Shift in the flow sometimes happen

Its always important to take stock in what feels good when you are embarking on a plan … which is what I did in the month of November. I traveled to Tampa to visit with one of my friends to share time & energy with her. While I was there, I spent a lot of time outside … allowing myself to understand what is important to me RIGHT NOW!!

Traveling to places to meet others and make the Mass Manifesting Mobile is definitely something I want to do however, I would rather do this with a traveling partner. I know it is important for me to be alone sometimes but being around people who are my friends is more important. So when the offer to come back to Tybee Island to help open up Dragonfly Studios and be the artist in residence, I knew this is why I found Tybee in the first place.

Changing your mind can sometimes feel like you are following through a commitment you made to yourself — but instead of beating yourself up and telling yourself you are a failure, loser, unable to commit — REMIND yourself that you are following your INTUITION that is being guided by your SOUL which is the REASON we are here!! I have run away from things in the past because of fear of commitment and fear of failure and fear of getting hurt — hell, I could write zillions of pages about this BUT we all know that this is “old stories” and we are about THE NEW STORIES! And the NEW STORY is I am living on Tybee Island, getting to know the city of Savannah and working in my art studio!


Its been almost a month since I’ve come back to Tybee Island, a place I never even knew existed a year ago. I believe that this is part of the Transformational Shift that is happening right now – I’ve allowed myself to be taken completely into the UNKNOWN so I can learn more about Patience, Trust, and Magic Passion Love!!

I have no idea how my life will unfold in the new year and it really doesn’t matter because I am allowing – feeling – living my life the best way I can right now – offering myself much peace & understanding … and Courage to keep growing as the Spiritual Being that is Joanne Morton.

Please come by and visit me at the Dragonfly Studios – you’ll feel really good if you do! and so will I!!

a traveling artist journey so far…

The MPL-USA Art Tour Google Map!!!

I began in Atlanta … then spent the summer on Tybee Island and in October I headed north to get the mini-van and immediately headed south. Along the way….as the leaves were changing …
I have seen sunsets on lakes and in the mountains. I have shared Magic Passion Love in cities with over 8 million people as well as sharing positive energy with almost 500 people population! I have been on the road with truckers, campers, mini-vans and bikes — I have slept in beds, on couches, and massage tables! I have shopped in Walmarts and local shops. I’ve been invited for some amazing meals. I’ve had plans and I’ve been spontaneous. I am completely open to what’s to come …I am completely open to where I’m being led…I am completely OK with where I am.

All that I physically own is in my mini-van.
All that I spiritually own is also in that mini-van.
There is only so much ROOM!!
I’m only carrying what feels right —
The thoughts/feelings that are coming to me
Create so many questions about this journey.
Is it because of all of the traveling I’m doing?
Is it because of this transformational shift that I’m doing?
I am finding it easier to release what doesn’t make me feel good
As the mile marker passes so do my limiting beliefs.

I ask my readers the questions I find myself asking… – “How much do you want to carry in your life?!” “Do I have the time to stop for the unexpected adventure?” “Why am I doing this?!” I have the feeling these questions are being asked by lots of humans … and I am pretty sure I’m not supposed to know the answers….yet another thing I’m learning as I travel.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to figure out exactly what I know and what I don’t know.
Because I feel just fine.

More to come later ….

Living with the Suspense…

For those who are reading this blog for the first time, thanks! I’m a traveling artist who is embarking on an interactive art journey!! I’m sharing Magic Passion Love … keep reading or read previous posts to find out more about MPL – its in you!! For those who have been following for awhile – thank you for your ongoing support!!

This blog post has been on my mind for at least over a week – having lots of guilt for not writing, fear for what to write and forgiveness for having self doubt. Its Sunday, October 24 and I’m at my friend’s home near the Poconos in PA. I’m sitting here looking out the window with a view that is so SPECTACULAR! The leaves are at their autumn best and the lake just glistens with the sun. AND the temperature is perfect!!! I’m so thrilled to be able to experience the part about the Fall that makes me “feel good” — with out have to also prepare myself for what will be next – WINTER!

