2012 is here!

Well, the wait is finally over, we are in the year 2012!
What is going to happen?!
No one knows – who ever does?!
What I do know is what I’ve learned this past year and its been year of LEARNING!!

Learning to “let go”
Learning to “feel good” even when I’m scared
Learning to “forgive myself & others”
Learning to “receive”
Learning to “allow magic”
Learning to “feel passion”
Learning to “live love”
Learning how to be a full time artist was also something that took a little effort because so often other people’s standards of living creep into my own ideals.

Its so important to TRUST your Intuition to know what is “best” for you!!

In the new year, I will find myself “ON THE ROAD AGAIN” with the MPL-USA Art Tour and I’m very excited! I know along the way I will find myself in situations where I might be uncomfortable/nervous/scared however if I stay true to my spirit, I trust that everything works out for my highest good! Because that’s what I’ve been doing ever since I left New York City in the spring of 2010!

I’ve been following the “Trickydame’s To Do List” and wow … life feels pretty good!

If you would like to receive a PDF of the Trickydame’s To Do list – subscribe to my website (button on the right hand column!) and I will send you a copy to print!!

Relax & Enjoy the new year – its going to be our BEST YEAR YET!!


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