First Friday Art March – October!

An Interactive Public Art Experience – Friday, October 3

Magic Passion Love Vision for Humanity

 I believe all humans desire the same thing in in life.  
 From union workers in Savannah, GA, Tallahassee school children, church ladies of Beaumont, Tx to the Radical Fairies of New Orleans.
All people, INCLUDING YOU, desire a place to call home, good food/water to nourish their bodies, a living wage and a sense of purpose.   
 All are worthy. 
I believe we came to Earth to experience Human Love … both a a receiver and giver.  
I believe there is enough of everything for all of us to relax and enjoy.  
as you know, I believe in Magic Passion Love!   And I want to know …
What is your Magic ?   What is your Passion?   What do you LOVE?
These are just some of the questions, I am going to ask at the one night only interactive art experience :
Magic Passion Love – a vision for humanity.   The Manifesting Mobile is going to be on displayed at the Gallery at Foundry Coffee Pub on Habersham and Anderson in Savannah, GA.  It’s part of the First Friday Art March.
The full manifesting mobile consists of over 400 circles made of recycled paper.  The circles are cut to the size of a CD out of of  recycled boxes.  The circles are strung to create a strand of circles, then they are hung to form a line. Rows of strands with the circles are hung on fishing wire that is strung up across the room.  
Walking through the mobile and reading what other people’s visions are … how do your visions similar – what are action are you taking to create your vision are some of the questions Joanne poses to the viewer.  She also encourages the viewer to participate.
 You will have an opportunity to  share your wishes, dreams, intentions and/or visions for yourself or the world using art materials.
What happens when you invite people to share their Magic Passion Love Vision for Humanity – you meet more people who are committed to living from the heart.  Friday night’s event will be casting positive vibrations from all of the people who are willing to be a part of the heart-centered community.   There will be raffle prizes, opportunities to take inspired action with locate community groups and tasty treats from local chefs and businesses.

 Collaboration is key to human evolution!!!  


28 Days on the road…

I’m can’t believe I’ve been on the road for 28 days — and I’m still trusting in my spirit to guide exactly where I need to be! Its been one very interesting few weeks – I have experienced a lot of different places, met so many cool people, seen wonderful sights and learned so much about TRUST! When I started out on this tour, I thought I’m so grateful that I was so aware of the Law of Attraction – the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success – Power of Gratitude – Going with the Flow because I have truly needed to use all of these tools A LOT!

So far (in this direction, yes I know I’ve back tracked) these are the cities I’ve traveled to – Jacksonville, FL, Brunswick, GA, Valdosta, GA, Tallahassee, FL back to Valdosta, GA back to Tallahassee, Dothan, AL, Pensacola, FL, Gulfport, MS, New Orleans, LA, Beaumont, TX and now Austin. When I made the decision to travel with the Mass Manifesting Mobile I have wanted to travel to Austin. Not really sure why but I’m here. AND the interesting thing is, I’m not really sure where I’m traveling next. I hadn’t planned after Austin – well, that’s not true, I am planning on going to San Antonio for a few days.

You would think that a person who had no idea where she was going to be in a week might start to get a little worried/stressed. Last week, while I was in New Orleans, I will admit that I did start to get a little anxious about the direction of this project – how will I fund it – where will it go – how can I promote it – where can I offer readings/events – the list could go on and GUESS WHAT – I started to GET SICK!! Yep, my body started to re-act and boy oh boy when this happens, you know its time to start using those Spiritual Skills that keep your mind/body/healthy!

