Shift in the flow sometimes happen

Its always important to take stock in what feels good when you are embarking on a plan … which is what I did in the month of November. I traveled to Tampa to visit with one of my friends to share time & energy with her. While I was there, I spent a lot of time outside … allowing myself to understand what is important to me RIGHT NOW!!

Traveling to places to meet others and make the Mass Manifesting Mobile is definitely something I want to do however, I would rather do this with a traveling partner. I know it is important for me to be alone sometimes but being around people who are my friends is more important. So when the offer to come back to Tybee Island to help open up Dragonfly Studios and be the artist in residence, I knew this is why I found Tybee in the first place.

Changing your mind can sometimes feel like you are following through a commitment you made to yourself — but instead of beating yourself up and telling yourself you are a failure, loser, unable to commit — REMIND yourself that you are following your INTUITION that is being guided by your SOUL which is the REASON we are here!! I have run away from things in the past because of fear of commitment and fear of failure and fear of getting hurt — hell, I could write zillions of pages about this BUT we all know that this is “old stories” and we are about THE NEW STORIES! And the NEW STORY is I am living on Tybee Island, getting to know the city of Savannah and working in my art studio!


Its been almost a month since I’ve come back to Tybee Island, a place I never even knew existed a year ago. I believe that this is part of the Transformational Shift that is happening right now – I’ve allowed myself to be taken completely into the UNKNOWN so I can learn more about Patience, Trust, and Magic Passion Love!!

I have no idea how my life will unfold in the new year and it really doesn’t matter because I am allowing – feeling – living my life the best way I can right now – offering myself much peace & understanding … and Courage to keep growing as the Spiritual Being that is Joanne Morton.

Please come by and visit me at the Dragonfly Studios – you’ll feel really good if you do! and so will I!!

Living with the Suspense…

For those who are reading this blog for the first time, thanks! I’m a traveling artist who is embarking on an interactive art journey!! I’m sharing Magic Passion Love … keep reading or read previous posts to find out more about MPL – its in you!! For those who have been following for awhile – thank you for your ongoing support!!

This blog post has been on my mind for at least over a week – having lots of guilt for not writing, fear for what to write and forgiveness for having self doubt. Its Sunday, October 24 and I’m at my friend’s home near the Poconos in PA. I’m sitting here looking out the window with a view that is so SPECTACULAR! The leaves are at their autumn best and the lake just glistens with the sun. AND the temperature is perfect!!! I’m so thrilled to be able to experience the part about the Fall that makes me “feel good” — with out have to also prepare myself for what will be next – WINTER!

This is another opportunity for me to stay in the PRESENT MOMENT! Its so important to enjoy/experience what is happening right now so you don’t miss what life has to offer you — knowing the future is coming and being prepared for what is to come is important. However, putting too much attention to what is “not known” completely takes away so much joy from the right now…. this is what I’m learning on the MPL-USA Art Tour!

I understand that my ability to live with more suspense in my life is actually giving me more options. When you have options – perhaps you feel more free to be yourself?! Now, I’m just babbling because this is what I do when I write which makes me nervous about blogging. How much do I need/want to share while I’m on the MPL-USA Art Tour?! I found an amazing sanctuary on Tybee Island to be more connected with my spirit – then my parents helped me manifest a vehicle to actually travel – and now I have a mini-van! Since leaving Tybee I’ve visited people in North Carolina, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania and will be in Virginia on October 30.

That’s pretty amazing when I read it on the computer screen. It goes to show you when you write your accomplishments in life, no matter how small or big – you will see that we actually do accomplish exactly what we are thinking. Having the past week at the country, first with a friend, then by myself, then with my parents, sister and friends back to being alone — I have had a lot of time to understand exactly what I am creating.

I am creating my life that allows me to feel good being me 24/7! This is what my intention was when I first began my spiritual quest in July 2001 — I was TIRED of not feeling good!!! Now that I feel good being me, I am TIRED of others not feeling good — not feeling like they have the right to feel good – feeling afraid to feel good – not knowing how to feel good — feeling guilty for feeling good — we all have the RIGHT & RESPONSIBILITY TO FEEL GOOD right now!! This is why there is a Transformational Shift — the shift is giving us an opportunity to share ideas about Universal Energy — and we all know what happens when you share MAGIC PASSION LOVE energy —


I invite you to Allow Your Magic — Feel Your Passion — Live Your Love as much as you can …
your life will feel better!! … and so will mine!

thank you… I am very grateful to co-create more positive energy with YOU!

