First Friday Art March – October!

An Interactive Public Art Experience – Friday, October 3

Magic Passion Love Vision for Humanity

 I believe all humans desire the same thing in in life.  
 From union workers in Savannah, GA, Tallahassee school children, church ladies of Beaumont, Tx to the Radical Fairies of New Orleans.
All people, INCLUDING YOU, desire a place to call home, good food/water to nourish their bodies, a living wage and a sense of purpose.   
 All are worthy. 
I believe we came to Earth to experience Human Love … both a a receiver and giver.  
I believe there is enough of everything for all of us to relax and enjoy.  
as you know, I believe in Magic Passion Love!   And I want to know …
What is your Magic ?   What is your Passion?   What do you LOVE?
These are just some of the questions, I am going to ask at the one night only interactive art experience :
Magic Passion Love – a vision for humanity.   The Manifesting Mobile is going to be on displayed at the Gallery at Foundry Coffee Pub on Habersham and Anderson in Savannah, GA.  It’s part of the First Friday Art March.
The full manifesting mobile consists of over 400 circles made of recycled paper.  The circles are cut to the size of a CD out of of  recycled boxes.  The circles are strung to create a strand of circles, then they are hung to form a line. Rows of strands with the circles are hung on fishing wire that is strung up across the room.  
Walking through the mobile and reading what other people’s visions are … how do your visions similar – what are action are you taking to create your vision are some of the questions Joanne poses to the viewer.  She also encourages the viewer to participate.
 You will have an opportunity to  share your wishes, dreams, intentions and/or visions for yourself or the world using art materials.
What happens when you invite people to share their Magic Passion Love Vision for Humanity – you meet more people who are committed to living from the heart.  Friday night’s event will be casting positive vibrations from all of the people who are willing to be a part of the heart-centered community.   There will be raffle prizes, opportunities to take inspired action with locate community groups and tasty treats from local chefs and businesses.

 Collaboration is key to human evolution!!!  


who I am & why I make art…

Creating art helps me be a conscious human.

Here are questions that I ask myself whenever I begin to get a little out of balance:  Does what I am doing right now make me feel good being me? If not – What would make me feel good being me ?   Why am I doing things that don’t make me feel good being me?   What am I going to do right now to move me in the direction of feeling good being me? How will my feeling good serve others?

I do my best to share my Best Self Every Day in Every Way.

I realize more and more how important it is to live from your heart – no more lying – no more pretending – no more not being nice to myself or others.   It can be scary – however, it’s scarier to see what happens when you don’t!

When you’re not living from your heart – it affects the ENTIRE PLANET!  We are all one.

Many unanswered questions often stall our abilities to pursue our dreams.

2012-04-16 20.19.14

I’m not always sure what the answers or solutions to many of

our current challenges both collectively and individually.

I discovered that anything is possible if I am willing to take action.

I’m willing, ready, and able to take action – are you?!

Inspired Action + Conscious Intention = Dreams Manifested!

My intention is to work with others to share our skills and talents to create a thriving heart-centered communities.

I collaborate with others who see the value in honoring Mother Earth and all the creatures who call it home.

It’s really weird… yet really amazing – it’s happening…


nyc 1I’m back in New York City after 2 1/2 years.   I arrived on Tuesday on the 3:30 afternoon plane and my trip that I had been thinking about begins.

There is something so amazing to actually create events out of my thoughts.   Sometimes I get a little freaked out just how effortlessly it can happen sometimes and I believe it is because I do get freaked out when things happen – that is is the reason why somethings that I want to happen DON’T Happen because of how I will RE-ACT when they do!!      This is the big part about MANIFESTING that holds me back from really receiving.

SO … what do I do when I start FREAKING OUT?!?!

I take a breath and A BREAK!   There is nothing wrong with taking a moment to PAUSE – I’ve done this many times in the past and have had great results!    I don’t know what we’ve stopped having “RECESS” like we did when we were in school.   That RECESS time was an ideal way for children to run around and get out any excess energy so they could make ROOM for more INFO.   Recess was also a time to use your Imagination too … I used to have so much fun playing make believe on the monkey bars.

