Forsyth Park – day before my birthday and I’m grateful!

park april 9One of the prettiest places in Savannah – the Fountain in Forsyth Park!

Today we shared gratitude and appreciation for one another for taking the time to come out and BE GRATEFUL!

I’m so Grateful for taking the time to make this happen.  I love all of the stories about how all of us are feeling a surge of positive energy in our lives … and how we handle whatever challenges may come up during in our lives.   Knowing we are not alone really makes a big difference.  We are not alone.   We are one.

We are here to love … and so grateful that We do!

Looking forward to the next 22 weeks of Gratitude!

 Next week is Whitefield Square!

Monday Gratitude!

9 - grat magic

I am grateful to be writing a blog post – third day in a row yay

I am grateful for going to a Design for Ability fundraiser yesterday

I am grateful to be surrounded with so many talented & inspiring people

I am grateful for a great night sleep

I am grateful for juicing & my great cup of coffee I had this morning

I am grateful to understand more and more what it means to have balanced

I am grateful I didn’t gain any weight last week – I’m on the LEAN Challenge with 1500 others

I am grateful for all of the people who are appearing to help grow & expand Anahata Healing Arts

I am grateful for having so many supportive friends when I need their love & confidence

I am grateful I’m able to be vulnerable right now

I am grateful for Magic Passion Love & all that it’s taught me

I am grateful for joining the Wisdom Community on Hay House again —

I am grateful for my computer, my bike, my phone, my mini-van

I am grateful for fresh air

I am grateful to be grateful a lot!

I am grateful for #spreadinglove!!!

monday at noon

I am grateful to RECOGNIZE that I’ve arrived – I truly am in a state of EVOLVING … ever evolving (dare you be your spiritual self, right now!?)

I am grateful that I told someone recently out loud that I was probably the most evolved woman’s he met and it didn’t really feel that vainful, it actually made me feel really proud (you are already beautiful now be gorgeous!)

I am grateful for listening to “The Power” by the woman who wrote “The Secret” – its reinforcing the power of “love & gratitude” and to NOT fear stepping into your Power (do what you are most afraid of!)

I am grateful for taking the time this past week to take a really long walk on the beach, spend time playing with serenity & laughing, riding my bike, staying up late to watch shooting stars on the beach, doing an art project at tybee event, eating food when I feel hungry and re-watching old “30 Rocks” (days end, days begin, life ENJOY)

I am grateful to be learning so much about myself & how much I’ve done since I left NYC all the while having my experiences there continue to inspire me (life is what you make it, make it interesting)

I am grateful that I am inspired today to write my intention statement, start the press release and research marketing videos for Anahata Healing Arts! (believe you can)

I am grateful for all of the people I interact with at the Visitor Center here as well as my NYC apt clients and for being helpful for their vacations. (being nice just to be nice is the nicest feeling)

I am grateful for finding space in my heart for a romantic partner that is ideal for me and I for him (being in love once means you can fall in love again, falling in love needs to happen often)

I am grateful for stepping away from the political discord that is driving us apart and sending Love & Compassion Vibes out whenever I see ANY political lawn signs – – seeing it from the eyes of spirit is much different. The campaign that needs to be encouraged is magic passion love! (free thinking is something to be proud of!)

I am grateful for having so many spiritually like-minded peeps in my life and hearing others speak of gratitude/blessings/gifts (Gratitude is Magic)

Gratitude is “really” Magic…

I am grateful that Dragonflies and Trains have been following me on this journey!

I am grateful that I am allowing myself to share gratitude on my blog/website

I am grateful that I have been writing and sharing gratitude since 2004 and have seen the difference it makes by writing and sharing

I am grateful for being so present in my life and my feelings to the point where I am moving through the scary parts more and more

I am grateful for manifesting an amazing place to stay for the next two weeks

I am grateful for working on the barter system with people and how good it feels to work this way

I am grateful to meet another spiritual teacher in a work/live space that I have been visualizing for a few weeks

I am grateful to be reminded of the Law of Desire & Intent and as well as the Law of Detachment

I am grateful for all of the cool cafes in Austin

I am grateful for a full tank of gas

I am grateful for healthy food options

I am grateful for sleeping so well these past few nights

I am grateful for being invited to a sweat lodge on Sunday & all that it has been releasing

I am grateful for praying with the others

I am grateful to allow myself time to get comfortable in this phase of my life

I am grateful to be protected by my angels

I am grateful for overhearing conversations of helping each other, listening to other perspectives, honoring the spirit and then the occasional love chat!

I am grateful for sunny skies

I am grateful for walking the dogs this morning by the water

I am grateful for believing in the power of Magic Passion Love!!

I am strong enough. I am worthy enough. I am enough.
Today, I trust myself and the Universe.
All that I need easily comes to be when I allow, feel, live my true self.

Trickydame’s BlogTalkRadio Show 5/23/10

Sunday, May 23 – Trickydame hosted her 2nd Blog Talk Radio show …and it was a good one!!!

To listen visit:

Gratitude is Magic!

