twists & turns on the path lead to my higher self…

Its been one year since I left New York City to discover the next place I am to call home as well as to travel and share Magic Passion Love! If you have been following me, you will have seen that I am living on Tybee Island, Ga. This was the 2nd place that I visited last spring and I’ve chosen to stay to spend another summer here. I am working with a friend, Denise Elliot-Vernon who has become a creative partner as well! Denise is an amazing artist who has been living & working as an artist on Tybee for the last 16 years, she’s raising her two teenage boys here as well!! She is re-opening the Dragonfly Art Studio on the island with the owners (Sunni & Steve) who live in Virginia Beach.

For the past few months, Denise with the help of many friends has been getting the little yellow building ready for the summer business. I have been working here as well as the studio artist and the inspiration that I am receiving here is amazing. Its been a time of solitude except for the occasional visit with my island friends, however, I would say I spend most of my time alone … and its because of this time alone, that I have begun to really hear & listen to the many angels & spirit guides that are with me (have always been with me!)

I just finished reading Sonia Choquette’s’ ASK YOUR GUIDES book where she discusses all of the Guides we have at our disposal to ask for help! There are the Arch Angels (like Michael, Gabriel) and there are healer angels, runner angels, teacher guides, nature guides and we have our HIGHER SELF. The Higher Self is that part of you that is closest to the “universal spirit energy” – it is Higher Self that shines when you ALLOW FEEL LIVE your MAGIC PASSION LOVE!!

Ever since I’ve been “traveling” (we are all traveling, all in different ways, this might be a different blog post!!)… anyways, back to what’s been happening since I’ve been traveling … and spending so much time alone is that I HAVE HAD TO COMMUNICATE MORE WITH MY HIGHER SELF! And to TRUST what its telling me.

Last summer when I was on the beach, I kept hearing over and over again, If you Trust in the belief & power of your Magic Passion Love, everything you need will be taken care of. This means, where I will sleep, what I will eat, how I will earn money, how my expenses will be paid, who will be my friends, who my romantic partner will me, who will be my clients, where I will go …. all I need to do is take DAILY ACTION to put myself and my work out there!!

Now have I been doing this?! I would say about 60% of the time I do … the other 40% is a mixture of 30% downtime because this is important and the 10% is FROZEN TIME!! I am one of those people that the moment I experience a success, I FREEZE in FEAR! This used to happen a lot in the 90s when I first moved to NYC. I had a poem published in this really cool collection of other NYC artists and then I didn’t write anything again in years!!! I recognize this habit in me and over the last few years, I was able to catch myself and not over book myself to be able to stay moving in a steady stream. However, these past few months, I have found myself a little frozen which is ironic because this was the first winter that I actually wasn’t freezing because of the WEATHER!!!

Now its Springtime and we are almost ready to “officially re-open” the Dragonfly and I am feeling a little nervous about what is going to happen this summer. Everyone tells me that its going to be great and the people are going to love us,etc… however what is it that I’m actually offering them?!

We are here to serve. This is what so many spiritual teachers tell us — we are here to serve. We also know that we teach what we need to learn … so I ask myself as I write this … am I ready to teach what it really is that I need to learn?! That is pretty scary to really admit what it is that I need to learn most … because it is that deep dark secret that I’ve been trying to hide for years. Its too hard to keep it as a secret anymore.

My deep dark secret is that I’m a little (used to be A LOT) terrified of Love- being loved & loving someone.

Yes, I can honestly say that I SPIRITUALLY love all humans because of the mere fact that I see them as spiritual beings choosing to be HUMAN… and this is something that is so awe-inspiring that you can’t help but love any physical being choosing to be human. Some of them are resisting their spirits and this can be disappointing however, we all know that everyone is doing the best “they” can be doing… and if more of us who understand the spiritual connection to the human experience shares the “joy” in a non-judgmental way, more humans will awaken their consciousness.