Now the question is … – why are so many people people AFRAID of “letting go” of what no longer serves us? (including my own lingering beliefs that I might not be “good enough” )  Today is my day to LET GO and MOVE ON!    I’m ready — and so are you!!

monkey bars

Magic Passion Love & Blue Christmas

May the Spirit of Christmas live in your heart, today and always. ~ unknown

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it — and for those like me who choose to celebrate this time of year with quiet solitude and of my own design, I am inspired to meet others who have the courage to celebrate the holidays in their own unique way!!!

Last night I was invited to the Christmas Eve @ Trinity Church, in the Telfair Square, Savannah, GA. I took the opportunity to say yes to be spontaneous and off I went to the “Blue Christmas’ concert.

Trinity is one of the oldest churches in Savannah’s Historic District so I was expecting to go to a beautiful church and hear traditional Christmas Carols. AND IT GOT A PLEASANT SURPRISE!!!

Trinity’s Blue Christmas celebration used the form of Christian worship (especially the traditional Service of the Nine Lessons & Carols) and popular music from 1960s, 70s, and 80s to set the tone. The service was non-traditional and is decidedly non-liturgical! This is the 3rd year they shared this type of service with no pretension or apologies. While this is not the only way the worship – it is one of the ways in which they seek to embrace the mystery of the center of the universe.

Special thanks to Enoch Hendry, the pastor of the church for sharing Christmas Magic Passion Love!!

The evening consisted of 14 “recorded songs’ being played in the sanctuary with everyone sitting in the pews. They lit candles at the end — I loved it!! I’ve always enjoyed “listening parties!” and in a church it was wonderfully special. Here’s a few of them!!

#1 – everybody say cheese “Hallelujah” by kd lang

#2 – we’re all in this together “World Turing” by lea kottke

#3 – life is a mystery! “souvenirs” by john prine

#4 – choices have consequences “river” by joni mitchell

#5 – that’s life! “blue christmas” by elvis

#6 – even so, its worth it “for a dancer” by linda ronstadt & emmy lou harris

#7 – there are (still) signs and wonders “star of bethlehem” by neil young

#8 – you are not alone “the weight” the band

#9 – the world would go on “mother & child” by paul simon


twists & turns on the path lead to my higher self…

Its been one year since I left New York City to discover the next place I am to call home as well as to travel and share Magic Passion Love! If you have been following me, you will have seen that I am living on Tybee Island, Ga. This was the 2nd place that I visited last spring and I’ve chosen to stay to spend another summer here. I am working with a friend, Denise Elliot-Vernon who has become a creative partner as well! Denise is an amazing artist who has been living & working as an artist on Tybee for the last 16 years, she’s raising her two teenage boys here as well!! She is re-opening the Dragonfly Art Studio on the island with the owners (Sunni & Steve) who live in Virginia Beach.

For the past few months, Denise with the help of many friends has been getting the little yellow building ready for the summer business. I have been working here as well as the studio artist and the inspiration that I am receiving here is amazing. Its been a time of solitude except for the occasional visit with my island friends, however, I would say I spend most of my time alone … and its because of this time alone, that I have begun to really hear & listen to the many angels & spirit guides that are with me (have always been with me!)

I just finished reading Sonia Choquette’s’ ASK YOUR GUIDES book where she discusses all of the Guides we have at our disposal to ask for help! There are the Arch Angels (like Michael, Gabriel) and there are healer angels, runner angels, teacher guides, nature guides and we have our HIGHER SELF. The Higher Self is that part of you that is closest to the “universal spirit energy” – it is Higher Self that shines when you ALLOW FEEL LIVE your MAGIC PASSION LOVE!!