This is another opportunity for me to stay in the PRESENT MOMENT! Its so important to enjoy/experience what is happening right now so you don’t miss what life has to offer you — knowing the future is coming and being prepared for what is to come is important. However, putting too much attention to what is “not known” completely takes away so much joy from the right now…. this is what I’m learning on the MPL-USA Art Tour!

I understand that my ability to live with more suspense in my life is actually giving me more options. When you have options – perhaps you feel more free to be yourself?! Now, I’m just babbling because this is what I do when I write which makes me nervous about blogging. How much do I need/want to share while I’m on the MPL-USA Art Tour?! I found an amazing sanctuary on Tybee Island to be more connected with my spirit – then my parents helped me manifest a vehicle to actually travel – and now I have a mini-van! Since leaving Tybee I’ve visited people in North Carolina, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania and will be in Virginia on October 30.

That’s pretty amazing when I read it on the computer screen. It goes to show you when you write your accomplishments in life, no matter how small or big – you will see that we actually do accomplish exactly what we are thinking. Having the past week at the country, first with a friend, then by myself, then with my parents, sister and friends back to being alone — I have had a lot of time to understand exactly what I am creating.

I am creating my life that allows me to feel good being me 24/7! This is what my intention was when I first began my spiritual quest in July 2001 — I was TIRED of not feeling good!!! Now that I feel good being me, I am TIRED of others not feeling good — not feeling like they have the right to feel good – feeling afraid to feel good – not knowing how to feel good — feeling guilty for feeling good — we all have the RIGHT & RESPONSIBILITY TO FEEL GOOD right now!! This is why there is a Transformational Shift — the shift is giving us an opportunity to share ideas about Universal Energy — and we all know what happens when you share MAGIC PASSION LOVE energy —


I invite you to Allow Your Magic — Feel Your Passion — Live Your Love as much as you can …
your life will feel better!! … and so will mine!

thank you… I am very grateful to co-create more positive energy with YOU!

Outside New York City …

I’m sitting in a friend’s kitchen and from one window, I can see my new mini-van that I got from my parents (thank you!) and from the other window, I can see Interstate 80! The road that will take me back to NEW YORK CITY!! I’m not sure why there is a delay in driving into the city … I’m really excited to be back and see my friends.

Is it because of the TASK at hand today!!??? I’m going to go to my mini-storage and see what STUFF is in there. I am considering letting the mini-storage go and put all of my stuff in the mini-van. Will I be ok with less stuff?? I’ve been away from MY STUFF for 6mths and there has only been a few things that I’ve missed, My Art Supplies, A couple of books, and that’s about it… I’m really curious to know what I put in those boxes last February. My head was in such a different place as is my spirit!!

As I see the sun start to shine more – its been a cloudy morning, I am taking this as a sign that there is light ahead on my journey. I am not afraid of what’s to come because I know I can handle anything! I am merely curious and excited because if what has happened is any indication of what is coming to me – I am so thrilled to be living life as I am right now.

I am living in the moment as best I can on a moment to moment basis. Listening to my thoughts and calming myself down when I begin to go to old ways of thinking – these thoughts no longer serve me!! I do not need to rush rush rush — everything will be accomplished in a steady and enjoyable pace. I learned this when I had the huge task of emptying my apartment – I did it! I learned this when I arrived on Tybee Island and begn to look for work – I found it! I learned this when I started on the road yesterday to head towards NYC – each hour, I was several miles closer to my destination. Every moment I live are opportunities to learn – Every moment I enjoy are magical!

When I go back to NYC in about an hour – I know I will be experiencing it a little differently as I am changed. For I have the knowledge about how important it is to ALLOW MY MAGIC – FEEL MY PASSION – LIVE MY LOVE. I’m excited to continue to share this others. I have no clue what I’m doing or how its going to get done – I just know that I’m having a party on Monday, October 18 in NYC, will be in Philadelphia, Sunday October 24, and Lexington, VA on Saturday, October 30. Every thing else in between is a mystery waiting to be discovered — let’s see what happens!!

Another week on Tybee Island…

I had planned to travel into Savannah for the MPL-USA Art Tour this next week however, plans sometimes change.

