Manifesting @ AHA

Anahata Healing Arts is starting to grow … slowly the light of our energies is starting to flicker and get brighter! It’s very exciting and a little SCARY too because this space is every thing I’ve ever imagined it could be and more… The more is knowing that I am going to get to meet so many cool people who are committed to shining their light and doing the work that makes them feel good being THEM 24/7 – wow!!

Tonight is my first Manifesting Circle since I hosted them in NYC at the MPL Doyers Street Studio.

Tonight’s theme is “Progress not Perfection – being patient too!”

When you move into a new home & start a new business at the same time – there is a lot to do! I’m learning how to stay in the present and take care of the next indicated priority. These priorities are based on the “Meat & Potatoes” of what needs to happen to see progress.

Our first priority was to get the Gallery Room ready to be seen by the public so yoga classes could begin. This is done and doing the work involved felt so good. Sharing the load with Lynn is the best part – knowing we’re doing this together makes it a little easier. It feels good to trust in the relationship that shares priorities as well as honoring each others personal priorities.

My next priority is to set up the MPL Art Studio … even though I want to start promoting Anahata Healing Arts – this will need to wait until I have the studio set up.

My other personal priority for me to is to to do the work to be able trust 100% that it is SAFE for me to share Magic Passion Love … you might think how can I say this after traveling around the country on the MPL Art Tour.

Well… for years I have been stating out loud that it is my intention to create FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE with cool people … AND, now I’ve been given the opportunity to make this my reality.

Tonight, I am exactly where I need to be and I have all that I need to create Financial Abundance with cool people! I forgive myself for any self-criticism … I love & approve of myself! I am Fearless in 2012!