First Friday Art March – October!

An Interactive Public Art Experience – Friday, October 3

Magic Passion Love Vision for Humanity

 I believe all humans desire the same thing in in life.  
 From union workers in Savannah, GA, Tallahassee school children, church ladies of Beaumont, Tx to the Radical Fairies of New Orleans.
All people, INCLUDING YOU, desire a place to call home, good food/water to nourish their bodies, a living wage and a sense of purpose.   
 All are worthy. 
I believe we came to Earth to experience Human Love … both a a receiver and giver.  
I believe there is enough of everything for all of us to relax and enjoy.  
as you know, I believe in Magic Passion Love!   And I want to know …
What is your Magic ?   What is your Passion?   What do you LOVE?
These are just some of the questions, I am going to ask at the one night only interactive art experience :
Magic Passion Love – a vision for humanity.   The Manifesting Mobile is going to be on displayed at the Gallery at Foundry Coffee Pub on Habersham and Anderson in Savannah, GA.  It’s part of the First Friday Art March.
The full manifesting mobile consists of over 400 circles made of recycled paper.  The circles are cut to the size of a CD out of of  recycled boxes.  The circles are strung to create a strand of circles, then they are hung to form a line. Rows of strands with the circles are hung on fishing wire that is strung up across the room.  
Walking through the mobile and reading what other people’s visions are … how do your visions similar – what are action are you taking to create your vision are some of the questions Joanne poses to the viewer.  She also encourages the viewer to participate.
 You will have an opportunity to  share your wishes, dreams, intentions and/or visions for yourself or the world using art materials.
What happens when you invite people to share their Magic Passion Love Vision for Humanity – you meet more people who are committed to living from the heart.  Friday night’s event will be casting positive vibrations from all of the people who are willing to be a part of the heart-centered community.   There will be raffle prizes, opportunities to take inspired action with locate community groups and tasty treats from local chefs and businesses.

 Collaboration is key to human evolution!!!  


who I am & why I make art…

Creating art helps me be a conscious human.

Here are questions that I ask myself whenever I begin to get a little out of balance:  Does what I am doing right now make me feel good being me? If not – What would make me feel good being me ?   Why am I doing things that don’t make me feel good being me?   What am I going to do right now to move me in the direction of feeling good being me? How will my feeling good serve others?

I do my best to share my Best Self Every Day in Every Way.

I realize more and more how important it is to live from your heart – no more lying – no more pretending – no more not being nice to myself or others.   It can be scary – however, it’s scarier to see what happens when you don’t!

When you’re not living from your heart – it affects the ENTIRE PLANET!  We are all one.

Many unanswered questions often stall our abilities to pursue our dreams.

2012-04-16 20.19.14

I’m not always sure what the answers or solutions to many of

our current challenges both collectively and individually.

I discovered that anything is possible if I am willing to take action.

I’m willing, ready, and able to take action – are you?!

Inspired Action + Conscious Intention = Dreams Manifested!

My intention is to work with others to share our skills and talents to create a thriving heart-centered communities.

I collaborate with others who see the value in honoring Mother Earth and all the creatures who call it home.

I’m having an art show – April 4 !

First Friday Art March :  April 4

Artist Reception is from 6pm – 9pm


Essences of Evolution:

Art by Joanne Morton

My public art project, “The Magic Passion Love Manifesting Mobile” will be on display in the Sanctuary.

There will be other vendors in the Sancutary as well as Occupy Savannah will have a table set up. Musicians to be announced.

Studio hours with me available upon request.
Galley Hours
during events/classes
and by appointment call  @917-676-4280


Ride the Trolley to all of the local businesses along the Art March Route! Good times!


The Starland Art & Business community is offering Savannah an amazing opportunity to co-create a creative, healthy & thriving economy that supports all who participate.

If you are feeling a little stuck, uninspired, a tad fearful and kinda depressed — TAKE ACTION! One action you can take on Fridays, is to join the First Friday Art March!


To see the Map – visit, First Friday Art March :


10-11-12 Trickydame Thursday Thoughts ….

WOW – what a fun day for numbers this is! Tonight is the LOCAL FLAVOR ART SHOW! Pics will be up later –and I want to share my Art Show Statement.