A part of me was half expecting this as the person I was going to stay with has been having some challenges. When I see other people experiencing challenging times, I want to be able to help them, offer them some advice however, as we all know, ultimately we are responsible for our own lives. We make our own choices and have to realize that there are consequences to every action. Which is why I encourage positive actions because that creates positive outcome!! AND … we can’t solve other people’s problems…all we can offer them is support & understanding as well as suggest that they get “Professional help”! I am not a life coach – counselor, I am an intuitive energy worker & artist — I can offer insight how to find ways to feel balanced but if there is someone in your life who is going through challenges, remember the best thing you can do is live your life as an example of how its done!!!

Which is what I am doing on a daily basis!! Now that I’m going to be on Tybee for another week, I will have more time to focus on the planning of the MPL-USA Art Tour!! I have started to get some ideas of where I will be traveling after I leave NYC on October 18. First stop will be Philadelphia … then Lexington, VA, Ashville, NC, Charlotte, NC, Columbia, SC …. and the list grows. As I begin to plan the tour and do the research, I’m finding myself feeling URGENCY to get the plans settled! Find the money that is going to pay for this! Know who might be traveling with me! Figure out where I’ll be staying … so many unknowns are presenting themselves to me and a part of me wants the answers now!!

This is part of the lessons I’m learning — its ok not knowing. Take the action that you can. Trust in the process of life. Be kind. Be honest. Be grateful. Which I am.

I’m being very conscious of the thoughts that are coming into my head and gently releasing them after I acknowledge them. I am not interested in feeling “crazy busy” or “crazy stressed” and it is such a choice to feel this way!! This is where living on an island with the ocean as your best friend does come in handy 🙂

However, I only have until the end of September to enjoy the beaches of Tybee and when I leave, I will have the memory of the ocean to keep me calm. I will also have the tools I’ve learned over the years to stay balanced. We must always remember that we don’t need to do things alone… when you are feeling stressed, under pressure, scared – REACH OUT AND ASK FOR HELP!! There are people to help others … and its the best thing to you can do for yourself. That’s one of the reasons humans exist – to help one another 🙂

And … my next Special Guest on the “Magic Passion Love & …” Blog Talk Radio Show is an amazing resource for women who feel “BUSY!”

Joanna Lindenbaum is the creator of the Woman Wisdom Success Principles System and the 12-week Women’s Intuitive Leadership Program. She believes with every fiber in her being that women have the power to transform the world. Because of this, Joanna coaches busy women who are looking to nourish their creativity and take their lives to the next level. Using the Woman Wisdom Success Principles, Joanna partners with her clients to create vitality, passion, and fulfillment in their lives. These women are often already working on or are ready to embark on projects that will launch them out into the world to have a voice, create inspiration, and take action. To learn more about Joanna and the Woman Wisdom Success Principles, visit


Call-in Number: (347) 202-0609
Sunday, September 19, 2010
9:30 est, 6:30 pacific

and for those who dare – Tomorrow is talk like a pirate day!!

One month on the road!

MPL-USA Art Tour so far…

I arrived to Tybee Island on Saturday …and it’s been 4 days. I feel really good. I feel really amazed that this is what has manifested for me. Its positive proof that Law of Attraction does work for me. Which is one of the reasons I am traveling…to understand these laws better.

I look at my time in Atlanta very fondly and appreciative!! (especially for my friend Beth!!) So grateful for this time to relax and let go of NYC! It was so beautiful and GREEN! I loved the walks I took especially to the Lullwater Bird Sanctuary off the By Way. Walking through the neighborhood was so enjoyable! The houses were gorgeous, the lawns filled with so many different kinds of flowers, herbs, and TREES!! Stepping out and enjoying bits and pieces of the Atlanta scene from Little 5 Points on 4/20/10 – where there was a 420 Party at the local head shop! The lady manager was sharing lots of Love!! Stopping off at a great bar where I could go online and have a BLT & Beer for $10.50! My first reminder that I was “really out of pricey New York City!”

Now I’m in Tybee Island, what some have lovingly called “The Redneck Rivera”. I appreciate the diversity of class however, I am saddened by the racist police force. If I were to settle in a southern town, I know I would have to share the importance of Tolerance and Peace!