One of the first skills, I recognized as very important is to TRUST that all of my NEEDS are taken care of — because they have been so far. I am ok with the UNKNOWN because I have proof that I will always been taken care of – even the scary stuff…

Here is a list of things that I’ve needed and received:
– new friends
– re-uniting with my NYC connections
– safe places to stay
– easy road travel
– good healthy food
– a tent
– light workers
– free medical care
– art sales
– random strangers who share conversation with me
– free parking
– wifi

There is a saying that Colette Baron Reid says “All that is mine will not pass me by.” This is an ongoing mantra in my thoughts!! IT IS TRUE! I would also say that working on a project all about MANIFESTING really does add power to my own personal manifesting energy which is proof that I am sharing with others. This is why I’m creating the Mass Manifesting Mobile so we can co-create some powerful manifesting vibrations for all of us to be able to flow with… if you want to see some of the mobile pieces, please visit my Flickr Page:

As the battery starts to lose its power and my time on my parking meter expires, it is time for me to wrap up this blog post. There is so many things that I want to share and write about that I sometimes start getting overwhelmed… which is why I pull out another one of the Tools! Relax & ENJOY the present moment — by staying in the present moment, you can receive information that will guide you to the next indicated step.

My wish for all of you who are reading this blog post – is to remember that we are in one of the most transformational shifting moments in our life times. I have spoken to many people who experienced a lot of challenges in 2011 — as I witnessed some of my own challenges and others, I am reminded that it is so important to stay connected to our unique personal energy source.

As the world continues to shift, we will see more dramatic changes (both physical & non physical) and what we need to do is to be flexible & flowing! Do not stay ATTACHED to anything that does not make you feel good at least 75% of the time. It is important to not fear hard work and to know the difference between resistance and negative vibes.

Stay in touch with the positive energy that flows all around us — and share it as often as possible. It is with this sharing that you will stay flexible & flowing … and you will also be helping others.

I wish everyone an awesome week — and I look forward to the many unlimited possibilities coming by way in romance & finance! Magic Passion Love & right now!!

ONE MORE THING – its been so much fun driving around the country with the WORDS – MAGIC PASSION LOVE on the back of my mini – van. I actually met someone who honked at me and we pulled over and said hey at the Occupy Pensacola site. This is a story for another time!!

Life of a traveling artist…

Its the end of my 2nd week on the road since I left Savannah on Jan 17. Time really does change when you are traveling. Sometimes you have no idea what day it is and the only time you know is DAY Time or NIGHT Time. I am ok with this actually … and perhaps this is why I have made the choice to travel.

Because it is a choice – so whenever I start to question or doubt my decision to take this trip, I remind myself that I am choosing to travel. There are moments, like today that I really wanted to just sleep all day and luckily I have a tent so I did just that. of course when one spends the day sleeping that means it I might be up late however, I don’t think this will be the case because right now, I’m enjoying the messages that I’m receiving while dreaming.

A few nights before I began to travel, I was woken up in the middle of the night because I thought I heard my name being called and so I said out loud, YES. I remember this so vividly because remembering the images that came after I heard my voice – the lights that were sparkling around me made me feel this immense sense of well being and love. I believe it was my angels showing me that I am safe and ready to travel. I keep reminding myself that I’m only in the 2nd week of my traveling and so much is going to unfold as I continue forward on this path to the Unknown. The answers are coming …. and all I need to do is TRUST!!

Trust that when the time is right, I will find a place to live, people to share my life with, a romantic relationship that is ideal for both of us and opportunities to earn money that allows me to live comfortably. I know this is to be true because I believe it to be true. The past few days have been very interesting because I’m sharing space with people who are living at the Occupy site in Tallahassee, FL. I’m grateful to them because its giving me a safe place to sleep. I’m grateful for them because they are attempting to work with the community to create positive change. I am grateful for them because they have been so welcoming to me. I am grateful for them because they are giving me more to think about.

I’m sitting in a cafe writing this – not sure if anyone even reads my blogs at this point so I’m allowing myself to be real and honest which is what I believe I am most of the time.

On a completely different train of thought !! Last nights event at the DIVINE UNION rocked! My first event and it felt so good to meet a group of women who are also using the spiritual laws to allow them to Manifest in their own life. I know there are more people for me to meet .. and for this I am also grateful.

until next time …

MPL news mentions

I am so grateful for my past year & half in Savannah, GA … as I always say I couldn’t have planned this past year any better! To have been guided to such a warm, creative city that fully embraces the creative spirit in their residents. After spending 16 years in the East Village, coming to Savannah (& Tybee Island) was a perfect place to decompress and prepare for the next phase of my life as an artist.

