monday at noon

I am grateful to RECOGNIZE that I’ve arrived – I truly am in a state of EVOLVING … ever evolving (dare you be your spiritual self, right now!?)

I am grateful that I told someone recently out loud that I was probably the most evolved woman’s he met and it didn’t really feel that vainful, it actually made me feel really proud (you are already beautiful now be gorgeous!)

I am grateful for listening to “The Power” by the woman who wrote “The Secret” – its reinforcing the power of “love & gratitude” and to NOT fear stepping into your Power (do what you are most afraid of!)

I am grateful for taking the time this past week to take a really long walk on the beach, spend time playing with serenity & laughing, riding my bike, staying up late to watch shooting stars on the beach, doing an art project at tybee event, eating food when I feel hungry and re-watching old “30 Rocks” (days end, days begin, life ENJOY)

I am grateful to be learning so much about myself & how much I’ve done since I left NYC all the while having my experiences there continue to inspire me (life is what you make it, make it interesting)

I am grateful that I am inspired today to write my intention statement, start the press release and research marketing videos for Anahata Healing Arts! (believe you can)

I am grateful for all of the people I interact with at the Visitor Center here as well as my NYC apt clients and for being helpful for their vacations. (being nice just to be nice is the nicest feeling)

I am grateful for finding space in my heart for a romantic partner that is ideal for me and I for him (being in love once means you can fall in love again, falling in love needs to happen often)

I am grateful for stepping away from the political discord that is driving us apart and sending Love & Compassion Vibes out whenever I see ANY political lawn signs – – seeing it from the eyes of spirit is much different. The campaign that needs to be encouraged is magic passion love! (free thinking is something to be proud of!)

I am grateful for having so many spiritually like-minded peeps in my life and hearing others speak of gratitude/blessings/gifts (Gratitude is Magic)


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