entering new moments feels good…

It will be fall soon and then Winter and for the first time in my life I am not dreading winter! This is going to be my second winter in Savannah and oh my …its amazing here! Last winter it was their coldest winter in a long time and if this is cold – well then YIPPEEE! Winter here feels like a cold fall day — and then a few days later it feels like a warm fall day! I love it!! Its giving me an an opportunity to know what it feels like to not “DREAD” or “FEAR” something for you see, I’m working on changing my story!

I often tell my clients that it is important to BE WILLING TO CHANGE YOUR STORY that you tell others and yourself … and lately I’ve been also telling myself this same thing — “Joanne, are you willing to change?!”. My ego/human mind says, “change what”! you’re doing a lot of good positive work on a daily basis – what more do you have to be willing to let go?!” So often when you are in working on living a spirit guided life, you can (or at least I do!!) get discouraged because you do the work and sometimes don’t see results. This is when you must remind yourself – DIVINE TIMING ISN’T ALWAYS MY TIMING! What is yours will not pass you by.

And you also need to be WILLING to Change … WILLING to Let go … WILLING to receive what you want! What am I WILLING to let go of … the story that I’ve been telling myself for years – I am AFRAID of being a full time artist. Now there are lots of reasons why I could be afraid – but so far none of those fears are manifesting into anything except sometimes in the physical form of achy body. So if I were to STOP telling the story to myself – perhaps the FEAR would just disappear!

There is always going to be some hesitation about doing new things however, its not FEAR that you might be feeling … rather Excitement – Curious to see what would happen if you stop saying you are afraid to live the life you are creating?! I am … so guess what – as of right now …

FEAR is my friend!!