Not quite but almost …

Funny how I feel really calm about the fact that I’m stepping more and more into my own personal power.   I’ve figured out another major step in the “Law of Attraction” – “let the Fear go of Letting it Go!”    Then once you let it go, you have to live completely in the present moment enjoying all of the successes.   Being conscious of all that is working and releasing the need to focus on the BS! 

More and more I am grateful for the spiritual business partnership that Lynn Geddes and I have formed at Anahata Healing Arts.   It was a year ago that we moved into the space … and in two days, we begin Year 2.

The intention is collaborate with more people and share our Magic Passion Love out loud.

It’s time.   We are ready.  I am ready.

  When you follow your intuition – its scary at first however, …

FEEL THE FEAR and do it anyways is one of the best sayings I’ve adapted as my own.

love sticker nycGet over the idea that scary is bad – knowing when your Intuition is warning you versus when your Ego is controlling you.    Find the time every morning – I”M TALKING TO YOU (insert your name!!!   Every morning – take time for ME – Meditation and Exercise.   It can be as little as 10 minutes or as long as an hour.

You know what your spirit needs – give it to her!    BECAUSE YOU”LL BE SO GRATEFUL YOU DID!

To all who are reading this – THANK YOU – this is for you and for me — YES WE ARE MOVING IN A DIRECTION OF MAGIC PASSION LOVE so let’s keep up the momentum!