Not quite but almost …

Funny how I feel really calm about the fact that I’m stepping more and more into my own personal power.   I’ve figured out another major step in the “Law of Attraction” – “let the Fear go of Letting it Go!”    Then once you let it go, you have to live completely in the present moment enjoying all of the successes.   Being conscious of all that is working and releasing the need to focus on the BS! 

More and more I am grateful for the spiritual business partnership that Lynn Geddes and I have formed at Anahata Healing Arts.   It was a year ago that we moved into the space … and in two days, we begin Year 2.

The intention is collaborate with more people and share our Magic Passion Love out loud.

It’s time.   We are ready.  I am ready.

  When you follow your intuition – its scary at first however, …

FEEL THE FEAR and do it anyways is one of the best sayings I’ve adapted as my own.

love sticker nycGet over the idea that scary is bad – knowing when your Intuition is warning you versus when your Ego is controlling you.    Find the time every morning – I”M TALKING TO YOU (insert your name!!!   Every morning – take time for ME – Meditation and Exercise.   It can be as little as 10 minutes or as long as an hour.

You know what your spirit needs – give it to her!    BECAUSE YOU”LL BE SO GRATEFUL YOU DID!

To all who are reading this – THANK YOU – this is for you and for me — YES WE ARE MOVING IN A DIRECTION OF MAGIC PASSION LOVE so let’s keep up the momentum!




trickydame talks about collaboration

days end


Right now, there is a lot of talk about the “US Government Shut Down” and how so many of us are in a complete financial mess – professionally, individually and collectively.  I myself have student loan and income tax debt.   I’m doing my best to pay these debts however, the other issue that is the “TALK OF THE TOWN” is…  “This is a perfect time for those of us who are willing to change the system to COLLABORATE WITH OTHERS!”

I believe to be successful in today’s business world, one must be of the “creating your own job” mindset and be willing to collaborate with others.   We collaborate on projects that serve to uplift, create and share with our communities.  I believe we need to create opportunities for people to build and network teams of people.   Giving people opportunities to use their skills and talents.   When this happens, everyone has the opportunity to prosper.

People who collaborate from their heart – they create a sustainable, abundant mindset.  They have the Freedom to live their “true purpose/potential”.   When we collaborate with each other, we inspire each other to have the Courage to allow magic feel passion live love … from the heart!

Go WOW the world with your Magic Passion Love! 

Monday Gratitude!

9 - grat magic

I am grateful to be writing a blog post – third day in a row yay

I am grateful for going to a Design for Ability fundraiser yesterday

I am grateful to be surrounded with so many talented & inspiring people

I am grateful for a great night sleep

I am grateful for juicing & my great cup of coffee I had this morning

I am grateful to understand more and more what it means to have balanced

I am grateful I didn’t gain any weight last week – I’m on the LEAN Challenge with 1500 others

I am grateful for all of the people who are appearing to help grow & expand Anahata Healing Arts

I am grateful for having so many supportive friends when I need their love & confidence

I am grateful I’m able to be vulnerable right now

I am grateful for Magic Passion Love & all that it’s taught me

I am grateful for joining the Wisdom Community on Hay House again —

I am grateful for my computer, my bike, my phone, my mini-van

I am grateful for fresh air

I am grateful to be grateful a lot!

I am grateful for #spreadinglove!!!

Sunday Morning Posts

Ok – so if this is what I need to do to start moving through the fear of really putting my work/ideas out into the public – this is what I will do.  There has been much resistance to blogging – why?  because I don’t really want to share “everything” with the WORLD — I need to protect myself is what my head is telling me.

Lately – my heart has been saying – “what needs to be protected?”    The more that I am getting involved with the ever growing and always inspiring me spiritual/creative community in Savannah -the more I am feeling VULNERABLE!      I am not afraid to admit that it’s SCARY!     I don’t think it’s scary because I am unable to make a commitment to a relationship.   I’m releasing this old limiting belief RIGHT NOW – and OUT LOUD.     There is so much LOVE RIGHT NOW in SAVANNAH and so many people who are willing to take the ACTION to expand this community so more of us can feel the joy of being a Heart-Centered Human.     I am one of these people.   I am a person.   Because I am a person – I will continue to have human qualities that can sometimes bog me down.