I am also grateful to the most recent mentions I have had in the local press — and look forward to returning to the Lowcountry next fall!

Bunny in the City: Thinc Savannah gets in holiday spirit
December 18, 2011 –

Another interesting character chatting with us is spiritual artist Joanne Morton. This Midwestern New Yorker living in the South tells me that, starting in January, she will be traveling nationwide with her “public art project”.

“I will offer mass manifesting hanging mobiles,” she said.

OK. I have no clue what this is and ask her to explain.

“A hanging mobile is a series of circles with art and words that describe people’s positive intentions for the world — check me out at,” says the exuberant artist. Another something new I learned today!

Photos by Bunny Ware/For the Savannah Morning News
Joanne Morton, Veta Bateham, Brie Pawlak

January 10, 2012
Savannah’s number-one product?
Connect Savannah: Editor’s Note – Jim Morekis

The optimistic, vibrant, DIY spirit of Savannah artists is also exemplified by Joanne Morton, who’s literally taking her show on the road. She invites you to Emmet Park this Monday, MLK Day, from 1–4 p.m. to help create a public art project “Mass Manifesting Mobile.”

Morton, who has been creating art on Tybee Island at Dragonfly Studio, sees the event as a kickoff of her “Magic Passion Love” nationwide public art tour.

what you seek is seeking you!

(I blogged this at the FCW Society site and wanted to share here as well!)

As some of you might know, I (Joanne Morton) am currently traveling with my art project, calling it the MPL-USA Art Tour. The last seven months have been the most transformational I’ve experienced in years! These changes because I am allowing myself to be guided by intuition/spirit 100%!! Before this year, I believe I allowed myself to be guided just enough – however there is something happening on our planet and I can feel it! So I have stopped “RESISTING” the urge “NOT” to follow my Intuition and REALLY SEEING WHAT CAN HAPPEN WHEN I COMPLETELY TRUST IN MYSELF!!

Giving myself to permission to work through this resistance has been a challenge however, because of trusting in receiving exactly what I need the last two days I have received some pretty powerful messages from 2 FCW!!

The first lesson: TRUST!! There is so much unknown in my life right now (actually there always is!!) and I am (like so many of you) working on creating financial abundance with my art. I believe this is possible for anyone!

Except there are some moments when you start to question lots of things!! This is what I received in my “” INBOX.

“If I cannot trust myself,
above all else – then why
should others be willing to
put their trust in me?”

~ by Eleesha,
Author of The Soul Whisperer
Secrets & Inspirations!

How profound is this?! Eleesha has published a book of inspired affirmations/texts that have come to her … and she’s sharing them. WOW!

If I wish to attract people who trust in the “ideas of Magic Passion Love” then … I must trust them myself! What do you trust in yourself?!

THEN… if that wasn’t enough – there was another random email that I opened up.
(This is why I sign up for various emails – you just never know when you might read something you need to see — and you can always delete without reading. No one knows but you!! We create our own way of living!)

I saw this SUBJECT:
Want an Attraction Breakthrough in your Business?


Then… I began to read:

Life has been a bit of a roller-coaster the past week or so. Looking back I see I energetically took on the FEAR of our culture due to the economic times. Though I know FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real, I was still emotionally susceptible to it. What it came down to was trying to please a not-so-perfect customer and ultimately failing. This really put me in a tailspin (see article below)

Luckily I have some processes that help me to focus in the direction of what I want, and not wallow too much in the pain of negativity. Then I start attracting the exact right people to help me move forward and come out the other side stronger and more attractive to what I desire.

I browsed down the whole email and saw this:

Are you ready for branding that truly reflects your deepest essence and attracts perfect customers? Contact Julia to receive your complimentary branding assessment at (707) 823-3316

So I called! Left a message, which felt really good. Its so important to take ACTION when feeling Stuck! (duh!!)

And Julia called back 15 minutes later!!! WOW!!

Julia D. Stege, MFA, Intuitive Branding Artist, Strategic Attraction Coach TM
Magical Marketer & FCW Society Member is someone to any FCW entrepreneur can turn to when looking for answers how to create the world of your dream!! Her mission is to empower people to create the world of our dreams. That to her is the ultimate creative project. Pretty FUCKING COOL!!

