Monday Gratitude!

9 - grat magic

I am grateful to be writing a blog post – third day in a row yay

I am grateful for going to a Design for Ability fundraiser yesterday

I am grateful to be surrounded with so many talented & inspiring people

I am grateful for a great night sleep

I am grateful for juicing & my great cup of coffee I had this morning

I am grateful to understand more and more what it means to have balanced

I am grateful I didn’t gain any weight last week – I’m on the LEAN Challenge with 1500 others

I am grateful for all of the people who are appearing to help grow & expand Anahata Healing Arts

I am grateful for having so many supportive friends when I need their love & confidence

I am grateful I’m able to be vulnerable right now

I am grateful for Magic Passion Love & all that it’s taught me

I am grateful for joining the Wisdom Community on Hay House again —

I am grateful for my computer, my bike, my phone, my mini-van

I am grateful for fresh air

I am grateful to be grateful a lot!

I am grateful for #spreadinglove!!!


Sunday Morning Posts

Ok – so if this is what I need to do to start moving through the fear of really putting my work/ideas out into the public – this is what I will do.  There has been much resistance to blogging – why?  because I don’t really want to share “everything” with the WORLD — I need to protect myself is what my head is telling me.

Lately – my heart has been saying – “what needs to be protected?”    The more that I am getting involved with the ever growing and always inspiring me spiritual/creative community in Savannah -the more I am feeling VULNERABLE!      I am not afraid to admit that it’s SCARY!     I don’t think it’s scary because I am unable to make a commitment to a relationship.   I’m releasing this old limiting belief RIGHT NOW – and OUT LOUD.     There is so much LOVE RIGHT NOW in SAVANNAH and so many people who are willing to take the ACTION to expand this community so more of us can feel the joy of being a Heart-Centered Human.     I am one of these people.   I am a person.   Because I am a person – I will continue to have human qualities that can sometimes bog me down.

red love knifeDo I need to let them bog me down?   Do I need to let others words/actions TRIGGER me to feel bad or DOUBT myself?   Do I want to feel good being me 24/7?    Am I willing to let go of thinking I know what I need all of the time?   LOTS OF QUESTIONS GOING THROUGH MY BRAIN … and really the only thing I want to be moving through my BODY IS LOVE.    and that’s what feels really good right now … is the fact that I’m exploring more of how to truly live my spiritual self in the present moment as a human being.   My life is filled with so much love.    This is why I want to blog – to share that we might be having some crazy ass thoughts/ideas passing through our minds right now – however, keep reminding yourself – this is just part of the process.   You have the choice on how to use these thoughts.

WHAT ELSE IS HAPPENING THIS WEEK IS – I’m going to be giving a 30 minute speech this weekend at the expo in Savannah.    WOW>

I think its finally hitting me that I’m about to stand up and share my feelings & ideas about how Magic Passion Love– it’s a little wow! Very grateful to be getting to know more of the amazing heart community here … this Honestly Well is an opportunity for all of us to see how it feels to work with one another.

How we can expand our “spiritual businesses” together all the while being true to our personal unique gifts. How are we sharing love with the world? If we truly let ourselves share our LOVE – everything we desire appears.

trusting that everything is going to work out for our highest good is so important right now.

Open Letter to Art Rise

Good morning – since everyone seems to love “READING” Sinead’s Open letter to Miley – I thought I’d love to write an open letter to a few young people that I know as well!

This letter goes out to all of the vendors who showed up Friday night, to set up in the AHA Sanctuary to create a sacred marketplace.  Talk about bringing MEANING into the Marketplace – the products they are selling are varied from  Raw Spirolina Bars, Tea Elixirs, Crystals, home made journals, wire/stone jewelry and Humble Love soaps & lotions.    I mention Humble Love because this represents what all of us seem to embrace … we are humbled to be discovering each other.  I am very proud and inspired to begin collaborating with all of you to expand our heart community.

