Courage Challenge – notes and ideas ….

As I make transition in my life, I realized that this requires a lot of COURAGE.     Transistions require a Death and Re-Birth … and a dear friend made the comment, that birth process is more painful.    But the pain is sometimes present – it’s what we call Growing Pains!   We are strong enough to with stand these human growing pains.   Courage is in our Nature – even if we forget sometimes!


The 7 Day Courage Challenge is my way to REMEMBER to be Courageous every day as I take inspired actions towards feeling good.  When I listen to my Life Purpose – I feel good – this is how I like to feel.   I also know that I have a lot do with how I feel.

It’s all about the CHOICES that I make – am I making courageous choices?


Other questions to ask daily:

What are My Inspired Actions?

Do I do these Inspired Actions every day?  How much energy would I gain if I did?

How much energy does it really require for me to take Inspired Action

I’m being mindful of the actions that I’m doing as much as I can.

Here’s my Inspired Actions list:

Meditate/Pray/Activate your love vibe
Be Grateful
Keep your body healthy (good food/movement/rest)
Help your neighbors/local organizations
Build trust by honoring your word
Take time to create your life
Change the way you spend your money and EARN! 
Shop at Local Businesses first
Re-use and Re-cycle 
Use Handmade Goods from Craftspeople
Invest in Artists /Musicians in your community
Be nice to everyone you meet
Share your Magic Passion Love

Using these Inspired Actions – I challenge myself for the next 7 Days is to be mindful of the actions/thoughts/feelings that I have.

This is how DAY 1 Started…

Day 1 started off when I woke up at 7:30 to do a morning meditation.  I worked on my Courage statement and how I wanted to feel living my courage statement.

Through out the day, i found myself saying to myself a lot – I’m so scared!   

When you are having mixed messages regarding feelings, it’s so important to Reach out for Help!

To help me out with my feelings, I chatted with “Bold Life Activist – Lila Simmons”!    With her help, I realized my Three Core Feelings that I need to feel to be courageous –


Lila explained to me that every thing that I do over the next 21 days should create the feelings of being relaxed, safe, and loved … and once I get comfortable with doing this then I will feel a shift in my courage.

She also asked me what was my life vision?   When you start getting stuck and fearful to go to that vision to build from instead of the fear place.   I realized that I   didn’t have a clear vision for my life at the moment.

HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED?    Me, someone who is asking other people’s vision and I’m not paying attention to my own!   It happens so often that we get caught up in the every day chaos of life that we forget what we are working on.    I am working on creating a life where i live my life purpose and earn a living from my skills and talents!

To live my vision – then I MUST Push myself over some big scary mountains right now of really putting myself out there as a Positive Energy Artist and Angel Activist!  Even if I don’t know the outcome or the correct way of taking action.

Focus on what you enjoy doing and then make a list of actions that can be taken to move you in the direction of your goals.   Sounds easy but for some reason, i find myself getting distracted!

This is where WILL POWER comes into the dialogue about Courage.   Do I have the COURAGE to live my life purpose!?  If I do, then this requires Will Power to stay on course with my inspired actions and focus on the positive feelings.

Day 2 I worked with Brie Pawlek and the Forgiveness course with Avatar.    In order to live courageously in your life purpose – you have to compassion for the process.   Forgive yourself for not doing more.   Today is a brand new day so don’t waste time on what isn’t done – put the attention to what you are doing!

As I move from one moment during the day- I am allowing myself to connect with   my Angels …

angel_clip_art_12577The world is calling YOU to step up and be Light. It is safe to be  honest about what you wish to do.  It’s also important to be mindful of all of your  relationships  – including careers, jobs, low energy feelings, ideas, people and money! I f they are not aligned with your heart – then disengage! 


I share this journey with you to help myself navigate as well as be an example of how one faces the fear of living their life purpose.

What is there to fear?

F:  False

E: Evidence

A: Appearing

R:  Real

Don’t let fear dictate how you live your life!!

Take ONE DAY AT A TIME – one day at a time.   It’s now Day 3 of my 7 Day Courage Challenge.   I’ve done some sabotaging with over sleeping but I’m forgiving myself.  I got creative.  This always helps me release some of the fear of really stepping out of my comfort zone.

Here’s my first Vision Video- more to come!!


DAY 4 – I Got DISTRACTED with RESISTANCE – It’s ok.  I can start all over again today!

Trickydame’s Courage Class

Untitled 2I made an Affirmation Art piece called, ‘It takes COURAGE to believe in Magic Passion Love”.    It’s been hanging on my wall for years and just in the last few months, have I begun to really UNDERSTAND what this means … and starting to feel it differently.

