to see/hear/smell/feel the streets I used to walk on – E 10th St where the Russian Baths are, corner of Ave B & E 10 Life Cafe, the big Sprint store in the Flatiron building, riding the M14 across 14th St and getting stuck in Union Square traffic, walking around the West Village trying to pick a cafe to sit in and of course riding the subway!! Here’s the Abundant Jen sent me… tx U!

So I’m putting a call out to the people I know in NYC — please text or email me a photo from NYC that happens to capture a moment for you … I would really appreciate it … A lot!

Cell 917.676.4280 Email

Thursday Nights…

Hindue Blues

click on the link in a different window and listen to the music as you read this blog — only if you want to…

what is it that you want?!

RIGHT NOW – if you could have anything that you wanted – what would it be?

AND if you received it — would you be satisfied?!

…. the big question is so many of ask is…


—- the HOT JOB

_____the HOT LOVER



I had it once … and I trust that I will have it again … and it will be Hotter!