Courage Challenge – notes and ideas ….

As I make transition in my life, I realized that this requires a lot of COURAGE.     Transistions require a Death and Re-Birth … and a dear friend made the comment, that birth process is more painful.    But the pain is sometimes present – it’s what we call Growing Pains!   We are strong enough to with stand these human growing pains.   Courage is in our Nature – even if we forget sometimes!


The 7 Day Courage Challenge is my way to REMEMBER to be Courageous every day as I take inspired actions towards feeling good.  When I listen to my Life Purpose – I feel good – this is how I like to feel.   I also know that I have a lot do with how I feel.

It’s all about the CHOICES that I make – am I making courageous choices?


Other questions to ask daily:

What are My Inspired Actions?

Do I do these Inspired Actions every day?  How much energy would I gain if I did?

How much energy does it really require for me to take Inspired Action

I’m being mindful of the actions that I’m doing as much as I can.

Here’s my Inspired Actions list:

Meditate/Pray/Activate your love vibe
Be Grateful
Keep your body healthy (good food/movement/rest)
Help your neighbors/local organizations
Build trust by honoring your word
Take time to create your life
Change the way you spend your money and EARN! 
Shop at Local Businesses first
Re-use and Re-cycle 
Use Handmade Goods from Craftspeople
Invest in Artists /Musicians in your community
Be nice to everyone you meet
Share your Magic Passion Love

Using these Inspired Actions – I challenge myself for the next 7 Days is to be mindful of the actions/thoughts/feelings that I have.

This is how DAY 1 Started…

Day 1 started off when I woke up at 7:30 to do a morning meditation.  I worked on my Courage statement and how I wanted to feel living my courage statement.

Through out the day, i found myself saying to myself a lot – I’m so scared!   

When you are having mixed messages regarding feelings, it’s so important to Reach out for Help!

To help me out with my feelings, I chatted with “Bold Life Activist – Lila Simmons”!    With her help, I realized my Three Core Feelings that I need to feel to be courageous –


Lila explained to me that every thing that I do over the next 21 days should create the feelings of being relaxed, safe, and loved … and once I get comfortable with doing this then I will feel a shift in my courage.

She also asked me what was my life vision?   When you start getting stuck and fearful to go to that vision to build from instead of the fear place.   I realized that I   didn’t have a clear vision for my life at the moment.

HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED?    Me, someone who is asking other people’s vision and I’m not paying attention to my own!   It happens so often that we get caught up in the every day chaos of life that we forget what we are working on.    I am working on creating a life where i live my life purpose and earn a living from my skills and talents!

To live my vision – then I MUST Push myself over some big scary mountains right now of really putting myself out there as a Positive Energy Artist and Angel Activist!  Even if I don’t know the outcome or the correct way of taking action.

Focus on what you enjoy doing and then make a list of actions that can be taken to move you in the direction of your goals.   Sounds easy but for some reason, i find myself getting distracted!

This is where WILL POWER comes into the dialogue about Courage.   Do I have the COURAGE to live my life purpose!?  If I do, then this requires Will Power to stay on course with my inspired actions and focus on the positive feelings.

Day 2 I worked with Brie Pawlek and the Forgiveness course with Avatar.    In order to live courageously in your life purpose – you have to compassion for the process.   Forgive yourself for not doing more.   Today is a brand new day so don’t waste time on what isn’t done – put the attention to what you are doing!

As I move from one moment during the day- I am allowing myself to connect with   my Angels …

angel_clip_art_12577The world is calling YOU to step up and be Light. It is safe to be  honest about what you wish to do.  It’s also important to be mindful of all of your  relationships  – including careers, jobs, low energy feelings, ideas, people and money! I f they are not aligned with your heart – then disengage! 


I share this journey with you to help myself navigate as well as be an example of how one faces the fear of living their life purpose.

What is there to fear?

F:  False

E: Evidence

A: Appearing

R:  Real

Don’t let fear dictate how you live your life!!

Take ONE DAY AT A TIME – one day at a time.   It’s now Day 3 of my 7 Day Courage Challenge.   I’ve done some sabotaging with over sleeping but I’m forgiving myself.  I got creative.  This always helps me release some of the fear of really stepping out of my comfort zone.

Here’s my first Vision Video- more to come!!


DAY 4 – I Got DISTRACTED with RESISTANCE – It’s ok.  I can start all over again today!

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