Most of the people I’ve met are very open to my ideas about Magic Passion Love. Its going to be fun to get to know the locals. There are two gentlemen that sit in front of my door – a retired businessman who works at the local café and musician who plays keyboards and sings the Standards. They sit in chairs on the porch as people walk by. It’s hilariously wonderful!

Riding the bike on the beach yesterday afternoon was amazing!! Almost as amazing as riding the bike around the island the other day. However the walk on the beach last night to watch the sunset has been the best and I’m doing it as often as I can. I’ve been inspired to make Intuitive Art – looking to start offering to make intuitive drawings for others. Here’s one that I made on the beach …

I have things to do and I have time! I’m getting into a routine – it takes a day or two – to set up your life!?! Writing a lot !

Allowing myself the time to get in touch with my intuitive self has been awesome. I’m using all of my “wellness” tools to access the ART of ALLOWING!!
every day, I read my morning affirmations,
every day, before I sleep, I release & relax
every day, I write my gratitude list
every day, I share time with like minded people (on or off line!)
every day, I meditate
every day, I exercise
every day, I eat
every day, I sleep
every day, I breathe
every day, I love & approve of myself at 1:11pm

Its an every day job to …
Allow my Magic
Feel my Passion
Live my Love!

Magic Passion Love & Owls

Tonight while I was sitting in the back yard – I heard an owl hoot and then … a few moments later it flew right over me. It was an amazing sight to see. The evening was perfect temperature, I was able to enjoy sitting out there for an hour.

There is nothing like sitting in the back yard after 10pm for a quite moment. I feel like my spirit guide sent the owl for me. Hmm…. perhaps!

Animal Spirit guides: The Owl

To our past ancestors, the animal held great spiritual power and symbolic meaning. In Native American culture, mythology and ancient civilizations, each animal is embodied with its own symbolic meaning and held its own unique spiritual power.
A particular animal crossing your path had deep significance to your life and indeed a strong message to impart. The presence of animal wisdom may appear to you in a dream, on the physical plane or intuitively.

We can also utilize and tap into the energy of animal guides around us to assist us in the daily challenges that life some times brings to our door.

The Owl is the bringer of wisdom. The all-seeing owl possesses supernatural qualities and is often associated with intuition, clairvoyance and clairaudience. The Owl’s energy is at its peak in the very heart of darkness. When we are plunged into blindness and disorientation. He penetrates the darkness of the blackest night. Seeing and hearing that which others cannot.

A magical creature of the forest enigmatic and powerful.

If the owl is calling you, or you are aware of the owl being present in your life, dreaming or waking.

You are being called upon to open your eyes, ears and mind to the truth of a situation. To listen to the wisdom deep in your heart and soul. That still small voice is trying to reach you in some way. To assist you or help you in a current challenge you may be facing. (How am I going to get to Tybee Island?! The answer will come!)

Tap into the power of the Owl by calling on your own intuition, listen to your own wisdom for there is something you need to see or hear. As the owl is so strongly associated with the night time, his wisdom may come to you while you slumber. So take the time to be aware of your dreams or make a special effort to remember and write down any important dreams you have. The Owl is a messenger that can bring clarity and illumination.


I open my heart and soul to the truth.
And ask that my life’s journey be illuminated before me,
I ask for the wisdom to see.
Even in the darkness of life’s challenges.
And the ability to manifest my true path.

Article By Janet Robson, Durham UK

Another Week in Atlanta …

It’s May – a new month – a new adventure – the same ME!

My third week on the “MPL-USA Art Tour” has been very interesting …as I keep working with the “What the F#$K am I doing?!” …. and I suppose this is a question that I’ve always asked myself. I also suppose there are others who ask themselves this same question …. and something that I keep telling myself is – JUST RELAX … ENJOY your life right now and the answers will come!

Not to worry about the Hows, Whens, Whats, Wheres ….its the WHY!?!

to LIVE my LOVE!

and if I continue Believing in the WHY … all of the answers will come!

Here’s some clips of sights of beautiful Atlanta that are definitely helping me relax & enjoy!

Trickydame shares MPL on Amtrak – WOW!

Monday, April 12, 2010 I caught the 2:15 Amtrak – the Crescent Line to Atlanta from Penn Station, NYC to begin the MPL-USA Art Tour. My two FCW friends Abundant Jen and Pretty Positive Paula (who took the photograph me) were there to send me off!