We had an amazing conversation — which is why I love FCW – we instantly connect and share positive energy. She shared with me some insights on my website, introduce me to another FCW artist to check out and gave me some positive feedback. THANK YOU!! It was just enough to get me moving … and release more of the resistance. “Ask yourself a different question” is one of the great insights I got from Julia.

AND I am signed up for her upcoming Tele-seminar!

“3 Keys to Creating a Client Attraction Breakthrough in the New Economy, Just by Being Yourself.”

Its November 19, 3pm est and it sounds pretty great!

SO … the next time you feel the inspired urge to open up an email … you just never know how a FCW will inspire you to continue to be the Fucking Cool Woman YOU ARE!

joanne morton

(IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO CONTRIBUTE THEIR OWN FCW STORIES – let me know.. its all about sharing!)

1st sunday in november

This is the start of my third week of my 100 Day Reality Challenge #4 …and I’m about to travel to yet another “unknown’ destination on the MPL-USA Art Tour. This past weekend, I ended up chilling with a dear artist friend on Tybee Island. I had thought I would drive to Tampa on Sunday however, once again, its not MY THOUGHTS that are guiding me, rather my “FEELINGS” – my intuition – my guides?! Yesterday morning when I was feeling a little scattered, a little distracted, unable to focus and experiencing low energy… INSTEAD of resisting it and making myself do what “I thought” was necessary — I INSTEAD allowed myself time to be still. We all have that choice to be still, whether for 10 minutes or 10 hours, we can make this choice. Being still can be defined in your own personal way — this is what I am discovering on a daily basis because of this choice I’ve made to completely 100% live a spirit guided life.

Every day I have a choice on how I will perceive my day, my experiences, my emotions, my life — and I feel so much better when I allow feel live with such intense GRATITUDE!!! With gratitude on what I already HAVE … on Monday when I head towards so many Amazing Possibilities – I am ready!

I relax & enjoy my life!!!

And I’m also grateful that I’ve been living a life of gratitude for many years – here is gratitude list I wrote on my blog -July 2007!

I am grateful – words can not express the gratitude I have for my choice to put my
intentions to my passions which has allowed me to experience and create
magic in all areas of my life all the while to be receiving more love
from so many people including myself.

bergamot oil
white flowers
sweet music
soft breezes
delicious coffee
beautiful naked body
positive people
multi-tasking responsibly
being human
financial abundance
strong relationships
healing myself
energetic body
unexpected possibilities
taking risks
being fearless
tom 4 prez

(I told myself to listen to my guides this weekend…and I did!)

a traveling artist journey so far…

The MPL-USA Art Tour Google Map!!!

I began in Atlanta … then spent the summer on Tybee Island and in October I headed north to get the mini-van and immediately headed south. Along the way….as the leaves were changing …
I have seen sunsets on lakes and in the mountains. I have shared Magic Passion Love in cities with over 8 million people as well as sharing positive energy with almost 500 people population! I have been on the road with truckers, campers, mini-vans and bikes — I have slept in beds, on couches, and massage tables! I have shopped in Walmarts and local shops. I’ve been invited for some amazing meals. I’ve had plans and I’ve been spontaneous. I am completely open to what’s to come …I am completely open to where I’m being led…I am completely OK with where I am.

All that I physically own is in my mini-van.
All that I spiritually own is also in that mini-van.
There is only so much ROOM!!
I’m only carrying what feels right —
The thoughts/feelings that are coming to me
Create so many questions about this journey.
Is it because of all of the traveling I’m doing?
Is it because of this transformational shift that I’m doing?
I am finding it easier to release what doesn’t make me feel good
As the mile marker passes so do my limiting beliefs.

I ask my readers the questions I find myself asking… – “How much do you want to carry in your life?!” “Do I have the time to stop for the unexpected adventure?” “Why am I doing this?!” I have the feeling these questions are being asked by lots of humans … and I am pretty sure I’m not supposed to know the answers….yet another thing I’m learning as I travel.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to figure out exactly what I know and what I don’t know.
Because I feel just fine.