The (he)art community is rising here – you can feel it rising at every 1st Friday Art March.    We are so GRATEFUL for the ART MARCH SAVANNAH heart — Clinton, Lauren & Steven.  Seriously – YOU GUYS ROCK!    Your vision of creating an art market that supports & sustains the artists and their community is a beautiful vision.   A vision that I share and am so interested in collaborating with you!    This is a vision that I’ve been holding for a very long time and it feels really good to actually see my inspired vision coming true.   It also is a little overwhelming.    I believe that the overwhelming part is part of the process of when you create what we are creating with the Art March, Art Rising, Anahata Healing Arts as well as our own personal work.    Take a breath. Ask for hugs.  We are all feeling the expansion.  It’s new feeling.  It’s a feeling to celebrate.  Be gentle with yourself.  Then remember to collaborate!

It’s the collaboration part that comes in very HANDY.  As I feel our collaboration beginning, I have started to feel a “weight” being lifted off me.    I don’t have to do everything all myself.   There are others who feel the same way about co-creating abundance as a team.    Sharing the abundance and the work – this is such a healthier & MORE ENJOYABLE way to live!      I want to ENJOY my life … I want YOU TO ENJOY YOUR LIFE TOO!

So why the open letter – because I want to share with others that there are people out there who are taking ACTION in their own hands to create prosperous & thriving opportunities.  For those people who are interested in being nice, respectful, and open hearted.    It’s time for us to let go of what doesn’t work and take risks.   It’s time for us to trust our hearts to guide us to collaborate with people who live from their heart.

What does Living from your heart mean  – to me, it means your actions express your values.   It means your words express loving thoughts/feelings.  It means you forgive yourself for being human as well as having compassion for everyone!    We all have a heart – and they can beat together. 

In conclusion – waking up on this lovely Saturday in Anahata Healing Arts – I danced in the Sanctuary.  I could feel your energy rising … this is the power we have when we are collaborating – our collective energy is stronger our physical selves.     This is really cool!

Keep sharing your Magic Passion Love – the world needs your wow!

from my heart to yours,


PS:  thank you Maggie & Clinton for inspiring & encouraging me to blog.  Gratitude is MAGIC!

NYC ART EXPERIENCE – July 23 @ The Producer’s Club

Salon Solo: Joanne Morton, Presented by International Women Artists’ Salon,

{r}Evolution has Begun – Magic Passion Love Style!IMG_1202

Artist Reception – July 23 6-9pm

Exhibition Dates: July 15 – 29

Producer’s Club: 358 West 44 St @ 9th Avenue

It’s been three years since artist, Joanne Morton left her East Village apartment of 15 years to travel around the USA to share the 3 Words she heard in 2003, while walking her dog on Ave A – Magic Passion Love. Since those three words: Magic Passion Love came to her, Joanne has found the Courage to take the leap to Allow Magic – Feel Passion – Live Love 24/7! When you have the COURAGE to be your true self – miracles happen!

Joanne is excited to share Magic Passion Love again with the city that inspired her to Allow Feel Live!

What is  Magic Passion Love (MPL) is a renewable, sustainable energy source found within all of us. When used, life feels good… when shared, WOW!

 In April 2010, Joanne left NYC to go on the road with the MPL- USA Art Tour: sharing positive energy from sea to sea!  The first year & half were slow — spending the first year on Tybee Island, GA working with local artist Denise Elliot Vernon re-open Dragonfly Studios.

It was after the Occupy Wall Street movement started to expand from NYC to other cities that Joanne realized it was time for her to take her art on the road.  Starting on Martin Luther King Day 2012, she traveled for six months in her blue mini-van around the country with her public art project, “Mass Manifesting Mobile”.  This simple yet powerful,  Interactive Public Positive Art Project – Mass Manifesting Mobile, is proof that people are interested in co-creating together – there are over 300 pieces that represent the 100%.   AND it is still growing!

The Mass Manifesting Mobile is an opportunity for people to publicly and proudly share the sometimes hidden and protected desires of our hearts and souls. The Mass Manifesting Mobile is made up of a collection of “Affirmation Art” that people hang together after writing their positive affirmations/intentions on them.  The ultimate purpose of the Mass Manifesting Mobile is to give everyone more freedom to allow their magic, feel their passion, and live their love!  The circles are made out of recycled food boxes.  They are hung in a row either on the wall or in the center of the room.

