Gratitude is “really” Magic…

I am grateful that Dragonflies and Trains have been following me on this journey!

I am grateful that I am allowing myself to share gratitude on my blog/website

I am grateful that I have been writing and sharing gratitude since 2004 and have seen the difference it makes by writing and sharing

I am grateful for being so present in my life and my feelings to the point where I am moving through the scary parts more and more

I am grateful for manifesting an amazing place to stay for the next two weeks

I am grateful for working on the barter system with people and how good it feels to work this way

I am grateful to meet another spiritual teacher in a work/live space that I have been visualizing for a few weeks

I am grateful to be reminded of the Law of Desire & Intent and as well as the Law of Detachment

I am grateful for all of the cool cafes in Austin

I am grateful for a full tank of gas

I am grateful for healthy food options

I am grateful for sleeping so well these past few nights

I am grateful for being invited to a sweat lodge on Sunday & all that it has been releasing

I am grateful for praying with the others

I am grateful to allow myself time to get comfortable in this phase of my life

I am grateful to be protected by my angels

I am grateful for overhearing conversations of helping each other, listening to other perspectives, honoring the spirit and then the occasional love chat!

I am grateful for sunny skies

I am grateful for walking the dogs this morning by the water

I am grateful for believing in the power of Magic Passion Love!!

I am strong enough. I am worthy enough. I am enough.
Today, I trust myself and the Universe.
All that I need easily comes to be when I allow, feel, live my true self.