MPL and Vulnerability

I have been asked to facilitate Ted Talk conversation/discussion at Thinc Savannah and the theme… Love & Vulnerability.

To prepare for this, I’ve watch the Tedx Talk video, “The Power of Vulnerability” by Brene Brown at least five times (video below).   Brene researches vulnerability – shame – love among other things — this is amazing for me to hear.    In the beginning of the video she shares a story of someone trying to describe what she does and the word that came up is Storyteller.   She also researches but she is a storyteller – she shares other people’s stories of vulnerability in her work.   I call myself a storyteller too and an artist who wants to offer people opportunities to share being human with others through art & conversation. I’m so curious to see what we are going to share on Thursday !

There are so many conversations that can stem from her twenty minute talk and on Thursday, we most likely will.   As a facilitator, I will need to guide the conversation so that we might be able to come up with doable action steps that we might be able to practice to become more vulnerable – more human.

Why must we be as vulnerable as we possibly can?

This is important because when we are vulnerable – shame & unworthiness has less control over our thoughts/feelings/actions.    When we feel less shame/unworthiness, we feel more connected to others and not so alone.  When we feel less alone it means we have more LOVE.   When we have more LOVE we are able to be Connected to the Heart Energy Source of the Universe.

Right now, I feel like so many of us our holding so much shame & guilt about our finances, our bodies, our planet, our government, our decisions … the list could go on.

I know I have guilt that ,I am I owe back taxes & student loans,
I still eat wheat/sugar and I feel helpless about what’s happening in our government offices.

Because I have been doing the spiritual work for a few years now, I also have the ability to know that I am only responsible for my own actions/thoughts/feelings.

When I make positive choices in these areas, I have positive results … and when challenges arise, I have a choice to handle in a positive manner.Everything has a creative solution and it’s a matter of staying aligned with your LOVE that allows you to move through life enjoyably.

Staying aligned with LOVE POWER means you need to really be able to FEEL it – to really FEEL it means you have to be so aware of all of your SENSES!!!!!!!!!

If you numb any of your senses – including your Sixth Sense, it’s harder to feel the full power of LOVE.   When you have the full power of LOVE energy – you are a Master Manifestor.   I have experienced this … and it does feel amazing.     THEN…  my vulnerability starts to waver because of something triggers my SHAME & UNWORTHINESS of being Human.

The Human Experience is the biggest challenge in the Universe according to many people and I have to agree sometimes.   We are a planet of human beings all afraid to show our true selves … however, we are at an interesting moment in time when our consciousness is raising, everywhere.

What does this mean?  I believe it means that it is becoming safe to share our emotional vulnerabilities.   There is a difference between being physical vulnerable. With more and more people having the COURAGE to share their feelings about the human experience – more people having COMPASSION for themselves & others is allowing MORE CONNECTION with others who love being their authentic selves and knowing those who live their lives wholehearted.

Yes, it is scary – this is why I came up with the MPL Art Card:  Do what U R Afraid Of.   What am I scared of actually typing and sharing my words & ideas on a daily basis with a blog.   (wow – I’ve overcome a fear! yay).   What else am I scared of – being a life artist mentor/muse to others so that they may inspire others with their lives.

As I write this blog, I am feeling the fear disappear and I’m getting more comfortable with being vulnerable.   To become comfortable with my vulnerability, I’m leaning into the Joy of what my desires are – I am putting myself out there in safe spaces like Thinc Savannah – I am loving my life here in Savannah with my whole heart all the while still finding a place in my heart for NYC & other places – and Believing that I am enough!   I do enough.  I am smart/talented enough.  I am clever enough.  I am spiritual enough.  I am enough right now… we are always in motion.   So every moment is an opportunity to be vulnerable enough.    I’m taking a lot of breaths writing this because it’s easy to be vulnerable sitting alone, listening to KCWR in the headphones, in my amazing art studio … what happens when I have to leave.

This is where I have the choice to ask for help from the Angels/Spirit Muses … to be with me because with their energy surrounding me.  It’s safe to share Love with others – the world needs our love … and is very grateful for all of the love it receives.    This is why there is a growing “FEEL GOOD VIBE” raising up – out of the old, dying, decaying system that is trying its best to keep us defenseless & alone — if we step into LOVE & VULNERABILITY – imagine the amazing things we will create.

I’m already experiencing things that I have been visualizing – my art studio at Anahata Healing Arts is a dream come true.   It has also been an amazing opportunity to learn how to become more vulnerable as I’m co-creating this space with others.   Others who are have the COURAGE to share their feelings about the human experience – who have the COMPASSION for themselves & others.    We are COMMITTED to working on the COMMUNICATION so we can stay CONNECTED with each other and live our lives wholehearted together   It’s been Emotional and FREEING!   As I was going through a painful 24 hours, all I could think was, “THANK YOU, Joanne for having the courage to feel the sadness/shame and to let it go. Release it.”   Because I did, I feel so much stronger … and as the Sun is coming through the clouds after weeks of rain,   I feel so energized for the spring.    I am ready to plant the seeds in my life because I love nurturing my Life Garden of Art!

Much love to you who is reading this – thank you for being a part of Trickydame’s Spiritual Journey.   If you would like to be on the email list, please add your name.

Check out the Anahata Healing Arts webpage – there are some great opportunities to share your wholehearted self!

– Thinc Thursday, February 28, 2013

5:30-7pm   Thinc Savannah, 31 Barnard St near Ellis Square