More to come later ….

Living with the Suspense…

For those who are reading this blog for the first time, thanks! I’m a traveling artist who is embarking on an interactive art journey!! I’m sharing Magic Passion Love … keep reading or read previous posts to find out more about MPL – its in you!! For those who have been following for awhile – thank you for your ongoing support!!

This blog post has been on my mind for at least over a week – having lots of guilt for not writing, fear for what to write and forgiveness for having self doubt. Its Sunday, October 24 and I’m at my friend’s home near the Poconos in PA. I’m sitting here looking out the window with a view that is so SPECTACULAR! The leaves are at their autumn best and the lake just glistens with the sun. AND the temperature is perfect!!! I’m so thrilled to be able to experience the part about the Fall that makes me “feel good” — with out have to also prepare myself for what will be next – WINTER!

This is another opportunity for me to stay in the PRESENT MOMENT! Its so important to enjoy/experience what is happening right now so you don’t miss what life has to offer you — knowing the future is coming and being prepared for what is to come is important. However, putting too much attention to what is “not known” completely takes away so much joy from the right now…. this is what I’m learning on the MPL-USA Art Tour!

I understand that my ability to live with more suspense in my life is actually giving me more options. When you have options – perhaps you feel more free to be yourself?! Now, I’m just babbling because this is what I do when I write which makes me nervous about blogging. How much do I need/want to share while I’m on the MPL-USA Art Tour?! I found an amazing sanctuary on Tybee Island to be more connected with my spirit – then my parents helped me manifest a vehicle to actually travel – and now I have a mini-van! Since leaving Tybee I’ve visited people in North Carolina, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania and will be in Virginia on October 30.

That’s pretty amazing when I read it on the computer screen. It goes to show you when you write your accomplishments in life, no matter how small or big – you will see that we actually do accomplish exactly what we are thinking. Having the past week at the country, first with a friend, then by myself, then with my parents, sister and friends back to being alone — I have had a lot of time to understand exactly what I am creating.

I am creating my life that allows me to feel good being me 24/7! This is what my intention was when I first began my spiritual quest in July 2001 — I was TIRED of not feeling good!!! Now that I feel good being me, I am TIRED of others not feeling good — not feeling like they have the right to feel good – feeling afraid to feel good – not knowing how to feel good — feeling guilty for feeling good — we all have the RIGHT & RESPONSIBILITY TO FEEL GOOD right now!! This is why there is a Transformational Shift — the shift is giving us an opportunity to share ideas about Universal Energy — and we all know what happens when you share MAGIC PASSION LOVE energy —


I invite you to Allow Your Magic — Feel Your Passion — Live Your Love as much as you can …
your life will feel better!! … and so will mine!

thank you… I am very grateful to co-create more positive energy with YOU!

Outside New York City …

I’m sitting in a friend’s kitchen and from one window, I can see my new mini-van that I got from my parents (thank you!) and from the other window, I can see Interstate 80! The road that will take me back to NEW YORK CITY!! I’m not sure why there is a delay in driving into the city … I’m really excited to be back and see my friends.

Is it because of the TASK at hand today!!??? I’m going to go to my mini-storage and see what STUFF is in there. I am considering letting the mini-storage go and put all of my stuff in the mini-van. Will I be ok with less stuff?? I’ve been away from MY STUFF for 6mths and there has only been a few things that I’ve missed, My Art Supplies, A couple of books, and that’s about it… I’m really curious to know what I put in those boxes last February. My head was in such a different place as is my spirit!!

As I see the sun start to shine more – its been a cloudy morning, I am taking this as a sign that there is light ahead on my journey. I am not afraid of what’s to come because I know I can handle anything! I am merely curious and excited because if what has happened is any indication of what is coming to me – I am so thrilled to be living life as I am right now.