Outside New York City …

I’m sitting in a friend’s kitchen and from one window, I can see my new mini-van that I got from my parents (thank you!) and from the other window, I can see Interstate 80! The road that will take me back to NEW YORK CITY!! I’m not sure why there is a delay in driving into the city … I’m really excited to be back and see my friends.

Is it because of the TASK at hand today!!??? I’m going to go to my mini-storage and see what STUFF is in there. I am considering letting the mini-storage go and put all of my stuff in the mini-van. Will I be ok with less stuff?? I’ve been away from MY STUFF for 6mths and there has only been a few things that I’ve missed, My Art Supplies, A couple of books, and that’s about it… I’m really curious to know what I put in those boxes last February. My head was in such a different place as is my spirit!!

As I see the sun start to shine more – its been a cloudy morning, I am taking this as a sign that there is light ahead on my journey. I am not afraid of what’s to come because I know I can handle anything! I am merely curious and excited because if what has happened is any indication of what is coming to me – I am so thrilled to be living life as I am right now.

I am living in the moment as best I can on a moment to moment basis. Listening to my thoughts and calming myself down when I begin to go to old ways of thinking – these thoughts no longer serve me!! I do not need to rush rush rush — everything will be accomplished in a steady and enjoyable pace. I learned this when I had the huge task of emptying my apartment – I did it! I learned this when I arrived on Tybee Island and begn to look for work – I found it! I learned this when I started on the road yesterday to head towards NYC – each hour, I was several miles closer to my destination. Every moment I live are opportunities to learn – Every moment I enjoy are magical!

When I go back to NYC in about an hour – I know I will be experiencing it a little differently as I am changed. For I have the knowledge about how important it is to ALLOW MY MAGIC – FEEL MY PASSION – LIVE MY LOVE. I’m excited to continue to share this others. I have no clue what I’m doing or how its going to get done – I just know that I’m having a party on Monday, October 18 in NYC, will be in Philadelphia, Sunday October 24, and Lexington, VA on Saturday, October 30. Every thing else in between is a mystery waiting to be discovered — let’s see what happens!!

Trickydame does what she’s most afraid of …

Which of the following do you think it is that I’m doing that I am afraid of?!

1. Pick up a stranded shark, that I saw while walking on the beach Friday night and toss it back in the ocean?!


2. Live in the present moment and truly allow myself to believe that I am worthy of receiving Love from myself and others?!

If you chose #2 – then you are correct!!! — This is true. what is it that I’m afraid of?!
TO LOVE MY LIFE as FULLY as I possibly can!! I can also say that as in my previous post, some of the “fearful” feelings are actually “excitement” however, as I began to prepare for this show – I wanted to really get to the core of what some of my “limiting beliefs” are that show up in my life and make me a little fearful of some of my dreams – my intentions – my manifestions!!!


I can be afraid because I’m human!!! Duh!! πŸ™‚
(I had to accept this a few years ago and it was a hard realization but it is true -I’m human, flawed perfection!!)

Join me Sunday, 6/13, @7pm est on’s share some of our fears and Release them into the Universe! State them and say Ta Ta!!

Call-in Number: (347) 202-0609

To find out more – watch Trickydame’s latest V-Blog!! A social media mashup!!

Settling in on Tybee Island takes time…

Saturday, June 5 will be my one month mark of being on Tybee Island. I will admit this last week as been a week of allowing myself to get used to the idea that I am staying here for as long as it feels good. When I left NYC almost 2 months ago (June 12!!) it was my intention to find a way to travel across the country to share Positive Energy. This is still something that I am open to and I’m visualizing daily however, sometimes, you need to trust your INTUITION and act accordingly.

Every thing that I need is coming to me very easily here and I really like living so close to the ocean. On the evening of the full moon, I walked to the beach, BAREFOOT at 9pm and stayed out there for 2 hours!! Watching the water glisten under the full moon glow was awesome!! I’m also getting to know the locals – on the North Side and the South Side of the Island!

Magic Passion Love knows no boundaries!