If you are inspired by my work and are able to donate money, please know that this one of my ways to create financial abundance while traveling. Depending on your donation, I will send you personal affirmations (custom created for you) as well as other special gifts. I love creating affirmations and to be able to create for others is one of my gifts – allow me to add positive energy to your life! To your manifesting desires!


If I could get 100 people to donate $20, this would offer me a major piece of mind so I can pay my expenses while on tour. I’m calling a few galleries and contacts I have who might be interested in buying a painting. I brought my art in a bright orange tube!

In addition to selling my paintings, I have my MPL Oracle Art Cards, Business Card Cases and Re-Energizing Sessions to create financial abundance in my life.

I’m going to host a FCW Society Brunch on May 2 – I know so many FCW down here! I hope my friends that I’m dog sitting will be up for hosting it as they have an amazing back yard and are FCW!

I am very grateful for this opportunity take this journey however I’m not doing it all by myself. There will be many lessons that I will be learning over the next few months and I would love to share them so we can all benefit.

We are experiencing this spiritual shift together and it’s about connecting the Magic Passion Love Energy from ME – to – YOU – to – THEM! I am being guided to share not only to people I meet but to the people who are following me online!

Thank you so much for being a part of my journey!! xoxoxoxox


So here’s the story about my train ride – the people I met on

Trickydame NOTE:
I am going to describe all the people I meet based on various demographic descriptions because this is what I find so fascinating – there are people in all social demographics that I am having MPL conversations – showing me that it doesn’t matter what race/sex/occupation/sexual orientation/etc…if your spirit is willing so is your body!

Just before dinner time, I began chatting with a young white woman (early 20’s) sitting across the aisle from me. She & her very big 6yr old son were traveling back to Atlanta – she prefers traveling by train so her son can move around. He was very well-behaved for a 6 yr old boy and I told her so the next morning. I feel its good to share with moms the good work they do raising their children – cuz I just couldn’t imagine being a full time mom! This young mother was going back to school to study business after she lost her job at the pharmaceutical research company – she wasn’t that upset about the job loss. She had a degree in biology and enjoyed research but was very fed up with the way the company she worked for were conducting their research. She had more ambition and was studying business.

She asked me where I was going so I told her I was traveling to Atlanta to stay with a friend and to begin sharing my art and positive energy while using the Laws of Attraction. Her eyes perked up with those 3 words – and she asks if I’ve seen the film, “The Secret”. (so grateful for that film!!) We had a wonderful conversation about the choices we make, how we use our feelings and I shared the book, “you can heal your life” with her.

While I was having a conversation with the young mom, in the seat behind her was an attractive older black couple (60s), he in nice black suit with time and she was all in PINK! Her hat, pantsuit, purse and shoes were all varying shades of pink. I enjoyed catching glimpses of her smiling as she listened to me explaining how we are all connected via source energy including to our planet. I was in completely in awe of the couple’s sophistication. That evening when everyone was sprawled out sleeping, they were sleeping with their hands in their laps and chairs half tilted back. In the morning, the looked completely refreshed!! Unlike the rest of us J I didn’t speak to directly to them, just a few smiles – however, I didn’t need to speak to them. She knew what I was talking about … I could tell by the way she held herself.

I feel my MPL Conversations are about offering people a safe space to talk out loud about their “spirit”, “universal energy”, “the shift” that’s happening and other metaphysical ideas because so many of us are experiencing the shift whether we are aware of it or not. You can’t talk about this to people who aren’t feeling it and yet IT’S SO IMPORTANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS!!!

So through my travels, I will meet all kinds of people in their realities and be available to chat with them … hear their ideas.