Can I honestly say that I love myself all of the time … spiritually, yes … however, there is a small part of me that is nervous about the HUMAN LOVE between other humans. And perhaps it will always be there?! What I do know is that over this past year, I have had to receive help/ask for assistance from so many people that my small fear is going away despite my need to hold on to it.

Its the resistance that is inspiring to paint lots of HEARTS and use the word ACTIVATE MY LOVE VIBE! I’m curious to see what will happen if my LOVE VIBE is ACTIVATED … who will I attract in my life?!

What will happen if I help others Activate their Love Vibe?!

Only by activating my love vibe will I know …so here I go — ACTIVATING MY LOVE VIBE!!

Inside my Head

Last year I was walking down East 10th St in the East Village, NYC and recorded this. I was looking for some answers from within as well as discovering who “My Guides” are. I have done some past life work and have been introduced to some past lives (17th Century Prostitute/19th Century English Businessman to name a few).

I share this with you TODAY so you may also find a place where you understand who your guides are. We are on an amazing journey – and each moment are new opportunities to release the struggle we sometimes find ourselves attached to.


walking down east 10th st


Outside New York City …

I’m sitting in a friend’s kitchen and from one window, I can see my new mini-van that I got from my parents (thank you!) and from the other window, I can see Interstate 80! The road that will take me back to NEW YORK CITY!! I’m not sure why there is a delay in driving into the city … I’m really excited to be back and see my friends.

Is it because of the TASK at hand today!!??? I’m going to go to my mini-storage and see what STUFF is in there. I am considering letting the mini-storage go and put all of my stuff in the mini-van. Will I be ok with less stuff?? I’ve been away from MY STUFF for 6mths and there has only been a few things that I’ve missed, My Art Supplies, A couple of books, and that’s about it… I’m really curious to know what I put in those boxes last February. My head was in such a different place as is my spirit!!

As I see the sun start to shine more – its been a cloudy morning, I am taking this as a sign that there is light ahead on my journey. I am not afraid of what’s to come because I know I can handle anything! I am merely curious and excited because if what has happened is any indication of what is coming to me – I am so thrilled to be living life as I am right now.

I am living in the moment as best I can on a moment to moment basis. Listening to my thoughts and calming myself down when I begin to go to old ways of thinking – these thoughts no longer serve me!! I do not need to rush rush rush — everything will be accomplished in a steady and enjoyable pace. I learned this when I had the huge task of emptying my apartment – I did it! I learned this when I arrived on Tybee Island and begn to look for work – I found it! I learned this when I started on the road yesterday to head towards NYC – each hour, I was several miles closer to my destination. Every moment I live are opportunities to learn – Every moment I enjoy are magical!

When I go back to NYC in about an hour – I know I will be experiencing it a little differently as I am changed. For I have the knowledge about how important it is to ALLOW MY MAGIC – FEEL MY PASSION – LIVE MY LOVE. I’m excited to continue to share this others. I have no clue what I’m doing or how its going to get done – I just know that I’m having a party on Monday, October 18 in NYC, will be in Philadelphia, Sunday October 24, and Lexington, VA on Saturday, October 30. Every thing else in between is a mystery waiting to be discovered — let’s see what happens!!

Trickydame’s New Adventure

Every year as the leaves start to bud and the robins begin to sing … I get all excited to celebrate my birthday! I love being an Aries! I love that I have the opportunity to begin another new year in my life as the world wakens up from a long winter.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve made many major life transitions around my birthday and this year is no exception! On Monday, April 12, I’m taking the train to Atlanta, GA. This is a place I never thought I’d be going to 16 yrs ago when I first came to New York City – just goes to show how “your thoughts’ aren’t the only part of you that “guides you”!!

I’m choosing Atlanta as my first stop in the MPL-USA Art Tour for a few reasons:
1. it begins with A and I like that!
2. its warm there
3. the train goes there easily
4. Paula has friends there that I can connect with
5. I HAVE A FRIEND THERE! My friend Beth who has always been an amazing supportive friend with my art! I can’t wait to hang out with her again and her SON!!!