red love knifeDo I need to let them bog me down?   Do I need to let others words/actions TRIGGER me to feel bad or DOUBT myself?   Do I want to feel good being me 24/7?    Am I willing to let go of thinking I know what I need all of the time?   LOTS OF QUESTIONS GOING THROUGH MY BRAIN … and really the only thing I want to be moving through my BODY IS LOVE.    and that’s what feels really good right now … is the fact that I’m exploring more of how to truly live my spiritual self in the present moment as a human being.   My life is filled with so much love.    This is why I want to blog – to share that we might be having some crazy ass thoughts/ideas passing through our minds right now – however, keep reminding yourself – this is just part of the process.   You have the choice on how to use these thoughts.

WHAT ELSE IS HAPPENING THIS WEEK IS – I’m going to be giving a 30 minute speech this weekend at the expo in Savannah.    WOW>

I think its finally hitting me that I’m about to stand up and share my feelings & ideas about how Magic Passion Love– it’s a little wow! Very grateful to be getting to know more of the amazing heart community here … this Honestly Well is an opportunity for all of us to see how it feels to work with one another.

How we can expand our “spiritual businesses” together all the while being true to our personal unique gifts. How are we sharing love with the world? If we truly let ourselves share our LOVE – everything we desire appears.

trusting that everything is going to work out for our highest good is so important right now.

Open Letter to Art Rise

Good morning – since everyone seems to love “READING” Sinead’s Open letter to Miley – I thought I’d love to write an open letter to a few young people that I know as well!

This letter goes out to all of the vendors who showed up Friday night, to set up in the AHA Sanctuary to create a sacred marketplace.  Talk about bringing MEANING into the Marketplace – the products they are selling are varied from  Raw Spirolina Bars, Tea Elixirs, Crystals, home made journals, wire/stone jewelry and Humble Love soaps & lotions.    I mention Humble Love because this represents what all of us seem to embrace … we are humbled to be discovering each other.  I am very proud and inspired to begin collaborating with all of you to expand our heart community.

The (he)art community is rising here – you can feel it rising at every 1st Friday Art March.    We are so GRATEFUL for the ART MARCH SAVANNAH heart — Clinton, Lauren & Steven.  Seriously – YOU GUYS ROCK!    Your vision of creating an art market that supports & sustains the artists and their community is a beautiful vision.   A vision that I share and am so interested in collaborating with you!    This is a vision that I’ve been holding for a very long time and it feels really good to actually see my inspired vision coming true.   It also is a little overwhelming.    I believe that the overwhelming part is part of the process of when you create what we are creating with the Art March, Art Rising, Anahata Healing Arts as well as our own personal work.    Take a breath. Ask for hugs.  We are all feeling the expansion.  It’s new feeling.  It’s a feeling to celebrate.  Be gentle with yourself.  Then remember to collaborate!

It’s the collaboration part that comes in very HANDY.  As I feel our collaboration beginning, I have started to feel a “weight” being lifted off me.    I don’t have to do everything all myself.   There are others who feel the same way about co-creating abundance as a team.    Sharing the abundance and the work – this is such a healthier & MORE ENJOYABLE way to live!      I want to ENJOY my life … I want YOU TO ENJOY YOUR LIFE TOO!

So why the open letter – because I want to share with others that there are people out there who are taking ACTION in their own hands to create prosperous & thriving opportunities.  For those people who are interested in being nice, respectful, and open hearted.    It’s time for us to let go of what doesn’t work and take risks.   It’s time for us to trust our hearts to guide us to collaborate with people who live from their heart.

What does Living from your heart mean  – to me, it means your actions express your values.   It means your words express loving thoughts/feelings.  It means you forgive yourself for being human as well as having compassion for everyone!    We all have a heart – and they can beat together. 

In conclusion – waking up on this lovely Saturday in Anahata Healing Arts – I danced in the Sanctuary.  I could feel your energy rising … this is the power we have when we are collaborating – our collective energy is stronger our physical selves.     This is really cool!

Keep sharing your Magic Passion Love – the world needs your wow!

from my heart to yours,


PS:  thank you Maggie & Clinton for inspiring & encouraging me to blog.  Gratitude is MAGIC!