Being on an Amtrak train is an interesting reality with lots of different kinds of humans! When I first got on the train, I was put in an aisle seat w/an attractive black woman (late 20/early 30) who was working on her laptop. It looked like she was a law student or even perhaps a paralegal. She wasn’t very chatty yet friendly enough. She asked the conductor for a sleeper car if one should open up. A female voice from behind her asked about they were and I said expensive and she said about $400. I followed the conductor to ask him if it would be possible for me to have a window seat …I was looking forward to staring out the window at sunset! He sounded a little gruff and mumbled, we have a full train. I assured him, I was fine but if it was possible, it would be so cool. So I went back to my seat to make it cool to sit there if this was to be my seat for the train ride. The woman sitting behind us, offered to switch her window seat for my aisle seat and I said, “no thanks, I’m ok now” and told my seat mate, “I’d rather sit next to an attractive woman than an over weight older man.” – not sure if she smiled or was stunned! But hey it was the truth.

The train pulled out of NYC – watching the skyline disappear will always be in my mind – I am not sure when I’ll be returning so this trip is still a bit surreal.

As I’m thinking about life, the woman behind us starts to talk to her seat mate that she was on her way home from visiting one of her three children and she has five grandkids. When we heard that she had 5 grandkids, my seat mate and I looked and both agreed, she didn’t look like a grandma! She was one of those sexy grandmas – a Latin/Italian looking woman with bright red lips, some kind of tattoo on her breast. She wore tight jeans with high heels. She was a colorful character that you enjoy on train rides. (unlike the drunk guy who kept popping pills for the first few hours and by midnight had to be escorted to another seat by a conductor! It was one of those moments that brought all of the passengers together in the middle of the night!)

As we pulled out of the next train stop, the conductor came by and had me follow him and he showed me to my window seat! As I was packing up to move, I shared my tour with the sexy grandma and attractive seatmate, who both seemed interested in sharing positive energy with others. In fact, when we got to Atlanta the next morning, they both wished me lots of luck on my journeys.

I got comfortable in my new seat, turned on the macbook so I could listen to Hay House podcasts and made myself a mimosa with the small bottle of champagne I got for my bday. (thanks Heidi & Janet!!) & bottle of Tropican OJ.

I dosed off after the first glass and when I woke up, I had a seat mate who got in Wilmington, DE. He was a nicely built black man who was watching a dvd on what was his dvd player from his car. I shared my bewilderment that people really watch dvds in cars?! Its for the kids he says but I replied, “hell, we didn’t have dvds – we read books” … he smiled and went back to watching his movie. He sat next to me for about an hour – we chatted just a little about his losing his job, living in NJ for a month, heading back to Atlanta for a new job. He is an apprentice to be an engineer who helps factories create production lines to make bottles. We had a nice conversation about recycling, plastic and glass.

He got up to go get some food and I stared out the window. The sun was starting to set. When he got back, he ate his food then got up and told me, he was going to move up front to a seat by himself. I was like ok – see ya!

After he left, that’s when I chatted with the single mom for about an hour…she needed to get her son some food and ready to sleep. I wanted to enjoy my transition time from NYC to Atlanta and not having a seat mate made it very easy! So I spread out just enough in case someone would get on – however I must have a guardian angel sitting next to me because I had my own seat the entire ride!

It was wonderful to be able to move around easily and when I woke up at 7am, we were 45 minutes from Atlanta. We were early! Which was great as it took about an hour to get our luggage. However, as we all know everything happens for a reason – while many of the passengers stood around the baggage area waiting for news about our luggage. I went and took a seat next a Mom late 40/early 50) & her daughter (early 20). They were a black family from NJ who had moved to Charlotte, NC to look for work. However, they found Charlotte, not friendly, too many finance people and not very inspiring so six months ago, they moved to Atlanta. They were much happier here. The daughter mentioned that she was trying to sell t-shirts, so I told her about CafePress and showed her my MPL bag – then the conversation really began. (if you want your own MPL Bag- visit my Cafe Press Shop!)

It was so wonderful sharing a conversation about their own experiences with being positive around not so positive people, believing in the Law of Attraction – both of them really understood what I am doing by traveling. I gave the daughter my email & # – inviting her to be spontaneous and call me! Chatting with them, made the wait to get our luggage go a little quicker and after we got our luggage, we gave each other hugs!

I wonder if she will call me – it’s a big risk to call a complete stranger. However, this is what I’m going to be doing – already made two calls to people I don’t know to see if they would be open to meeting with me. Both responded positively! I need to remind myself that I am only calling people based on their interest in art/spirituality and if I were to receive a random call from someone, I’d be very curious to meet them.