There is also a part of my soul that is guiding me there … so I’m going to listen to this. Afterall, this tour is about continuing my spiritual quest that I began in July 2001. This is quest that I’m sure to be on for the rest of my life … and right now the journey is leading me to PHYSICALLY TRAVEL!

The MPL-USA Art Tour is a work in progress – just like me! There are a few things I intend to do while I’m traveling as well as be open to whatever appears to me — I am excited to use the laws of “ART OF ALLOWING” & “LAW OF ATTRACTION” to take care of me.

I trust in my divine wisdom to guide me along my journey. I easily ask for help and receive all that I need effortlessly.

I am just as excited to SHARE positive energy via my Magic Passion Love ideas & art projects!
I look forward to meeting other cool people and experiencing their own ideas of living spiritually!

So off I go … along the way, I will meet others who will co-host Manifesting Circles with their friends, I will create Mass Manifesting Mobiles in public spaces and engage in creative conversations with people using the MPL Oracle Art cards! (see photos below!!)

To see the photos that INSPIRED THIS PHOTO PROJECT- visit my FLICKR! page! These photos were taken my Lauren Lavitt.

If you want to follow the MPL-USA Art Tour – I will be sending updates via FACEBOOKTWITTERYOUTUBE

If anyone is interested at any point in joining me on this journey – let’s talk!

IF YOU KNOW ANYONE in the following areas (ATLANTA*TAMPA*SAVANNAH*ORLANDO*NEW ORLEANS) Please email me their info! Would love to meet them!

This tour is also an opportunity for my art work to become my sole source of income – I truly believe that we all have the ability and right to earn money on our own terms and want to encourage & support YOU. Let’s find ways we can create financial abundance thru our Magic Passion Love ENERGY- it’s in all of us!! :

I appreciate any support you can offer me – financial, spiritual or physical support!!

To find ways to make a $$ donation – you can visit:

See you soon!!
with much love & gratitude

Here are pictures of some lovely women I met on Sunday @ 1834 (62 Pearl St) —this is where I’m having my BDAY PARTY & SEND OFF!!
Please join me FRIDAY, APRIL 9 from 7pm till ??!!

Subways to get to 62 Pearl Street:
1 – South Ferry
R – Whitehall St – South Ferry
4 – Bowling Green
(each subway is about 2-3 blocks away)

BUSES!! M15, M9, M6

1834 Bar is near Bridge & Broad St at 62 Pearl St.
We’ll be downstairs!

The Bells are ringing … change is now!

The bells rang out last Sunday, Feb 28 as if they were singing to me!

“GOOD BY AND GOOD LUCK JOANNE!! – We know you not leaving us forever, it’s just time to leave the apartment on East 11 St… the freedom that will come to you from releasing yourself from the monthly financial responsibilities will allow so much more to enter your life! YOU know that there are unlimited possibilities all around you and all that you need to do is be WILLING & OPEN TO RECEIVE. So every time you hear church bells, remember, today is your day to fly! You are loved! You are Safe! ”

and so I am!

What do the church bells sing to you?!

last week in apartment …

so it’s my last week in the apartment – veryveryveryvery SURREAL!
I’m so glad I’ve stumbled upon FAME clips on You tube and watching the shows on netflix. it’s so intensely emotional – excited for what’s to come and also — sad to let something go. it’s raining today — as if the city shares my tears

The crazy thing … with all of these shifting emotions going on within me,
I still feel good!
I still feel right.

I feel my soul guiding me and I’m not letting it freak me out! This is how I want to feel.

I want to feel EVERYTHING and still keep moving forward making my Dreams come True!

napkin thought

I came into this NYC
unable to love.
Falling in love with the city
ignited a passion.
Now, it’s the passion
that I feel in my soul.
The fire warms my heart
perhaps its love.
Love for myself…

Maybe so, it wasn’t NYC that I was falling in love with.
It was me.
It was Joanne.
My relationship with NYC
has created an artist in me.
I feel alive.
Its this sensation that gives
me chills on my spine.

words on napkin