I am living in the moment as best I can on a moment to moment basis. Listening to my thoughts and calming myself down when I begin to go to old ways of thinking – these thoughts no longer serve me!! I do not need to rush rush rush — everything will be accomplished in a steady and enjoyable pace. I learned this when I had the huge task of emptying my apartment – I did it! I learned this when I arrived on Tybee Island and begn to look for work – I found it! I learned this when I started on the road yesterday to head towards NYC – each hour, I was several miles closer to my destination. Every moment I live are opportunities to learn – Every moment I enjoy are magical!

When I go back to NYC in about an hour – I know I will be experiencing it a little differently as I am changed. For I have the knowledge about how important it is to ALLOW MY MAGIC – FEEL MY PASSION – LIVE MY LOVE. I’m excited to continue to share this others. I have no clue what I’m doing or how its going to get done – I just know that I’m having a party on Monday, October 18 in NYC, will be in Philadelphia, Sunday October 24, and Lexington, VA on Saturday, October 30. Every thing else in between is a mystery waiting to be discovered — let’s see what happens!!

MPL Art Exhibit – The Gratitude Show!

MPL Art Exhibit – The Gratitude Show!

Originally uploaded by Trickydame!

Magic Passion Love on Tybee Island
Intuitive Expressionist Paintings by Joanne Morton
the Mass Manifesting Mobile, a Collaborative Public Artwork by YOU!

Thursday, September 9 3:00 – 7:00
Afternoon Art Event
Tybee Island Arts Association Bldg, 7 Cedarwood

Saturday, September 11, 3:30 – 6:30
Installation of the Mass Manifesting Mobile
Tybee Island Social Club, 1311 Butler Ave

Please join artist, Joanne Morton, for an afternoon of viewing art, creative conversation and helping create the first MASS MANIFESTING MOBILE as part of her MPL-USA Art Tour!

“Artist Statement
This exhibit is a combination of work that I painted in New York City and on Tybee Island. I paint the feelings as they are imagined in my mind. Releasing my spiritual energy is one of my favorite things to do as a human being. Sometimes being a human can be a little baffling and confusing for me as I am in a quandary about the hesitancy to share Gratitude & Love easily.

Being appreciated and loved is my first need from other humans and in order to fully be appreciated & loved by others, I have learned that I must also love & appreciate myself. This summer living on Tybee I have had an amazing love affair with myself! There were many others who I was able to share this affair with and for them, I will always be grateful!!

There are six canvases that I painted in my art studio in Chinatown, NYC during the years 2008-2009. Using the energy of NYC, I painted fast & swiftly with acrylic. It feels good!! It is ok to touch the paintings!!!

The first few weeks, I spent many afternoons painting on the front porch while Sam Adams played next door in the back of Bernie’s. The three watercolors were a way for me to relax in the flow of island life. The four mixed media matted pieces represent the affirmations that I use every day to keep my mind/body/soul balanced.

“In the Vortex” has two sides, words by an author/friend who so wonderfully describes what being In The Vortex feels like – and I created the image one afternoon with the windows open watching the surfers on the waves. The other oil pastel I painted while watching the sunrise over the Atlantic.

The “Hearts on Wood”, represent my relationships with four different men with two names – this artist never reveals the names of her sexual/emotional muses because these relationships are very special. My heart is open for all kinds of love as long as it inspires my art.

This summer has been the beginning of a huge shift in the Transformational Energy that is happening on our planet right now as a part of spiritual human evolution. I have made the decision to honor my own spiritual self by Allowing Feeling Living my life as an artist. How are you honoring your spiritual self? (There are no wrong answers!!)

“We are here to experience Human Love. Self Love.
Service to Me then to We.”

Joanne Morton, the Artist in the Attic

Thank you to the Tybee Arts Association for making this show possible with allowing me to use the space. I would also like to thank Denise Elliot-Vernon for her amazing help in producing this show, Sari McAfee for her creative inspiration, Fran Galloway & Marilyn Rosenberg for both of their friendship & support.

“The Gratitude Show” is dedicated to Eldo Hartz, of the Carbo House for giving me the opportunity to be the Artist in the Attic!

Joanne will always be grateful for the people and the island of Tybee for welcoming the artist that is Trickydame.