We attract what we put out there – this is the practice that I’m using in my present life.

We can only receive what we ask for – so I must ask!

In addition to a financial donation here are other ways to help me on my tour:
1/ Travel with me! Especially if you have a car/van!!
2/Introduce me to people who can offer me a place to sleep
3/Offer suggestions of who to meet, where to go
4/Send encouragement!

Again, I couldn’t do this with out all of the amazing encouragement that I’ve been receiving since I first started talking about traveling! I’m very grateful for receiving $200 last Sunday and I would love to be able make this number grow to $2000!


With much love & gratitude,

PLEASE VISIT the MPL Project Blog as well!!

Much gratitude to the following who have already shared financial gifts to help fund the MPL-USA Art Tour!
Marie-Claire Martineau
Ken & Mary Morton
Colleen Grant
Robin Coley
Alicia Prendergast

Trickydame’s New Adventure

Every year as the leaves start to bud and the robins begin to sing … I get all excited to celebrate my birthday! I love being an Aries! I love that I have the opportunity to begin another new year in my life as the world wakens up from a long winter.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve made many major life transitions around my birthday and this year is no exception! On Monday, April 12, I’m taking the train to Atlanta, GA. This is a place I never thought I’d be going to 16 yrs ago when I first came to New York City – just goes to show how “your thoughts’ aren’t the only part of you that “guides you”!!

I’m choosing Atlanta as my first stop in the MPL-USA Art Tour for a few reasons:
1. it begins with A and I like that!
2. its warm there
3. the train goes there easily
4. Paula has friends there that I can connect with
5. I HAVE A FRIEND THERE! My friend Beth who has always been an amazing supportive friend with my art! I can’t wait to hang out with her again and her SON!!!

There is also a part of my soul that is guiding me there … so I’m going to listen to this. Afterall, this tour is about continuing my spiritual quest that I began in July 2001. This is quest that I’m sure to be on for the rest of my life … and right now the journey is leading me to PHYSICALLY TRAVEL!

The MPL-USA Art Tour is a work in progress – just like me! There are a few things I intend to do while I’m traveling as well as be open to whatever appears to me — I am excited to use the laws of “ART OF ALLOWING” & “LAW OF ATTRACTION” to take care of me.

I trust in my divine wisdom to guide me along my journey. I easily ask for help and receive all that I need effortlessly.

I am just as excited to SHARE positive energy via my Magic Passion Love ideas & art projects!
I look forward to meeting other cool people and experiencing their own ideas of living spiritually!

So off I go … along the way, I will meet others who will co-host Manifesting Circles with their friends, I will create Mass Manifesting Mobiles in public spaces and engage in creative conversations with people using the MPL Oracle Art cards! (see photos below!!)

To see the photos that INSPIRED THIS PHOTO PROJECT- visit my FLICKR! page! These photos were taken my Lauren Lavitt.

If you want to follow the MPL-USA Art Tour – I will be sending updates via FACEBOOKTWITTERYOUTUBE

If anyone is interested at any point in joining me on this journey – let’s talk!

IF YOU KNOW ANYONE in the following areas (ATLANTA*TAMPA*SAVANNAH*ORLANDO*NEW ORLEANS) Please email me their info! Would love to meet them!

This tour is also an opportunity for my art work to become my sole source of income – I truly believe that we all have the ability and right to earn money on our own terms and want to encourage & support YOU. Let’s find ways we can create financial abundance thru our Magic Passion Love ENERGY- it’s in all of us!! :

I appreciate any support you can offer me – financial, spiritual or physical support!!

To find ways to make a $$ donation – you can visit:

See you soon!!
with much love & gratitude

Here are pictures of some lovely women I met on Sunday @ 1834 (62 Pearl St) —this is where I’m having my BDAY PARTY & SEND OFF!!
Please join me FRIDAY, APRIL 9 from 7pm till ??!!

Subways to get to 62 Pearl Street:
1 – South Ferry
R – Whitehall St – South Ferry
4 – Bowling Green
(each subway is about 2-3 blocks away)

BUSES!! M15, M9, M6

1834 Bar is near Bridge & Broad St at 62 Pearl St.
We’ll be downstairs!