9 words…

NINE words to use in your DAILY LIFE to



When your PERCEPTION SHIFTS – this is the opportunity for MAGIC to occur!

When your COURAGE SHIFTS – this is how PASSION begins!

When your CONSCIOUSNESS SHIFTS – this means more LOVE is flowing into/through your heart — with more LOVE in your life, means you are Happier, Healthier and you FEEL GOOD BEING YOU!   WOW!

My vision is for as many people to FEEL GOOD 24/7 – as this happens (because it is!), our collective consciousness is rising – which means we are having more of us our accessing POSITIVE CONSCIOUSNESS.

It’s that simple.   Simple doesn’t mean there is no ACTION involved – there is a lot of ACTION and we are in control of how we PERCEIVE the ACTION that is necessary to take.

It takes COURAGE to believe in you – I believe in YOU!   YOU CAN DO THIS –

The MAGIC PASSION LOVE Ideal World is one where or all people to experience the Beauty & Joy of being a part of the human experience.    I wish all people to be an active part in co-creating a thriving & sustainable place for all creatures on this planet to flourish by using their skills and talents.

We are not here for ourselves, but for future generations – this should be our priority.

It is important for all of us to love ourselves and each other a little more. Love enough so we continue to move in the direction of peace on earth.   Being aware of Magic Passion Love makes one care.  Feels good to share.

9 WORDS to Activate Magic Passion Love




Thank you so much for being AWARE enough to CARE about SHARING Sustainable & Renewable Energy!  IF we ALLOW our Magic – FEEL our Passion – LIVE our Love, you will RELAX & ENJOY as we APPRECIATE the sustainable abundance we are co-creating together!


The Revolution has begun, Magic Passion Love Style…


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