I plan to document as often as I can so I can share my Tybee Art Adventure with you! I’m also planning on working on my own relationship with my spiritual self and my physical self. I’ve been meditating daily, listening & using affirmations, and painting a lot!! This is why I’m here … to paint! To be an artist! I’m very grateful for this!!

I’m hoping after tonight I will have a part time job, will share the details if it works out! Which I’m sure it will because I pulled my Wisdome of Avalon Cards by Collette Baron Reid last night and as usual, her cards rocked.
Highly recommend checking her out!!

Every day I continue to
Discover a new way to enjoy my life –
Manifest exactly what I need –
Spend time with nice people who share love –
Enjoy a new miracle of kindness –

Every day I am very grateful for my courage to feel good being me 24/7!

I appreciate your support and readership of my blog.
if you are so inspired by my work, please visit my website: and order a Intuitive Abstract Energy Art and/or forward this to anyone who you think might enjoy the ideas of magic passion love!

Relax & Enjoy your day — it’s a good one!

Trickydame on Tybee!

Making a decision to stay on Tybee Island is one of the most interesting decisions I’ve made in a long time!! HOWEVER …

Life is what you make it – Make it Interesting!!

And … this is how I want to live my life! WOW!

I’m learning more and more about how to
and I’m giving myself TIME! What’s the rush?!

I suppose this is why I was guided to this place — to slow down and listen to my soul. While I listen to my soul, I’m so grateful for the various characters I’m meeting and being able to sit and be with Mother Nature so easily.

I’m also learning how to take ACTION and WAIT! Things happen a little slower here on Tybee Island … and I have to TRUST that as soon as the busy season starts, I will have a job at the local cafe. I trust the process of life and all that I need will always be taken care of. SO FAR SINCE I’VE LEFT NYC this is true!! So just believe it JOANNE!!!

Also … RECOGNIZE what you are accomplishing instead of beating yourself up for what YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH!!

I am constantly inspired and in awe of all of the people who are living their PASSIONS! And I’m constantly reminding myself NOT TO COMPARE myself to them … rather ALLOW MYSELF to be INSPIRED by them…. thus inspiring my OWN PASSIONS TO GROW!

We are all exactly where we need to be! We are all being exactly who we can be! We are all exactly doing what are doing! We are all exactly sure WHY we are who we are!!

SOMETIMES we forget!! (or get distracted!!)

This is why its so important to continue to work on YOUR INTUITION – we are all sixth sensory beings!! So many people are sharing great tools on how to access this power. I’m listening and reading lots to strengthen my own Intuition!
I invite you to listen to Sonia Choquette or David Morelli. These two people are inviting us to TRUST OUR VIBES and ENWAKEN!!!

I’ve always been a big believer in AFFIRMATIONS but in this past week, I’m finding a new understanding of how important they are. And is it any coincidence that the same week I tape all over my little room at the Carbo House all of my daily affirmations from my Louise Hay daily calendar is the same week she launches her new book, “EXPERIENCE YOUR OWN GOOD“!!????

Positive affirmations are solutions that will replace whatever problem you might have. By repeating these affirmations over and over, you’ll be planting new seeds in the fertile soil of your subconscious mind, and they’ll become true for you. Louise Hay

I believe if I continue to trust & use my intuition and believe & say my affirmations — I will feel FREE to Live Fully!!

Interestingly enough — right now I DO feel free to live my life!

Let’s the GAMES Begin – the Prosperity Game!!

The Universe makes no distinction between the vibration you offer in response to what you are living and the vibration that you offer in response to what you are imagining, so this Prosperity Game Process is a powerful tool for shifting your vibrational point of attraction. — Abraham-Hicks

Nine days ago, a few friends and I decided to play the PROSPERITY GAME together.

What’s the Prosperity Game?!

Here’s the basics:
Every day, you pay yourself $1000, adding $1000 each day – so day 1: $1000, day 2: $2000, day 3: $3000, if you do it for 365 days, on that day you pay yourself $365,000! That’s a lot of cash to spend!! If you have an old checkbook, write yourself checks and put in the ledger, or use a computer program (I’m using Quicken)… you can even make a special book just for this game.

By doing this Prosperity Game, I am shifting my perceptions on receiving and spending money – so often we often are afraid to spend the money we have for “past fears” of not knowing where/when the money will come. Many of us are choosing to freelance, be business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants so we are living from project to project.

