Something is shifting…

Well, I am writing my first blog post in my new home … actually on a lease and have utilities in my name. This is the first time since I left my East Village home that I have my own space! It feels really surreal. I have moved around so much in the past few years, it really hasn’t sunk in that I have a place I can finally set down roots with room to grow! It feels so good to have been patient with finding a place to live & work because as I’ve come to understand, things appear in DIVINE TIMING! You can’t rush time … I’ve also learned so much about being patient. These lessons and other ones I hope to share with others. You see the best part about my new home is that is also the home to three other women. Together we are co-creating the Anahata Healing Arts intentional community!!

On the MPL-USA Art Tour – I had the opportunity to meet so many amazing communities that I knew I wanted to be a part of one. When I returned to Savannah and re-connected with Lynn Geddes, we both discovered that we have similar dreams of what kind of “tribe” we wish to be a part of. Then we started talking about how we can grow our businesses and realized that if we were to combine resources, we would be able to expand. We began looking for space and the space at 2424 Drayton appeared to us. It is a GIFT from the Universe! This is what I’ve been working for ever since I heard the words, “MAGIC PASSION LOVE”.

For this is the space where, I create art, I offer “re-energizing sessions”, I host events/parties, I offer people places to stay, I share meals, I connect local businesses with the creative community and where WE Co-Create & Channel Positive Energy!

It feels so good …. and then I remember what my New York City (& surrounding areas!!) are experiencing right now. How I feel for them and wish I could wave a wand to make the cold weather stop. How do you feel so good when others are experiencing some really crappy stuff… you feel good and send that energy to them. Its what we have to do – we are all exactly where we are supposed to be. Sometimes that is not the easiest thing to accept …. BUT …. resisting will only stop the flow of LOVE. Its’ the flow of LOVE that will help the recovery process. Its the flow of LOVE that will warm the hearts of everyone … and with warm hearts comes more LIGHT! Out of the darkness, there is always light …

This Sunday, I’m excited to participate in the “DO AS ONE” @ 5pm (est) Unite with Brothers & Sisters from around the planet for One Day: a new Global Holiday celebrating ONENESS! “FROM THE HEART DANCING” will begin at 4pm – then at 5pm, we will breathe together for 11 minutes in the Universal Breathing Room on While breathing as one human family we will envision the world we wish to create. How wonderful is this going to be!!

I invite you to come to the “HAPPENINGS @ AHA” (anahata healing arts = aha) – there is going to be YOGA classes taught by some of Savannah’s awesome yoga teachers hand picked by Yoga Me Fit’s Lynn Geddes. as well as weekly community feasts, manifesting circles and much much more!

Details on the Anahata Healing Arts Facebook Page!! Anahata Healing Arts

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AND … if you want to know another reason why I’m in a bit of a dazed state – this is a video I took of my apartment the day I gave back the keys – below is a picture of the kitchen with the huge studio next to it! I am feeling very abundant … and it feels good to share this!

Come dance with me on SUNDAY!

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