Taking the next step can be scary…

As many of us know — how we feel really is a choice. How we feel when we start to move out of our comfort zones can sometimes be scary — there is a great saying “Feel the FEAR and do it anyways”. Ever since I’ve left my life in New York City, I’ve been saying this a lot!!! AND Its been one of the most amazing experiences of my life!!

It was my choice to let go of my apartment/my full time job so whenever I start getting down on myself &/or situation, I remind myself that this is my choice to be doing this because I want to do travel with my art project!! I have learned a lot of spiritual lessons and I’m so grateful for all of the tools I have to make the choices that make me feel good & strong to keep moving forward.

I’ve just finished my first book, ‘Trickydame’s Guide to the Universe” and uploaded it to a publishing site Mag Cloud.

Now the next step for me to do is to start contacting people along my travel route to see who would like to be a part of my public art project — the Mass Manifesting Mobile! I’m going to be traveling the route where Occupy movements have formed. THIS IS A NEW SCARY ACTION STEP!!!

Instead of staying in a place of Fear — I decided to release the thoughts. This morning I did an exercise where I wrote down all of the “shit thoughts that come up” that stall my taking action steps…

“If I do this this I’m destined to be alone for the rest of my life”

“I don’t have the money to travel”

“I can’t make $ from my art.”

“I’m silly to believe the world is safe”

“Nobody wants to help me because I’m crazy.”

“Having a financial security isn’t possible for me”

After I wrote them down, this affirmation came to me: I ACKNOWLEDGE THESE THOUGHTS IN MY MIND & THEN I LET THEM GO.

These are not true facts – only memories of old limiting beliefs — all of these statements are 100% FALSE!

I am not alone and I do believe I will meet an amazing guy who is thrilled to be with me as much as I am thrilled to know & be with him!

I release all resistance to receiving abundance — because money always flows to me!

I am safe when I travel because I am guided to people who are also on their spiritual path and willing to co-create positive energy with me!

I am safe in all areas of my life … this I believe because when I trust & believe, I feel good.

I am worthy of feeling good.

wow — I am ready to start emailing people to see if they would be interested in helping me with my public art project. yes I am

I hope this helps you recognize the “shit thoughts” that come up in your life – write them down, acknowledge them – then let them GO!!!

One way to do this is to remember – when you ALLOW your MAGIC – FEEL your PASSION – LIVE your LOVE
Life does feel better and less shitty!! Try it!!


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