Wikipedia definition:

Courage is the ability and willingness to confront fearpaindangeruncertainty, or intimidation.

Because of some recurring decisions I’ve made in the past, I began to tap into my resource of creative spiritual tools to have the courage to take new bold and different steps.   This new found COURAGE is coming straight from having a stronger Heart Center.   Collaborating with other heart-centered people is really making a difference in my life.

 Two are better off than one, because together they can work more effectively.  Two people can resist an attack that would defeat one person alone. A rope made of three cords is hard to break. 

Ecclesiastes 4:9 & 12

I would like to invite YOU to be a part of the Positive Energy Experience that is happening right now!    We are in the center of a Human Evolutionary shift – to stay balanced, this is where COURAGE comes in.

If you want to be an active participant in the collaborative solutions to heal your life and the world, then you have to practice mindfulness, gratitude, positive mindset, healthy eating, and daily movement as well as live your life purpose!    WOW – that’s a lot to do!

Do you get overwhelmed?   Do you find yourself getting stressed?   Do you lose courage to take inspired action because of doubt?  It’s ok if you do! 

Always be Gentle with yourself! 

We have so much in our lives right now it’s ok to feel overwhelmed.  Forgive yourself then take a breath and find a way to inspire COURAGE to live life the way you wish to live your life.  If there is something in your life that you would like to be more present – it’s going to take COURAGE to make this happen.

IMG_8389I’m here to help your Heart Muscle to get stronger!

How do I do this?

 7 Day Trickydame Courage Challenge!

What do you have to have? 

You have to have an OPEN MIND and be willing to CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE about the Law of Attraction, Angels and the Power of Positive Energy.

Online Classes forming soon!

“Courage is the most important of the virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage.” – Maya Angelou

It’s really weird… yet really amazing – it’s happening…


nyc 1I’m back in New York City after 2 1/2 years.   I arrived on Tuesday on the 3:30 afternoon plane and my trip that I had been thinking about begins.

There is something so amazing to actually create events out of my thoughts.   Sometimes I get a little freaked out just how effortlessly it can happen sometimes and I believe it is because I do get freaked out when things happen – that is is the reason why somethings that I want to happen DON’T Happen because of how I will RE-ACT when they do!!      This is the big part about MANIFESTING that holds me back from really receiving.

SO … what do I do when I start FREAKING OUT?!?!

I take a breath and A BREAK!   There is nothing wrong with taking a moment to PAUSE – I’ve done this many times in the past and have had great results!    I don’t know what we’ve stopped having “RECESS” like we did when we were in school.   That RECESS time was an ideal way for children to run around and get out any excess energy so they could make ROOM for more INFO.   Recess was also a time to use your Imagination too … I used to have so much fun playing make believe on the monkey bars.

Now the question is … – why are so many people people AFRAID of “letting go” of what no longer serves us? (including my own lingering beliefs that I might not be “good enough” )  Today is my day to LET GO and MOVE ON!    I’m ready — and so are you!!

monkey bars

exhilarating energy…

Invigorating, Causing strong feelings of excitement and happiness ,,, romantic love, creative projects, new friendships, healthy body, financial abundance, and spiritual growth – unlimited possibilities! This is how I’m feeling at the start of 2013!

It’s day 6 of the most productive New Year ever!   I’m not exactly sure what happened on December 22, 2012 – I know there were a lot of ideas out there and some of the ideas I agreed with.   Did anything “spectacular spectacular” happen – nothing much except what “Spectacular Spectacular Moment” that happens every day- We are Alive!

After much underlying idea that the world “might” end on December 21, 2012 – all of us who are still alive on this planet are still ALIVE!  Now the thought on many of our minds, “Is this how I want to be living my life?!”   More and more people are choosing deliberate thoughts on how they wish to feel about their lives.   With more and more people using their mind to activate the Law of Attraction – more of us are waking up.    What does this mean, communities are beginning to build because people want to spend time and work with others who are taking full responsibility for their life.    Working to co-create communities that support one another to share their life purpose. This is happening all over  – and I know this because I’ve seen a lot of these communities in action last year when I traveled with the MPL Art Tour.

Now that I’ve rooted myself to Savannah at Anahata Healing Arts, I am feeling so exhilarated to be able to offer a space where anyone with a dream will have a space to shine!  The 4th Chakra is what is guiding us if we allow the LIGHT through our HEART — our heart connectors are opening.   My Love Vibe is activated – I have so much love & admiration for EVERYONE on this planet who has and is listening to their intuition … and USING their skills & talents to share Positive Energy.    With more Positive Energy in the essence – the Law of Attraction is accessible to all who know it exists.

AND it does exist!

