28 Days on the road…

I’m can’t believe I’ve been on the road for 28 days — and I’m still trusting in my spirit to guide exactly where I need to be! Its been one very interesting few weeks – I have experienced a lot of different places, met so many cool people, seen wonderful sights and learned so much about TRUST! When I started out on this tour, I thought I’m so grateful that I was so aware of the Law of Attraction – the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success – Power of Gratitude – Going with the Flow because I have truly needed to use all of these tools A LOT!

So far (in this direction, yes I know I’ve back tracked) these are the cities I’ve traveled to – Jacksonville, FL, Brunswick, GA, Valdosta, GA, Tallahassee, FL back to Valdosta, GA back to Tallahassee, Dothan, AL, Pensacola, FL, Gulfport, MS, New Orleans, LA, Beaumont, TX and now Austin. When I made the decision to travel with the Mass Manifesting Mobile I have wanted to travel to Austin. Not really sure why but I’m here. AND the interesting thing is, I’m not really sure where I’m traveling next. I hadn’t planned after Austin – well, that’s not true, I am planning on going to San Antonio for a few days.

You would think that a person who had no idea where she was going to be in a week might start to get a little worried/stressed. Last week, while I was in New Orleans, I will admit that I did start to get a little anxious about the direction of this project – how will I fund it – where will it go – how can I promote it – where can I offer readings/events – the list could go on and GUESS WHAT – I started to GET SICK!! Yep, my body started to re-act and boy oh boy when this happens, you know its time to start using those Spiritual Skills that keep your mind/body/healthy!

One of the first skills, I recognized as very important is to TRUST that all of my NEEDS are taken care of — because they have been so far. I am ok with the UNKNOWN because I have proof that I will always been taken care of – even the scary stuff…

Here is a list of things that I’ve needed and received:
– new friends
– re-uniting with my NYC connections
– safe places to stay
– easy road travel
– good healthy food
– a tent
– light workers
– free medical care
– art sales
– random strangers who share conversation with me
– free parking
– wifi

There is a saying that Colette Baron Reid says “All that is mine will not pass me by.” This is an ongoing mantra in my thoughts!! IT IS TRUE! I would also say that working on a project all about MANIFESTING really does add power to my own personal manifesting energy which is proof that I am sharing with others. This is why I’m creating the Mass Manifesting Mobile so we can co-create some powerful manifesting vibrations for all of us to be able to flow with… if you want to see some of the mobile pieces, please visit my Flickr Page:

As the battery starts to lose its power and my time on my parking meter expires, it is time for me to wrap up this blog post. There is so many things that I want to share and write about that I sometimes start getting overwhelmed… which is why I pull out another one of the Tools! Relax & ENJOY the present moment — by staying in the present moment, you can receive information that will guide you to the next indicated step.

My wish for all of you who are reading this blog post – is to remember that we are in one of the most transformational shifting moments in our life times. I have spoken to many people who experienced a lot of challenges in 2011 — as I witnessed some of my own challenges and others, I am reminded that it is so important to stay connected to our unique personal energy source.

As the world continues to shift, we will see more dramatic changes (both physical & non physical) and what we need to do is to be flexible & flowing! Do not stay ATTACHED to anything that does not make you feel good at least 75% of the time. It is important to not fear hard work and to know the difference between resistance and negative vibes.

Stay in touch with the positive energy that flows all around us — and share it as often as possible. It is with this sharing that you will stay flexible & flowing … and you will also be helping others.

I wish everyone an awesome week — and I look forward to the many unlimited possibilities coming by way in romance & finance! Magic Passion Love & right now!!

ONE MORE THING – its been so much fun driving around the country with the WORDS – MAGIC PASSION LOVE on the back of my mini – van. I actually met someone who honked at me and we pulled over and said hey at the Occupy Pensacola site. This is a story for another time!!

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