exhilarating energy…

Invigorating, Causing strong feelings of excitement and happiness ,,, romantic love, creative projects, new friendships, healthy body, financial abundance, and spiritual growth – unlimited possibilities! This is how I’m feeling at the start of 2013!

It’s day 6 of the most productive New Year ever!   I’m not exactly sure what happened on December 22, 2012 – I know there were a lot of ideas out there and some of the ideas I agreed with.   Did anything “spectacular spectacular” happen – nothing much except what “Spectacular Spectacular Moment” that happens every day- We are Alive!

After much underlying idea that the world “might” end on December 21, 2012 – all of us who are still alive on this planet are still ALIVE!  Now the thought on many of our minds, “Is this how I want to be living my life?!”   More and more people are choosing deliberate thoughts on how they wish to feel about their lives.   With more and more people using their mind to activate the Law of Attraction – more of us are waking up.    What does this mean, communities are beginning to build because people want to spend time and work with others who are taking full responsibility for their life.    Working to co-create communities that support one another to share their life purpose. This is happening all over  – and I know this because I’ve seen a lot of these communities in action last year when I traveled with the MPL Art Tour.

Now that I’ve rooted myself to Savannah at Anahata Healing Arts, I am feeling so exhilarated to be able to offer a space where anyone with a dream will have a space to shine!  The 4th Chakra is what is guiding us if we allow the LIGHT through our HEART — our heart connectors are opening.   My Love Vibe is activated – I have so much love & admiration for EVERYONE on this planet who has and is listening to their intuition … and USING their skills & talents to share Positive Energy.    With more Positive Energy in the essence – the Law of Attraction is accessible to all who know it exists.

AND it does exist!

I recently revisited Michael Losier’s Law of Attraction (LOA) book … and he reminded me that it is so important to keep the presence of LOA in everything you do.   Also – once again, I was reminded to talk about what I have manifested!!  What have you manifested!    Share this with me or one of your dear friends.   I love hearing what my friends have manifested,  “I just met a new love!”,  “I got a raise!”,  “I am moving to Hawaii because of job!” ….sharing in the Exhilarating Energy!

Right now, it’s an amazing time to step into your relationship with the Law of Attraction!  I’m so pleased to be starting the new year with Manifesting Circles.   They are going to happen every week, alternating Monday & Fridays.   They start at 7:15pm and last for one hour.    Doors open at 7pm, after the 5:45pm Yoga class.

Let’s see what we can MANIFEST in 2013!