Ever since I’ve been “traveling” (we are all traveling, all in different ways, this might be a different blog post!!)… anyways, back to what’s been happening since I’ve been traveling … and spending so much time alone is that I HAVE HAD TO COMMUNICATE MORE WITH MY HIGHER SELF! And to TRUST what its telling me.

Last summer when I was on the beach, I kept hearing over and over again, If you Trust in the belief & power of your Magic Passion Love, everything you need will be taken care of. This means, where I will sleep, what I will eat, how I will earn money, how my expenses will be paid, who will be my friends, who my romantic partner will me, who will be my clients, where I will go …. all I need to do is take DAILY ACTION to put myself and my work out there!!

Now have I been doing this?! I would say about 60% of the time I do … the other 40% is a mixture of 30% downtime because this is important and the 10% is FROZEN TIME!! I am one of those people that the moment I experience a success, I FREEZE in FEAR! This used to happen a lot in the 90s when I first moved to NYC. I had a poem published in this really cool collection of other NYC artists and then I didn’t write anything again in years!!! I recognize this habit in me and over the last few years, I was able to catch myself and not over book myself to be able to stay moving in a steady stream. However, these past few months, I have found myself a little frozen which is ironic because this was the first winter that I actually wasn’t freezing because of the WEATHER!!!

Now its Springtime and we are almost ready to “officially re-open” the Dragonfly and I am feeling a little nervous about what is going to happen this summer. Everyone tells me that its going to be great and the people are going to love us,etc… however what is it that I’m actually offering them?!

We are here to serve. This is what so many spiritual teachers tell us — we are here to serve. We also know that we teach what we need to learn … so I ask myself as I write this … am I ready to teach what it really is that I need to learn?! That is pretty scary to really admit what it is that I need to learn most … because it is that deep dark secret that I’ve been trying to hide for years. Its too hard to keep it as a secret anymore.

My deep dark secret is that I’m a little (used to be A LOT) terrified of Love- being loved & loving someone.

Yes, I can honestly say that I SPIRITUALLY love all humans because of the mere fact that I see them as spiritual beings choosing to be HUMAN… and this is something that is so awe-inspiring that you can’t help but love any physical being choosing to be human. Some of them are resisting their spirits and this can be disappointing however, we all know that everyone is doing the best “they” can be doing… and if more of us who understand the spiritual connection to the human experience shares the “joy” in a non-judgmental way, more humans will awaken their consciousness.

Can I honestly say that I love myself all of the time … spiritually, yes … however, there is a small part of me that is nervous about the HUMAN LOVE between other humans. And perhaps it will always be there?! What I do know is that over this past year, I have had to receive help/ask for assistance from so many people that my small fear is going away despite my need to hold on to it.

Its the resistance that is inspiring to paint lots of HEARTS and use the word ACTIVATE MY LOVE VIBE! I’m curious to see what will happen if my LOVE VIBE is ACTIVATED … who will I attract in my life?!

What will happen if I help others Activate their Love Vibe?!

Only by activating my love vibe will I know …so here I go — ACTIVATING MY LOVE VIBE!!

post christmas thoughts

I don’t know about you but I find myself reflecting on the past year and how much has changed… and then switching thoughts to the new year. 2011 is going to be an interesting year – I can feel already so many things shifting and changing — and its my choice to navigate the direction!! I am choosing the direction that makes me feel good!
I’m keeping my thoughts in a place of right now … as well as the Bigger Picture. The interesting thing is when I do this — the Bigger Picture is part of my Right Now…which means its actually happening so all I need to do is keep enjoying it and living it to make it keep happening.

My choice to completely change my life has been the best decision I’ve done in a really long time — its giving me new ways to see how I can feel good being me 24/7. This has been the intention for the last 10 years – how can I feel good being me 24/7.

If I Allow my Magic, Feel my Passion, Live my Love in the Present Moment while having Faith in the Bigger Picture, all I need to do is Relax & Enjoy and life manifests all that I need. WOW… I encourage everyone to find their own MPL to AFL to create their own WOW!

This next week is our time to truly appreciate all that we’ve accomplished this year to prepare for new opportunities in 2011!

