Angels are getting louder …

Today is International Angel Day – I saw a post on Facebook, love sharing positive info via FB. I found myself feeling relaxed and happy, as this was pretty cool to be spending my Sunday cleaning, and relaxing around the house while the room mates are out of town knowing that people every where were honoring our Angels.

I went to the local market to get some spinach, cherry tomatoes & yes, two sausage biscuit (I enjoy them every once in awhile, I am in the south!) … anyways, if I hadn’t followed my “desire” to have them, I wouldn’t have received my first ANGEL MESSAGE Through NUMBERS! My total for my purchases was $7.77. Both myself and the cashier lit up when we saw this happen.

In Doreen Viture’s (see below about Doreen) Book “Angel Numbers 101“, she shares Angel messages through numbers. Here’s what it says about 777…

Pretty SPOT on for me as I continue to move forward in my intention to be a full time, well paid professional artist who works with cool people living their spiritual purpose and committed to co-creating abundance so we may all thrive. I continue to attract wonderful creative people & opportunities to me! KEEP SAYING YOUR AFFIRMATIONS – write them down anywhere & everywhere (in your wallet, on your walls/mirrors, you car, make Affirmation Art!

Because when you do – it helps “Re-Train Your Brain” to be aware of Angel Messages — my 2nd message for the day was 1;11. I paused the movie I was watching The Social Network – talk about synchronicity! Wasn’t it Facebook that reminded me that it was International Angel Day!! Look where the film stopped…

“This number brings you the urgent message that your thoughts are manifesting instantly, so keep your mind-set focused upon your desires. Give any fearful thoughts to Heaven for transmutation.”

WOW! I’m taking a breath after typing this!

Thousands of people around the globe will be invoking the angels’ love and healing in order to raise a huge light for world peace, and enlightenment.

Powerful energies will be available to us to boost our vibrations to much higher levels, and to bring healing, love and compassion.

I can really feel the vibration a lot easier these days – I am really stepping out of some of my old comfort zones and TRUSTING MY INTUITION. Not to say that it’s not sometimes scary or I don’t feel like a dork, however, I know that it is safe to Trust in the flow of love. Friday night, I met some really special people who are following their own intuition … and by them doing this, all of us are taking our Responsibility of being a part of the Conscious Human Evolution – kinda awesome, isn’t it!!

There are a lot of ways to get in touch with others online — just GOOGLE –
International Angel Day. ENJOY YOUR DAY with YOUR ANGELS!

In 2006, Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. was guided to create this worldwide event. Since then each year hundreds of Angel Therapy Practitioners® join her in celebrating this very special day! This is the seventh International Angel Day

Here website is:


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