Magic Passion Love & Blue Christmas

May the Spirit of Christmas live in your heart, today and always. ~ unknown

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it — and for those like me who choose to celebrate this time of year with quiet solitude and of my own design, I am inspired to meet others who have the courage to celebrate the holidays in their own unique way!!!

Last night I was invited to the Christmas Eve @ Trinity Church, in the Telfair Square, Savannah, GA. I took the opportunity to say yes to be spontaneous and off I went to the “Blue Christmas’ concert.

Trinity is one of the oldest churches in Savannah’s Historic District so I was expecting to go to a beautiful church and hear traditional Christmas Carols. AND IT GOT A PLEASANT SURPRISE!!!

Trinity’s Blue Christmas celebration used the form of Christian worship (especially the traditional Service of the Nine Lessons & Carols) and popular music from 1960s, 70s, and 80s to set the tone. The service was non-traditional and is decidedly non-liturgical! This is the 3rd year they shared this type of service with no pretension or apologies. While this is not the only way the worship – it is one of the ways in which they seek to embrace the mystery of the center of the universe.

Special thanks to Enoch Hendry, the pastor of the church for sharing Christmas Magic Passion Love!!

The evening consisted of 14 “recorded songs’ being played in the sanctuary with everyone sitting in the pews. They lit candles at the end — I loved it!! I’ve always enjoyed “listening parties!” and in a church it was wonderfully special. Here’s a few of them!!

#1 – everybody say cheese “Hallelujah” by kd lang

#2 – we’re all in this together “World Turing” by lea kottke

#3 – life is a mystery! “souvenirs” by john prine

#4 – choices have consequences “river” by joni mitchell

#5 – that’s life! “blue christmas” by elvis

#6 – even so, its worth it “for a dancer” by linda ronstadt & emmy lou harris

#7 – there are (still) signs and wonders “star of bethlehem” by neil young

#8 – you are not alone “the weight” the band

#9 – the world would go on “mother & child” by paul simon


this time of year all year long

We can celebrate the meaning of CHRISTMAS all of the time!!

This time of year … we pay extra attention to Peace, Goodwill, Sharing, Giving & Receiving and for this I am truly GRATEFUL!!

however, why can’t we do this all of the time?!!
It’s really not that hard to do — especially if you

— its really easy to share the positive energy that creates PEACE – GOODWILL – SHARING and everyone giving AND receiving!

Today like every other day, Including CHRISTMAS can be a good day – if you say so. I SAY SO!

May you enjoy Christmas Miracles all year long …

thank you so much for your ongoing support! It really means a lot and it makes it a lot easier to share positive energy from sea to sea beginning January 17.!


Taking the next step can be scary…

As many of us know — how we feel really is a choice. How we feel when we start to move out of our comfort zones can sometimes be scary — there is a great saying “Feel the FEAR and do it anyways”. Ever since I’ve left my life in New York City, I’ve been saying this a lot!!! AND Its been one of the most amazing experiences of my life!!

It was my choice to let go of my apartment/my full time job so whenever I start getting down on myself &/or situation, I remind myself that this is my choice to be doing this because I want to do travel with my art project!! I have learned a lot of spiritual lessons and I’m so grateful for all of the tools I have to make the choices that make me feel good & strong to keep moving forward.

I’ve just finished my first book, ‘Trickydame’s Guide to the Universe” and uploaded it to a publishing site Mag Cloud.

Now the next step for me to do is to start contacting people along my travel route to see who would like to be a part of my public art project — the Mass Manifesting Mobile! I’m going to be traveling the route where Occupy movements have formed. THIS IS A NEW SCARY ACTION STEP!!!

Instead of staying in a place of Fear — I decided to release the thoughts. This morning I did an exercise where I wrote down all of the “shit thoughts that come up” that stall my taking action steps…

“If I do this this I’m destined to be alone for the rest of my life”

“I don’t have the money to travel”

“I can’t make $ from my art.”

“I’m silly to believe the world is safe”

“Nobody wants to help me because I’m crazy.”

“Having a financial security isn’t possible for me”

After I wrote them down, this affirmation came to me: I ACKNOWLEDGE THESE THOUGHTS IN MY MIND & THEN I LET THEM GO.

These are not true facts – only memories of old limiting beliefs — all of these statements are 100% FALSE!

I am not alone and I do believe I will meet an amazing guy who is thrilled to be with me as much as I am thrilled to know & be with him!

I release all resistance to receiving abundance — because money always flows to me!

I am safe when I travel because I am guided to people who are also on their spiritual path and willing to co-create positive energy with me!

I am safe in all areas of my life … this I believe because when I trust & believe, I feel good.

I am worthy of feeling good.

wow — I am ready to start emailing people to see if they would be interested in helping me with my public art project. yes I am

I hope this helps you recognize the “shit thoughts” that come up in your life – write them down, acknowledge them – then let them GO!!!

One way to do this is to remember – when you ALLOW your MAGIC – FEEL your PASSION – LIVE your LOVE
Life does feel better and less shitty!! Try it!!