The real ART Joanne encountered were the PEOPLE who participated in the project!

    People who are committed to co-creating abundance & well being for themselves and their communities. The Mass Manifesting Mobile reflects these people —    including Union Workers in Savannah, School Children in Tallahassee, Radical Fairies in New Orleans and Lutheran Church Ladies in Beaumont, Tx!  She stayed with CouchSurfing hosts, camped at Occupy Tallahassee, arrived just in time for the start of Mardi Gras, enjoyed music at SxSW and saw the Grand Canyon at dawn are some of the  stories she  shares.   It doesn’t matter age, race, sex, or political party – when asked what your heart’s desire is – all of our answers are very  similar.  Especially the children.  We are not listening to our children – and we are here for them..

Joanne currently resides in Savannah where she is artist in residence and art gallery curator at Anahata Healing Arts (AHA).  She offers private & group Positive Energy classes & is a certified Angel Tarot Card reader.

With her spiritual business co-creators, Lynn Geddes & Joshua Gray Hamilton, they are co-creating a sacred space for the community to uplift – create – share positive energy.   AHA  is available for personal unique vacation retreats & workshops/events

For more information: please email or call 917.676.4280  or

It’s really weird… yet really amazing – it’s happening…


nyc 1I’m back in New York City after 2 1/2 years.   I arrived on Tuesday on the 3:30 afternoon plane and my trip that I had been thinking about begins.

There is something so amazing to actually create events out of my thoughts.   Sometimes I get a little freaked out just how effortlessly it can happen sometimes and I believe it is because I do get freaked out when things happen – that is is the reason why somethings that I want to happen DON’T Happen because of how I will RE-ACT when they do!!      This is the big part about MANIFESTING that holds me back from really receiving.

SO … what do I do when I start FREAKING OUT?!?!

I take a breath and A BREAK!   There is nothing wrong with taking a moment to PAUSE – I’ve done this many times in the past and have had great results!    I don’t know what we’ve stopped having “RECESS” like we did when we were in school.   That RECESS time was an ideal way for children to run around and get out any excess energy so they could make ROOM for more INFO.   Recess was also a time to use your Imagination too … I used to have so much fun playing make believe on the monkey bars.

Now the question is … – why are so many people people AFRAID of “letting go” of what no longer serves us? (including my own lingering beliefs that I might not be “good enough” )  Today is my day to LET GO and MOVE ON!    I’m ready — and so are you!!

monkey bars

9 words…

NINE words to use in your DAILY LIFE to



When your PERCEPTION SHIFTS – this is the opportunity for MAGIC to occur!

When your COURAGE SHIFTS – this is how PASSION begins!

When your CONSCIOUSNESS SHIFTS – this means more LOVE is flowing into/through your heart — with more LOVE in your life, means you are Happier, Healthier and you FEEL GOOD BEING YOU!   WOW!

My vision is for as many people to FEEL GOOD 24/7 – as this happens (because it is!), our collective consciousness is rising – which means we are having more of us our accessing POSITIVE CONSCIOUSNESS.

It’s that simple.   Simple doesn’t mean there is no ACTION involved – there is a lot of ACTION and we are in control of how we PERCEIVE the ACTION that is necessary to take.

It takes COURAGE to believe in you – I believe in YOU!   YOU CAN DO THIS –

The MAGIC PASSION LOVE Ideal World is one where or all people to experience the Beauty & Joy of being a part of the human experience.    I wish all people to be an active part in co-creating a thriving & sustainable place for all creatures on this planet to flourish by using their skills and talents.

We are not here for ourselves, but for future generations – this should be our priority.

It is important for all of us to love ourselves and each other a little more. Love enough so we continue to move in the direction of peace on earth.   Being aware of Magic Passion Love makes one care.  Feels good to share.

9 WORDS to Activate Magic Passion Love




Thank you so much for being AWARE enough to CARE about SHARING Sustainable & Renewable Energy!  IF we ALLOW our Magic – FEEL our Passion – LIVE our Love, you will RELAX & ENJOY as we APPRECIATE the sustainable abundance we are co-creating together!