I recently revisited Michael Losier’s Law of Attraction (LOA) book … and he reminded me that it is so important to keep the presence of LOA in everything you do.   Also – once again, I was reminded to talk about what I have manifested!!  What have you manifested!    Share this with me or one of your dear friends.   I love hearing what my friends have manifested,  “I just met a new love!”,  “I got a raise!”,  “I am moving to Hawaii because of job!” ….sharing in the Exhilarating Energy!

Right now, it’s an amazing time to step into your relationship with the Law of Attraction!  I’m so pleased to be starting the new year with Manifesting Circles.   They are going to happen every week, alternating Monday & Fridays.   They start at 7:15pm and last for one hour.    Doors open at 7pm, after the 5:45pm Yoga class.

Let’s see what we can MANIFEST in 2013!



The book is done!!!

I am very excited to announce the first edition of TRICKYDAME’S GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE is finished!! Its available in magazine print format and/or digital !

Trickydame's Guide to the Universe

By Joanne Morton in MPL Project

48 pages, published 30 NOV 2011

Easy to use handy dandy guide to feel good being you 24/7 by accessing the renewable, sustainable energy source within you!
Find out more on MagCloud


Here’s a copy of a message I sent on Facebook today — in response to a message I got from Pam Adair who created this awesome Group “30 Day Shift”… Shift Your Focus …Shift Your Life” on Facebook!! It’s an open group so you can join if you are interested in experiencing a 30 Day Shift ( you know how I love breaking down time in 100 days/30 days/40 days/)… and CLICK on the “Grace Card” link!! it’s cool!!

Hi Pam,
I’ll be honest – I get a lot of “inspirational” emails these days so its always interesting when you pick one to read and its’ the PERFECT one to read!! This happened today when I read this message …. JUST yesterday I had to take a step away from a situation that wasn’t making me feel good and use my intuition to create another way to handle the issue. I took a breath and spoke to my Angels … asked them to help me know what to do … and I pulled a Grace card (cheryl richardson’s deck that someone gave me!) … BEFORE I pulled the card, I asked to be given a word that I could say throughout the evening to keep me calm as I was going to make the “phone call” in the morning. I wanted to sleep on the situation and not “immediately react. Guess what the word was – TRUST!!!

Trust Trust Trust is coming up in so many ways and I’m very excited about this as well as letting myself stay centered in the TRUST.

thanks so much for sending out these 30 Day shifts — because you just never know when your ready to SHIFT!

magic passion love & 30 Day Shifts!

much love & gratitude,

PS’ — I think I’m going to use the email as a blog post!! and add your message —

AND I DID POST IT!! Whoo hooo!!

Here’s the Message she sent to the group —

Day 8 Trust (Sending a 2nd Time)

We are noticing some glitches with FB and many aren’t receiving our messages so here it is again. Message me back when you receive it please so we can get an idea who is actually getting it. Thanks

I have notice “Trust” everywhere this past 7 days and probably ever since we chose “Trust” as the theme for this 30 Day Shift. It reminds me of when we first bought a motorhome and I started noticing motorhomes everywhere. Now 5 years later I am still more aware of them than I was previous to owning one. I think it will be like that for me and trust.

Trust has just popped up everywhere, in books, on CDs, in conversations and in my own inner dialog. I realized that I trust more than I would have thought I did and in more ways than I thought I did. I am also more conscious of when I am in fear and not trusting.

What have you noticed this past week regarding TRUST?

Side note: If by chance you don’t receive the message for the day (fb can be a bit squirrelly) go to the group page and under “Discussions” you can find all the message under the “Spring 2011 Discussion”.

Pam Adair
The Women’s Prosperity Network

post christmas thoughts

I don’t know about you but I find myself reflecting on the past year and how much has changed… and then switching thoughts to the new year. 2011 is going to be an interesting year – I can feel already so many things shifting and changing — and its my choice to navigate the direction!! I am choosing the direction that makes me feel good!
I’m keeping my thoughts in a place of right now … as well as the Bigger Picture. The interesting thing is when I do this — the Bigger Picture is part of my Right Now…which means its actually happening so all I need to do is keep enjoying it and living it to make it keep happening.

My choice to completely change my life has been the best decision I’ve done in a really long time — its giving me new ways to see how I can feel good being me 24/7. This has been the intention for the last 10 years – how can I feel good being me 24/7.

If I Allow my Magic, Feel my Passion, Live my Love in the Present Moment while having Faith in the Bigger Picture, all I need to do is Relax & Enjoy and life manifests all that I need. WOW… I encourage everyone to find their own MPL to AFL to create their own WOW!

This next week is our time to truly appreciate all that we’ve accomplished this year to prepare for new opportunities in 2011!