My intention to curate & host an art show is I am committed to connect local business with the creative community to co-create positive abundant energy with LOCAL FLAVOR! We are living in such an interesting time and have so many opportunities if we choose to accept them. I choose to. I am also excited to work with others who choose to be a part of a thriving and sustainable community and they are here tonight! Who are they? They are, The Artists, the Musician, the Local Business, the Community Organization and YOU!
If you are interested in co-creating other fun events, please say “hey” and contact me.
I look forward to co-creating with you …
From my heart,

I am so grateful to Lowcountry Gourmet Food for allowing their space to exhibit the show. Owners, Kathie Burnsed & Robb Campbell have been wonderful to work with. I enjoy working with successful business owners and these two are. They have an honest working relationship where they each use their skills & talents to run the business. They are extremely generous & fair to their employees – you can feel the respect and it is very appreciated! Asst mgr, Pam has my gratitude too! They work with their local merchants and are members of the Chamber of Commerce and host a booth at the Visitors Center to welcome tourists to town. Plus, they have a prosperous thriving business that offers the public a wonderful product. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar is “TO DIE FOR!” Please, taste and enjoy … Bottles make a great holiday gift!!

Some of the artists here tonight are represented by Dragonfly Studio on Tybee Island, and they are; Denise Elliot-Vernon, Carol Taylor, Gertrude Palmer, Brad Hook, Linda Erzinger, James Russell May, Sandy Leinbach and Jonathan Poirier. This work was selected by gallery manager Denise Vernon and myself…and hung with the help of Carol Taylor. We chose these artists because we felt their worked represented LOCAL FLAVOR. Lowcountry Gourmet Food is a “tasting room” and we wanted the art to reflect how one might see See, Feel, Touch & Taste “Local Flavor”. The art work such, as “Peppers, Onions & Garlic and Grapes” were included for being beautiful representation of our food. Collage artist, Linda Erzingner’s abstract “Harvest Collages” express images how flavor feels. “Autumn in the Country” is what Local Flavor is all about; sitting in the back yard enjoying the crisp air under the warm sun! Of course we had to include Carol Taylor’s “Oil & Vinegar” as well as John Poirer’s “Hand blown Oil/Vinegar Bottles” – touch them.

Choosing a Community Organization is always difficult because there are so many wonderful people doing great things here. However, I will be honest that I had a selfish reason for inviting Mollie Lieberman & Loop It Up Savannah to be a part of the Local Flavor. I wanted to get to know them and begin to work with them! I’m very inspired by the children & their parents who are involved with Loop It Up Savannah – this is how we co-create thriving & sustainable communities, allow our children to CREATE! Much gratitude for Miss Mollie and everyone at Loop It Up Savannah for the work you do!

Finally, a big GRATEFUL HUG to Jimmy Wolling for coming into to town tonight to play for us. He’s amazing. Enjoy! Here’s a video from when he played at the Dragonfly.
Sept 1st Friday 2012

LOCAL FLAVOR” art exhibit : October 5 – December 6, 2012

October 5 – December 6, 2012

Artist Reception:
Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lowcountry Gourmet Foods
10 W Broughton St, Savannah

For those who are committed to supporting their local community, the Artist Reception on Thursday, October 11, 2012 from 6-8pm is a wonderful evening for the entire family to enjoy an evening with friends, music, food and of course, art!

Read Press Release ONLINE

Artists represented through Dragonfly Studio, Tybee Island

Brad Hook

Carol Taylor

Gertrude Palmer

Jonathon Poirer

Linda Erzinger – art pictured

James Russell May

Denise Elliot-Vernon

Special Musical Guest: Jimmy Wolling, a 30-year banjo veteran who is well known throughout the bluegrass circuit for his ability to fully tap into many styles of music as our Special Musical Guest.

Molly Lieberman and Loop It Up Savannah are doing great things for our community and our children at the YWCA and will be raffling a handmade quilt. There will be a raffle to support Loop it Up Savannah.

“LOCAL FLAVOR” art exhibit :
October 5 – December 6, 2012

Artist Reception
Thursday, October 11, 2012 from 6-8pm
Lowcountry Gourmet Foods located at 10 W Broughton St, in Savannah.

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Best place to find music while painting!

Tonight I painted! It’s been awhile since I’ve really allowed myself to just PLAY WITH COLORS! Oh my .. I feel so much better. I am glad that I can see what makes me feel good. I even gladder (yes, I know this is a make up word) that I am releasing more “Feel GOOD” Thoughts than the “false thoughts/feelings”.

Tomorrow is a new day – and it will be quite enjoyable to feel good all day long so I will!

Here is one of the really good mixes that I listened to tonight.

Magic Passion Love & MUSIC!! (and completely off the subject, was last night’s episode of Glee really good!!)

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Manifesting Mist Works!