How would this shift your spending?! What would you spend your money on? Which charity would you donate to? Who would you gift $1000 to? Where would you live?

Watch the video for more info and/or check out the website link.

Each day post how you spent your money – along with any affirmations that align with your spending/receiving.

MOST OF ALL – HAVE FUN WITH THIS!! After all its just a GAME! Just like LIFE!!

Magic Passion Love & The Prosperity Game!
happy spending & RECEIVING!
Joanne xo

Here are a few posts what some of the Co-Creators on the 100 Day Reality Challenge are spending their money on – it’s kinda fun sharing in their SPENDING!

Today I received $3,000 into my credit union account. Me and the boys went to the Museum of Science for $20 per person. I have so much money coming in! We ate at this wonderful restaurant afterwards for $80. We then went to the mall and I bought the boys 2 pairs each of some Jordans that cost $130 each! I paid off my tax bill of $1,200. I bought me some $1,500 shoes! I just love shoes : )


I started today and have recieved $1000 in my bank account when I woke up =) I have attracted a wonderful Virtual Assistant for 5 months! It feels so wonderful to have help so I can continue to connect and create with others!

I am a money magnet!


Day 2: $2,000
$1,200 – new MacBook Pro -15inch
$ 200 – swimming lessons for my nephew
$ 600 – 3 hotel rooms for 2 days ($100 a night) at JFK’s Comfort Inn, for people stranded by volcano in Iceland

Every day money flows to me easily and abundantly

recap of Season 1 of Trickydame’s 100 day reality challenge

When I discovered the Co-Creating Our Reality website awhile ago through random web surfing, I remember I signed up and thought, WOW this is really cool. However, for some reason, I didn’t start using the website for some reason … well, the reason was because it wasn’t TIME!!!

So when I randomly got an email stating – Start your 100 Day Reality Challenge on December 1, 2009 – It was the Universe telling me that the TIME IS NOW to begin to truly be conscious with all of my thoughts, feelings and actions. I immediately began writing up a list of what I intended to accomplish not only in these 100 days but what my intentions are for MY LIFE!!

Just this morning I was having a conversation with a friend (who is starting HER 100 Day Reality Challenge TODAY!!) about it’s so important to “act as if you already have” whatever your intentions are. By doing this – it allows me to get COMFORTABLE with having it all. I feel that this was one of the lessons I got to learn in Season One — BEING COMFORTABLE with living within the VORTEX as Abraham Hicks calls it. It takes TIME to be comfortable and this is OK! We have to give ourselves patience and time — and when things don’t go as smoothly – FORGIVE OURSELVES! and others πŸ™‚

Every day since starting this 100 day reality challenge, at least some point during the day – I remind myself that I’m doing just fine … I forgive myself for everything…and I breathe!! BREATHING is another lesson I’ve learned to really do in this Season. I learned this importance of this during the time that I was making the decision to move out of my apartment that I lived in for almost 16 years in the East Village of NYC. I am still in state of awe that when I started Season 1, that I was not even considering a move — however because of my MAIN INTENTION – I relax in the flow of BEING a Full Time Artist! this opportunity showed itself to me.

I was given an opportunity & I allowed myself to truly re-define my Life Story. This was an intense question to ask myself – because many years I’ve identified myself through “my amazing east village apartment” however, I’ve also always known that it would need to end at some point as well. I didn’t want to become a “crazy new yorker” who’s stayed in the same “small flat” for over 20 years and work jobs just to pay for it so I allowed myself to Change My Story.

I’m grateful I was able to change my story through a positive experience because I recognize that many people make changes due to illness, divorce/break ups, and deaths. I was given an opportunity to make a choice – if I truly wanted to stay in that apartment, I would have found a way – I could have chosen to work full time as a real estate agent. I have a great company to work for and they are so supportive of my artistic goals. HOWEVER, it just didn’t feel right to do this. I have the freedom RIGHT NOW to make changes in my life so I took the big chance to jump into My Main Intention – Be a Full Time Artist!

Now that I’ve made this choice – all I need to do is relax & enjoy! I have places to stay for the next few months – I have money in the bank – I have amazing people who I call friends – I have great contacts to work with – anything that I need is always available to me and/or coming to me! I trust this because of how everything has transpired for me these past 100 days. I also know this because of witnessing amazing accomplishments from so many other co-creators! This is the power of this community – the sharing!! Which is why “sharing” is included in the definition of Magic Passion Love.