The Revolution has begun, Magic Passion Love Style…

Summer Solstice reflections

“Summer Solstice – the beginning of a Transformational Summer!  Release anything you wish to rid yourself of in the next spiral of your spiritual expansion.   The Stage is set for Great Leaps Of Energy.  You want to be able to harness this power – this is day is a POINT OF POWER.

Fill up your Heart with Love! 

Love your Heart – it can hold more than you think it can and then some!   

sunset blueThe Solstice is always a time of CELEBRATION and HONORING THE SUN.

The Sun is available as an energy source for all of us to ACCESS & USE!  Use the SOLAR ENERGY to anchor & ground your path, your growth, your expansion!

This is a very important time as the influences are huge.  Anything you put your attention on will magnify.

The SHIFT everyone is talking about is not something that happens to humanity – it’s is something that is   CO-CREATED by HUMANITY!

We are the Designing Force!

June 21, 2010 –  I was living on Tybee Island, GA for about a month.   I had been away from my NYC life since April.   I moved into the attic of the Carbo House and had no idea what was going to come next … It was the beginning of my life outside of New York City.   I was learning how to LET GO of EXPECTATIONS … and TRUSTING in the Divine – in my Angels!

Here is an excerpt from my journal …

Being here on Tybee has really changed my perspective. I took a step away from what I called “Home” to travel in search of another home.  Last night I was sharing a great night with a new friend who is also new here, we both agree we love it here however, it’s not our final destination.  As corny as this sounds, My home is not ONE PLACE.   My Home is built around my Spiritual Family and this keeps growing.  For we are all one Tribe of Earthlings.   I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing or even how I”m supposed to share Magic Passion Love… I just know WHY I’m doing it.  Because it feels good!  WE need to share things that make US Feel Good (perhaps FEEL GOD).

Feel GOD – bring more of the spiritual consciousness in our every day living  – everything is sacred.

I’ve started to re-read my journals so I can see how far I’ve evolved over these past few years.  One thing that has really been revealed to me is that my “Home” is where ever I choose to be as long as I surround myself with spiritual people.    When you make the effort to stay aligned with your “true essence” – you attract those people who value sacred living.   It’s been almost a year since I returned to Savannah to live – and as I look back at all of the other choices I could have made to live – I know that all of them still are CHOICES I can make.   Nothing is permanent – nothing is forever – every year – we celebrate a NEW Beginning of Summer!    Every day is a start of something new.

It’s important to remember this. 


exhilarating energy…

Invigorating, Causing strong feelings of excitement and happiness ,,, romantic love, creative projects, new friendships, healthy body, financial abundance, and spiritual growth – unlimited possibilities! This is how I’m feeling at the start of 2013!

It’s day 6 of the most productive New Year ever!   I’m not exactly sure what happened on December 22, 2012 – I know there were a lot of ideas out there and some of the ideas I agreed with.   Did anything “spectacular spectacular” happen – nothing much except what “Spectacular Spectacular Moment” that happens every day- We are Alive!

After much underlying idea that the world “might” end on December 21, 2012 – all of us who are still alive on this planet are still ALIVE!  Now the thought on many of our minds, “Is this how I want to be living my life?!”   More and more people are choosing deliberate thoughts on how they wish to feel about their lives.   With more and more people using their mind to activate the Law of Attraction – more of us are waking up.    What does this mean, communities are beginning to build because people want to spend time and work with others who are taking full responsibility for their life.    Working to co-create communities that support one another to share their life purpose. This is happening all over  – and I know this because I’ve seen a lot of these communities in action last year when I traveled with the MPL Art Tour.

Now that I’ve rooted myself to Savannah at Anahata Healing Arts, I am feeling so exhilarated to be able to offer a space where anyone with a dream will have a space to shine!  The 4th Chakra is what is guiding us if we allow the LIGHT through our HEART — our heart connectors are opening.   My Love Vibe is activated – I have so much love & admiration for EVERYONE on this planet who has and is listening to their intuition … and USING their skills & talents to share Positive Energy.    With more Positive Energy in the essence – the Law of Attraction is accessible to all who know it exists.

AND it does exist!