This morning when I woke up and looked around the Dragonfly Studio – my first thought was, “MANIFESTING MIST Works!”. Look at all that I have Manifested in my life this past year! I know its not just the Manifesting Mist that is allowing me to be living my ideal life – its a combination of a lot of other tools that I have been consistently using this past year.

This past week on the Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse, I felt a shift — right through my entire physical body … this shift was ACCEPTANCE! Sometimes I am so busy visualizing everything that I want to manifest that I forget to Accept some of what I have! Look what I have right now — an amazing space to be creative in! A space that I am co-creating with other like-minded spiritual artists! A space where we can invite our friends to come over for a cup of tea!

We are ending a year that has seen lots of changes and transformations — for me, I am in a completely new state – physically & figuratively! I am accepting my intention as a reality – I am a full time, professional artist! I am excited to see how my life grows & transforms this winter — preparing myself for yet another Transformational Year – 2011 – is going to be My Best Year Yet!

I know this to be true because I am keeping my Priorities clear, writing Gratitude, sharing positive energy, thinking good thoughts, feeling everything, practicing daily, staying active, eating healthy, surrounding myself with great people, and loving myself as much as I possibly can — forgiving myself as well!

All of my best wishes to you who is reading this — because 2011 will be your best year yet too!

To see more pictures of the Magic Passion Love Studio @ Dragonfly
click here!

AND if you want to purchase your own MANIFESTING MIST – visit the Trickydame Etsy Shop!!

MPL Art Exhibit – The Gratitude Show!

MPL Art Exhibit – The Gratitude Show!

Originally uploaded by Trickydame!

Magic Passion Love on Tybee Island
Intuitive Expressionist Paintings by Joanne Morton
the Mass Manifesting Mobile, a Collaborative Public Artwork by YOU!

Thursday, September 9 3:00 – 7:00
Afternoon Art Event
Tybee Island Arts Association Bldg, 7 Cedarwood

Saturday, September 11, 3:30 – 6:30
Installation of the Mass Manifesting Mobile
Tybee Island Social Club, 1311 Butler Ave

Please join artist, Joanne Morton, for an afternoon of viewing art, creative conversation and helping create the first MASS MANIFESTING MOBILE as part of her MPL-USA Art Tour!

“Artist Statement
This exhibit is a combination of work that I painted in New York City and on Tybee Island. I paint the feelings as they are imagined in my mind. Releasing my spiritual energy is one of my favorite things to do as a human being. Sometimes being a human can be a little baffling and confusing for me as I am in a quandary about the hesitancy to share Gratitude & Love easily.

Being appreciated and loved is my first need from other humans and in order to fully be appreciated & loved by others, I have learned that I must also love & appreciate myself. This summer living on Tybee I have had an amazing love affair with myself! There were many others who I was able to share this affair with and for them, I will always be grateful!!

There are six canvases that I painted in my art studio in Chinatown, NYC during the years 2008-2009. Using the energy of NYC, I painted fast & swiftly with acrylic. It feels good!! It is ok to touch the paintings!!!

The first few weeks, I spent many afternoons painting on the front porch while Sam Adams played next door in the back of Bernie’s. The three watercolors were a way for me to relax in the flow of island life. The four mixed media matted pieces represent the affirmations that I use every day to keep my mind/body/soul balanced.

“In the Vortex” has two sides, words by an author/friend who so wonderfully describes what being In The Vortex feels like – and I created the image one afternoon with the windows open watching the surfers on the waves. The other oil pastel I painted while watching the sunrise over the Atlantic.

The “Hearts on Wood”, represent my relationships with four different men with two names – this artist never reveals the names of her sexual/emotional muses because these relationships are very special. My heart is open for all kinds of love as long as it inspires my art.

This summer has been the beginning of a huge shift in the Transformational Energy that is happening on our planet right now as a part of spiritual human evolution. I have made the decision to honor my own spiritual self by Allowing Feeling Living my life as an artist. How are you honoring your spiritual self? (There are no wrong answers!!)

“We are here to experience Human Love. Self Love.
Service to Me then to We.”

Joanne Morton, the Artist in the Attic

Thank you to the Tybee Arts Association for making this show possible with allowing me to use the space. I would also like to thank Denise Elliot-Vernon for her amazing help in producing this show, Sari McAfee for her creative inspiration, Fran Galloway & Marilyn Rosenberg for both of their friendship & support.

“The Gratitude Show” is dedicated to Eldo Hartz, of the Carbo House for giving me the opportunity to be the Artist in the Attic!

Joanne will always be grateful for the people and the island of Tybee for welcoming the artist that is Trickydame.