Sunday Morning Posts

Ok – so if this is what I need to do to start moving through the fear of really putting my work/ideas out into the public – this is what I will do.  There has been much resistance to blogging – why?  because I don’t really want to share “everything” with the WORLD — I need to protect myself is what my head is telling me.

Lately – my heart has been saying – “what needs to be protected?”    The more that I am getting involved with the ever growing and always inspiring me spiritual/creative community in Savannah -the more I am feeling VULNERABLE!      I am not afraid to admit that it’s SCARY!     I don’t think it’s scary because I am unable to make a commitment to a relationship.   I’m releasing this old limiting belief RIGHT NOW – and OUT LOUD.     There is so much LOVE RIGHT NOW in SAVANNAH and so many people who are willing to take the ACTION to expand this community so more of us can feel the joy of being a Heart-Centered Human.     I am one of these people.   I am a person.   Because I am a person – I will continue to have human qualities that can sometimes bog me down.

red love knifeDo I need to let them bog me down?   Do I need to let others words/actions TRIGGER me to feel bad or DOUBT myself?   Do I want to feel good being me 24/7?    Am I willing to let go of thinking I know what I need all of the time?   LOTS OF QUESTIONS GOING THROUGH MY BRAIN … and really the only thing I want to be moving through my BODY IS LOVE.    and that’s what feels really good right now … is the fact that I’m exploring more of how to truly live my spiritual self in the present moment as a human being.   My life is filled with so much love.    This is why I want to blog – to share that we might be having some crazy ass thoughts/ideas passing through our minds right now – however, keep reminding yourself – this is just part of the process.   You have the choice on how to use these thoughts.

WHAT ELSE IS HAPPENING THIS WEEK IS – I’m going to be giving a 30 minute speech this weekend at the expo in Savannah.    WOW>

I think its finally hitting me that I’m about to stand up and share my feelings & ideas about how Magic Passion Love– it’s a little wow! Very grateful to be getting to know more of the amazing heart community here … this Honestly Well is an opportunity for all of us to see how it feels to work with one another.

How we can expand our “spiritual businesses” together all the while being true to our personal unique gifts. How are we sharing love with the world? If we truly let ourselves share our LOVE – everything we desire appears.

trusting that everything is going to work out for our highest good is so important right now.

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