I recently revisited Michael Losier’s Law of Attraction (LOA) book … and he reminded me that it is so important to keep the presence of LOA in everything you do.   Also – once again, I was reminded to talk about what I have manifested!!  What have you manifested!    Share this with me or one of your dear friends.   I love hearing what my friends have manifested,  “I just met a new love!”,  “I got a raise!”,  “I am moving to Hawaii because of job!” ….sharing in the Exhilarating Energy!

Right now, it’s an amazing time to step into your relationship with the Law of Attraction!  I’m so pleased to be starting the new year with Manifesting Circles.   They are going to happen every week, alternating Monday & Fridays.   They start at 7:15pm and last for one hour.    Doors open at 7pm, after the 5:45pm Yoga class.

Let’s see what we can MANIFEST in 2013!



dawning of the new age according to trickydame

when the moon is in the seventh house and jupiter aligns with mars
Then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars

December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar – what does this mean? Lots of people have been speculating for years about this date – why did they end it here. What did the Mayans know that we don’t know? What is going to happen in 24 days!?

Over the last few years a lot of people having been proclaiming the END of DAYS and it feels like we have been seeing a lot more natural disasters. One reason I feel like we are hearing about the earthquakes/hurricanes/tornados is because of social media Social media has been very influential in creating the collective consciousness.

The collective conscious is growing at a very fast pace, I wanted to share this today because some of you might be experiencing a variety of physical unexplained symptoms – fatigue, random emotional swings from low to high, hearing ringing or other sounds (even your voice being called), seeing flashes of light, hungry and food doesn’t satisfy it, and sore feet or other aches in the body. This is all part of the Ascension – the Shift!

On Dec 21, the Milky Way, sun & moon will align – to have this happen; we know that all of the planets & stars are shifting. If they are shifting and we are part of it – how does affect us?!

Then there are the SOLAR FLARES! Last March, I was in Austin and it was during a large activity of flares. I’m not giving the “actual scientific numbers’ but what happen is, the sun is made of a Carbon #7, during the flares it was shooting off carbon #9 – which is the same that is in Humans. So this means the sun rays were matching our rays – strengthening our energy source. I like to think of it as turning a Light Bulb in our spirit. I felt random flashes of heat — and yes, I was in Austin however, it was in March, spring time weather.

The other thing that happened in this month was Jupiter & Venus were aligning – – Jupiter represents the planet of Logic – Venus Love. Logic and Love are aligning with Love Surpassing Logic … interesting, huh. These shifts in our Universe are helping with the Collective Conscious moving into a Heart Consciousness thus one of LOVE & PEACE!

Now when I say Collective Conscious I don’t mean that we are all thinking the same thing or same way – what I mean is we are connected energetically thru the HEART. Our real consciousness as humans comes from the HEART. I believe the reason Humans exist is to experience, share & teach HUMAN LOVE in all aspects. The LOVE of HUMANITY is what is helping the shift into the next phase of Universal Evolution!

There will be those who are resisting it because of blocks of all kinds – anger, greed, fear – they are being guided by their ego/mind – the logic that no longer fits in this time space continuum. AND that’s ok – because Free Will is also part of the human experience. We have choices.

My question is – IMAGINE if more of us started making choices from the heart? All of our intentions were from a place of LOVE – IMAGINE the kind of world we could be living in!

From my experience, a lot of us ARE making choices from a place of LOVE! My own personal life choices have guided me to people & situations where I am witnessing & experiencing a Loving Collective Conscious.

My first experience was the days after September 11, 2001. I was living in NYC at the time and when people ask me my experience, I tell them, “It was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever experienced”. This shocks many people because how could a day when hate fueled a mass murder – I say this because yes, people died a tragic horrible physical death, they also experience a mass spiritual shift. The reason I believe this is because at the moment, the towers fell down, I was standing in my hallway and had a moment of “what the fuck is happening?” My neighbor who was in full Survival mode was telling me that I needed to fill my bath tub with water in case our water supplies get cut off. He was saying a bunch of stuff and all I could think was … “WOW, this is an opportunity for World Peace”. I held that thought for a while and it was pure bliss. Now looking back, I believe I felt the surge of the souls moving from the physical world to the spiritual realm. The rest of that day was spent with loved ones and the following days, everywhere you went in NYC, you felt the heart of others. And for the first 36 hours after the news traveled to every person on this planet with access to news, the human heart connected the entire planet Earth. Then … the fear/anger/greed of the mind/ego took over and guided us to war. I find it really interesting that a decade later in the same city, another physical attack happened – Hurricane Sandy. This time however, there were no human enemies to attack – we had to sit and feel the loss, the pain, and the heart and move on.

