trickydame talks about collaboration

days end


Right now, there is a lot of talk about the “US Government Shut Down” and how so many of us are in a complete financial mess – professionally, individually and collectively.  I myself have student loan and income tax debt.   I’m doing my best to pay these debts however, the other issue that is the “TALK OF THE TOWN” is…  “This is a perfect time for those of us who are willing to change the system to COLLABORATE WITH OTHERS!”

I believe to be successful in today’s business world, one must be of the “creating your own job” mindset and be willing to collaborate with others.   We collaborate on projects that serve to uplift, create and share with our communities.  I believe we need to create opportunities for people to build and network teams of people.   Giving people opportunities to use their skills and talents.   When this happens, everyone has the opportunity to prosper.

People who collaborate from their heart – they create a sustainable, abundant mindset.  They have the Freedom to live their “true purpose/potential”.   When we collaborate with each other, we inspire each other to have the Courage to allow magic feel passion live love … from the heart!

Go WOW the world with your Magic Passion Love!