Magic Passion Love – a renewable, sustainable energy source found within all of us. When used, life feels good, when shared WOW!

There is a lot of WOW Manifesting on the co-creating our reality site!!

Here is a re-cap of my Season One intentions – I feel good about what I’ve accomplished and I trust that everything on this list will be Manifested within the next year. As so many know, we are in a time of POWERFUL TRANSFORMATIONAL SHIFT — its time to create your reality — do you chose to be a co-creator or continue to resist and struggle?!

To be able to pay my monthly expenses easily and on time (Yes I do!)

To feel healthy and attractive in my body (Yes I do!)

To live my values 24/7 (Yes I do!)

To be using social media tools to my fullest ability to create new professional/spiritual relationships (Yes I do!)

To have quality personal relationships for support (Yes I do!)

To be a well paid full time artist with my own art business fully set up by June 2010 ( this is happening as I begin to plan the MPL-USA Tour!)
To have multiple streams of income earning me over $5k a month (is happening at the right time!)
To have high paying enjoyable & creative freelance jobs in the next 100 days (I am always attracting new opportunities to me!)
To have my first book published along with the manifesting mobiles (by the end of 2010 I will have a publisher!)
To book re-energizing sessions a few times a month (yes yes!)
To travel to other cities and offer manifesting circles (soon!!)
To be in a safe & loving romantic relationship w/a good guy (I’m ready when he is ready!)

I am grateful to all of YOU who read my blog and follow Trickydame’s Adventures … it is an honor to be part of your own journeys – I believe that’s why we are here as Humans — to be able to inspire each other to live the best lives we can πŸ™‚

Magic Passion Love & PEACE!! xojoanne

PS: right now as you are reading this – know that you are manifesting to you all that you desire … and I’m sharing my Magic Passion Love energy to you!! ENJOY!!!

Magic Basil Bath

Last night, I came home after a long day of taking care of lots of tasks – – the temperature was starting to get a little hotter. Riding a bike up 8th Ave into the Garment District and then back down to Chelsea didn’t make me smell very good. I felt good though! I was taking action – – and we all know the law of attraction rules AFFIRMATIONS – ACTIONS – MIRACLES (or really good shit happening!) When one takes ACTION – one must be kind to the body – the mind and the spirit.

So – – when I finally got home, I needed to wash the smell of the city off my body. I began to fill my bath and remembered what my good friend Veronique Marchal of And…Action mentioned (its good to share info!!) … witches would take baths with basil. AHHH>>>>>> this is why I am growing the most amazing garden this summer – filled with HERBS. So is this summer not only the Summer of Sangria – its the summer of Magic Passion Love baths! …. and more !

Relax & Enjoy your MAGIC BASIL BATH!

A large sprig of basil – as much as you want
approx 3 tablespoons of olive oil (or your preferred carrier oil)

While you are filling the bath tub at any temperature that feels just right for you …pour in and stir olive oil with your hand. You want a little bit of oil on your hands. Take your stems of BASIL and take off each leaf. Squish it in your hands so it’s all gooey – put your hand under the running water and let the water flow over your hand and the basil. It will start to smell. Drop the basil leaf in the water. Take each leaf and repeat this – until all the leaves are floating in the water.

While your squishing and letting the water flow the basil in your hands – this is a good time to quiet the mind and just allow your nose to smell the basil. Feel it …as it’s filling up the entire room with the power to aid and strengthen love. – – -then this is the best part. Once the water is full, and you get yourself comfortable, grab a handful of leaves and rub them all over your body!

You can’t even imagine how your body is going to react – it’s amazing and then …when you get out.Smell your skin!

Basil – a masculine herb, ruled by Mars and fire is its element.

Basil is best known for its properties to aid and strengthen love. Although known to bring about prosperity, love spells are the general domain for basil. It is used to soothe communication between two people, to draw a lover to you and to celebrate love. Basil can be tucked fresh or dried into a sachet and carried to strengthen feelings of love.

excerpted from Spirit Quill

To find out more ways to use BASIL – Essential Herb Garden

there is nothing a hot bath can’t cure.” sylvia plath