Moving is what it’s all about right now.

How many people do you know who are making a MOVE right now? I know at least 3 people in Savannah who are moving … transition time is now! I started feeling the need to move in 2009 and left NYC in April 2010. I got rid of my apartment and hopped on the train to Atlanta. I had a place to stay for 3 weeks, after that, I was open. I will never forget how good it was to MOVE and the feeling of stepping fully into the UNKNOWN. I felt really ALIVE!

I claimed the role of a spiritual traveler (the hero’s journey) – going to UNKNOWN places with only the FAITH that I would always be taken care of especially if I answered my call to share Magic Passion Love.

Something was telling me that I needed to meet others who are doing the work to share the importance of the collective conscious. Earlier I mentioned I was in Austin in March – I had traveled to Atx as part of the MPL Art Tour. I started in Jan from Savannah and headed to JAX. Just as I left NYC, I traveled south not knowing where I would be spending the night – well, I knew where I was going to sleep just had never been there before. I had arranged to stay with a couchsurfer – from It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done, travel around the country and rely on the kindness of strangers to offer me shelter & often food too! Inviting someone into your home is like inviting them into your heart. People who host on CS understand the importance to trust each other and share our hearts – when you do this; you receive so much love & appreciation. With this appreciation from the heart, more positive energy is put out into the world!

I’m still processing my six-month journey and will most definitely be sharing stories about the people I met & the experiences … however, tonight; my intention is to set the stage for what is happening right now.

As I’ve mentioned there are a lot of explanations on why all of this is happening. I’m not saying that my beliefs are the only beliefs because I also believe that your truth is your truth. My truth doesn’t make what’s true for you any less true – each one of us has a responsibility to share their true light … because the world needs the light.

And on a final note, I also believe that the Mayans didn’t actually think the world was ending on Dec 21, 2012 – they were more in tune with their cosmos and their sixth sense that they knew this collective consciousness would happen. I believe they thought, well, why should we keep making the calendar, future generations can add on to it.

Let’s enjoy the present moment because this is what life is all about – living our best life right now!

Manifesting @ AHA

Anahata Healing Arts is starting to grow … slowly the light of our energies is starting to flicker and get brighter! It’s very exciting and a little SCARY too because this space is every thing I’ve ever imagined it could be and more… The more is knowing that I am going to get to meet so many cool people who are committed to shining their light and doing the work that makes them feel good being THEM 24/7 – wow!!

Tonight is my first Manifesting Circle since I hosted them in NYC at the MPL Doyers Street Studio.

Tonight’s theme is “Progress not Perfection – being patient too!”

When you move into a new home & start a new business at the same time – there is a lot to do! I’m learning how to stay in the present and take care of the next indicated priority. These priorities are based on the “Meat & Potatoes” of what needs to happen to see progress.

Our first priority was to get the Gallery Room ready to be seen by the public so yoga classes could begin. This is done and doing the work involved felt so good. Sharing the load with Lynn is the best part – knowing we’re doing this together makes it a little easier. It feels good to trust in the relationship that shares priorities as well as honoring each others personal priorities.

My next priority is to set up the MPL Art Studio … even though I want to start promoting Anahata Healing Arts – this will need to wait until I have the studio set up.

My other personal priority for me to is to to do the work to be able trust 100% that it is SAFE for me to share Magic Passion Love … you might think how can I say this after traveling around the country on the MPL Art Tour.

Well… for years I have been stating out loud that it is my intention to create FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE with cool people … AND, now I’ve been given the opportunity to make this my reality.

Tonight, I am exactly where I need to be and I have all that I need to create Financial Abundance with cool people! I forgive myself for any self-criticism … I love & approve of myself! I am Fearless in 2012!