Trickydame has been writing & sharing gratitude lists for almost 7 years! What are you grateful for? How does being grateful affect your life? Do you have an attitude of gratitude?! Can you be grateful for your challenges?! Join Joanne as she shares her stories of being grateful and invites her callers to share what they are grateful for! WOW!

Here are some of the links to find out more about what Joanne talked about!!

Louise Hay – “Experience Your Good Now!” (a great book about affirmations!!) (also good to listen too!!)

Taught be the importance to take a breath!
Reverend Karen Weingard –

Gave me the first opportunity to write Gratitude Lists!
Jennifer Maculuso Gilmore –

Laura Allen’s Website!! 15 Second Pitch

Next Week’s Show theme is “Life is what you make it, make it Interesting!”
Call in and share what you do to make your life INTERESTING!!

Call-in Number: (347) 202-0609

Magic Passion Love & GratiDudes!

It just warms my heart that there are so many humans who are sharing positive energy!! Its more opportunity for more people to feel good!! It’s all about allowing humans to feel good – cuz if we feel good THEN we’ll care more .. CARE MORE TO TAKE CARE OF THE PLANET AND THE INHABITANTS ON THE PLANET!

As I continue on my 100 Day Reality Challenge – it is my intention to add to this blog every day — and some of these blogs I will share what cool people are doing …for example:

The Real GratiDudes

To bring families and communities together through
conscious media and humour, to raise awareness about
individual and global issues, and provide real
solutions in a fun playful way.

By Brad Morris;

I used to drink and smoke to get me high;
But deep down inside I just wanted to die.
My heart was filled with sadness and anger;
When I looked in the mirror I was seeing a stranger.

No purpose, no plan, just observing from the side;
I was scared of my future, there was no hope inside.
I had no confidence in myself or humanity;
I thought we were screwed, excuse my profanity.

Many relate to the stories I share;
Havin life so tough, almost too tough to bare.
But something inside told me things would get better;
So I prayed to God and chose to surrender.

Like a light turning on in the darkness of night;
My heart opened up, my world became bright.
I could suddenly see what was infront of my face;
Everything started to fall into place.

Day-by-day things slowly improved;
The more I forgave, the more energy I moved.
Miracles appeared everwhere I turned;
Life began to make sense, with the more I learned.

Everyday I prayed for guidance from God;
I’d never prayed before, at first it felt odd.
I was amazed to see the answers come through;
As my life transformed, my faith in Him grew.

I was starting to realize who I really was;
I was more than a human, I am an extension of God.
When I had this revelation, I just wanted to share;
But people thought I was crazy, they just sat there and stared.

Why didn’t they believe me? I knew it was true.
I guess it was an indication there was more inner work to do…
So that’s what I did, inwards I went;
I learned to meditate, many hours I spent.

Little by little people started to believe,
As they witnessed some of the things I achieved.
They’d ask me, “Brad, what did you do?”
I’d tell them, I found God within, and you can too!

Do the same as I did, meditate and pray.
Be patient, accept yourself, take it day-by-day.
Just watch, you’ll see, things will definately shift;
The more you love yourself, your Spirit will lift.

You’ll rise, you’ll overcome the problems from your past;
And stick with it, because the results will last.
I know you’ll soar, you’re gonna fly;
You won’t need drugs, you’ll be naturally high.

Be positive, have faith, keep your mind on track;
Focus on your goals, don’t ever look back.
Forward is the only direction to face;
And take your time, this is not a race.

You’ve got your whole life, and the ones after this;
Which means there’s so much time to follow your bliss.
Accept where you are in this time and space;
With all that you’ve thought, this is the perfect place.

As long as your always taking baby steps forward;
Your Spirit’ll be happy, you’ll be rewarded.
So forget the past, let go of the dark ages;
We’re all born to lead, we’re meant to be Sages.

Stand up straight and choose to be strong;
There’s no screwing up, you can’t go wrong.
We all have the power to turn our darkness to light;
To have Peace within, you must stop the fight.

So choose so now, and do it here;
Surrender to God and have no fear.
From this point on, your life’ll get better and better;
Because you said YES and chose to surrender.

I’m happy for you and all the people you’ll empower;
As your life transforms like a blossoming flower.

body parts

A few weeks ago – I woke up with the birds singing and sun shining…walked outside and sat on a rock next to a little creek. Began to write in my journal – those morning words that can sometimes clear out your head from the dreams of the night and prepare you to LIVE your DREAMS for the day.

I began to look at my hands and my feet – parts of my body that I like and don’t like – won’t tell you which because it doesn’t really matter to you or me.

I know I want to love all of my body and so …like a TRICKYDAME – I find ways to trick myself to loving myself and low and behold you realize it’s no longer a trick and it’s real. I photographed what is real and it felt good.

Gratitude is Magic!

I am grateful – words can not express the gratitude I have for my choice to put my intentions to my passions which has allowed me to experience and create magic in all areas of my life all the while to be receiving more love from so many people including myself.

bergamot oil
white flowers
sweet music
soft breezes
delicious coffee
beautiful naked body
positive people
multi-tasking responsibly
being human
financial abundance
strong relationships
healing myself
energetic body
unexpected possibilities
taking risks
being fearless
tom 4 prez

yeah, I am grateful