About Joanne

Illustration by Lauren Purcell

I am an Artrepreneur (artist+entrepreneur).  I spend part of my time creating my art projects, another part of my time nurturing my mind/body/spirit and the rest of my time collaborating with others.    

It’s important to have balance in your life. 

I have a wide range of skills to offer assistance with your business.   

My passion is helping women over 50 take their creative business to the next level.   

I combine the Law of Attraction tools with my marketing and community building skills to assist my clients be more productive and profitable! 

Together we build your online and offline communities.  

How I can help you ONLINE!!

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest and Google+

Web Design: WordPress, Wix and Weebly


How I can help you OFFLINE!

Promotional/Outreach: Events, Openings, Expo/Conventions, Volunteers and In-Store demos.

Event Planner: 15+ years experience planning/managing for art openings, music concerts, film festivals, conferences and public outdoor gatherings.



Marketing / Promotions, Event Producer, Creative Director: MPL Enterprises

Co-founder / Community Outreach: Anahata Healing Arts, Savannah, GA

Real Estate Rental Agent:  Maison International, New York, NY

Post Production Manager, Spin Cycle Post, New York, NY

Publicity Assistant, Simon & Schuster/Rand McNally, New York, NY

Volunteer Coordinator, Independent Feature Project, New York, NY


University of Minnesota, Twin Cities,

Columbia College, Chicago, IL   B.A.


Toastmaster International: Hostess City Chapter, Savannah, GA

FCW Society, International

International Women’s Artist Salon, International

Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church

Certified Angel Card Reader, Angel Therapy / Hay House




Joanne’s current projects are hosting weekly Gratitude Circles in the Squares and other creative experiences. Visit www.magicpassionlove.com for more information.

Producing “Defenders of” events, artistic/musical social networking events that that raise awareness (& funds) for organizations/people who are Defending a cause that’s worth defending; Collaborates with other artists/organizers to continue to promote Magic Passion Love & PEACE with the “Tom loves…” Photography project.

As strong advocate for World Peace & Human Rights, Joanne attended the “Human Rights Village” event in Paris, France on August 2008, the kick off event for the 61th Annual UN/NGOs Conference “Reaffirming Human Rights for All: The Universal Declaration at 60” and March 2009, she attended the Jazz for Peace Benefit at the NY Historical Society in NYC – at all events she presented the ideas of Magic Passion Love.


MPL Art Studio Chinatown, NYC photo by Julie Staub

Joanne is available to speak at your conference, event and business to offer a “zip zap” of positive energy to any group or organization.  

With her out of the box perception of life,  Joanne offers honest insight how to shift your perception so you may have full access to your Magic Passion Love Energy.

It’s time to ACTIVATE the 21st Century Mindset … we are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS WEBSITE – if you are reading this – thanks!    Feel free to comment 🙂   I’m in the process of updating daily so check back!!!  xo

Joanne is a work in progress.  Sometimes she’s tricky … cuz sometimes you have to “trick” yourself to believe that you are Worthy of Love, Peace of Mind and Abundance!   

I look forward to working with you. 

xo joanne

Contact me at positive.energy.artist@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About Joanne

  1. Hey Joanne – cool site! Great talking with you at the HOWL storefront – putting together a moregardens.org CD release concert with some other bands as part of HOWL Sunday 9/9/07 Gen X garden – 4th St btwn B & C!
    See you around HOWL/FEVA!
    Jenny Hurwitz (3 Card Monte)

  2. Hi Koanne – It was great meeting and talking to you this past Thursday on our flight to Miami. I had an amazing weekend at the workshop that I mentioned to you. Hopefully you had a great weekend in spite of the rainy weather. I’d love to know the names of the books that you mentiioned when we spoke. Looking forward to hearing from you, Suzanne

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