Monday Gratitude!

9 - grat magic

I am grateful to be writing a blog post – third day in a row yay

I am grateful for going to a Design for Ability fundraiser yesterday

I am grateful to be surrounded with so many talented & inspiring people

I am grateful for a great night sleep

I am grateful for juicing & my great cup of coffee I had this morning

I am grateful to understand more and more what it means to have balanced

I am grateful I didn’t gain any weight last week – I’m on the LEAN Challenge with 1500 others

I am grateful for all of the people who are appearing to help grow & expand Anahata Healing Arts

I am grateful for having so many supportive friends when I need their love & confidence

I am grateful I’m able to be vulnerable right now

I am grateful for Magic Passion Love & all that it’s taught me

I am grateful for joining the Wisdom Community on Hay House again —

I am grateful for my computer, my bike, my phone, my mini-van

I am grateful for fresh air

I am grateful to be grateful a lot!

I am grateful for #spreadinglove!!!

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