Manifesting Mist Works!

This morning when I woke up and looked around the Dragonfly Studio – my first thought was, “MANIFESTING MIST Works!”. Look at all that I have Manifested in my life this past year! I know its not just the Manifesting Mist that is allowing me to be living my ideal life – its a combination of a lot of other tools that I have been consistently using this past year.

This past week on the Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse, I felt a shift — right through my entire physical body … this shift was ACCEPTANCE! Sometimes I am so busy visualizing everything that I want to manifest that I forget to Accept some of what I have! Look what I have right now — an amazing space to be creative in! A space that I am co-creating with other like-minded spiritual artists! A space where we can invite our friends to come over for a cup of tea!

We are ending a year that has seen lots of changes and transformations — for me, I am in a completely new state – physically & figuratively! I am accepting my intention as a reality – I am a full time, professional artist! I am excited to see how my life grows & transforms this winter — preparing myself for yet another Transformational Year – 2011 – is going to be My Best Year Yet!

I know this to be true because I am keeping my Priorities clear, writing Gratitude, sharing positive energy, thinking good thoughts, feeling everything, practicing daily, staying active, eating healthy, surrounding myself with great people, and loving myself as much as I possibly can — forgiving myself as well!

All of my best wishes to you who is reading this — because 2011 will be your best year yet too!

To see more pictures of the Magic Passion Love Studio @ Dragonfly
click here!

AND if you want to purchase your own MANIFESTING MIST – visit the Trickydame Etsy Shop!!

New Location/Same Concept – Magic Passion Love!

Its been over a year since I’ve had an art studio and I’m very excited for my first “open studio” at my new studio at Dragonfly Studios on Tybee Island. As part of my journey, I came to Tybee Island and I’m very grateful for lots of reasons … cool people in the area I get to know better, amazing art community, beautiful landscape and an spiritual energy that is just waiting to be shared!!

At this Winter Solstice Celebration, please join me and my friends to share Magic Passion Love with each other as well as find out what fun events that will be happening in the new year. Are you ready for 2011?! Come find out how you can prepare for your best year yet!!

Tuesday, December 21, 7 – 9pm — tea & treats will be served!

Shift in the flow sometimes happen

Its always important to take stock in what feels good when you are embarking on a plan … which is what I did in the month of November. I traveled to Tampa to visit with one of my friends to share time & energy with her. While I was there, I spent a lot of time outside … allowing myself to understand what is important to me RIGHT NOW!!

Traveling to places to meet others and make the Mass Manifesting Mobile is definitely something I want to do however, I would rather do this with a traveling partner. I know it is important for me to be alone sometimes but being around people who are my friends is more important. So when the offer to come back to Tybee Island to help open up Dragonfly Studios and be the artist in residence, I knew this is why I found Tybee in the first place.

Changing your mind can sometimes feel like you are following through a commitment you made to yourself — but instead of beating yourself up and telling yourself you are a failure, loser, unable to commit — REMIND yourself that you are following your INTUITION that is being guided by your SOUL which is the REASON we are here!! I have run away from things in the past because of fear of commitment and fear of failure and fear of getting hurt — hell, I could write zillions of pages about this BUT we all know that this is “old stories” and we are about THE NEW STORIES! And the NEW STORY is I am living on Tybee Island, getting to know the city of Savannah and working in my art studio!


Its been almost a month since I’ve come back to Tybee Island, a place I never even knew existed a year ago. I believe that this is part of the Transformational Shift that is happening right now – I’ve allowed myself to be taken completely into the UNKNOWN so I can learn more about Patience, Trust, and Magic Passion Love!!

I have no idea how my life will unfold in the new year and it really doesn’t matter because I am allowing – feeling – living my life the best way I can right now – offering myself much peace & understanding … and Courage to keep growing as the Spiritual Being that is Joanne Morton.

Please come by and visit me at the Dragonfly Studios – you’ll feel really good if you do! and so will I!!