Trickydame on Tybee!

Making a decision to stay on Tybee Island is one of the most interesting decisions I’ve made in a long time!! HOWEVER …

Life is what you make it – Make it Interesting!!

And … this is how I want to live my life! WOW!

I’m learning more and more about how to
and I’m giving myself TIME! What’s the rush?!

I suppose this is why I was guided to this place — to slow down and listen to my soul. While I listen to my soul, I’m so grateful for the various characters I’m meeting and being able to sit and be with Mother Nature so easily.

I’m also learning how to take ACTION and WAIT! Things happen a little slower here on Tybee Island … and I have to TRUST that as soon as the busy season starts, I will have a job at the local cafe. I trust the process of life and all that I need will always be taken care of. SO FAR SINCE I’VE LEFT NYC this is true!! So just believe it JOANNE!!!

Also … RECOGNIZE what you are accomplishing instead of beating yourself up for what YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH!!

I am constantly inspired and in awe of all of the people who are living their PASSIONS! And I’m constantly reminding myself NOT TO COMPARE myself to them … rather ALLOW MYSELF to be INSPIRED by them…. thus inspiring my OWN PASSIONS TO GROW!

We are all exactly where we need to be! We are all being exactly who we can be! We are all exactly doing what are doing! We are all exactly sure WHY we are who we are!!

SOMETIMES we forget!! (or get distracted!!)

This is why its so important to continue to work on YOUR INTUITION – we are all sixth sensory beings!! So many people are sharing great tools on how to access this power. I’m listening and reading lots to strengthen my own Intuition!
I invite you to listen to Sonia Choquette or David Morelli. These two people are inviting us to TRUST OUR VIBES and ENWAKEN!!!

I’ve always been a big believer in AFFIRMATIONS but in this past week, I’m finding a new understanding of how important they are. And is it any coincidence that the same week I tape all over my little room at the Carbo House all of my daily affirmations from my Louise Hay daily calendar is the same week she launches her new book, “EXPERIENCE YOUR OWN GOOD“!!????

Positive affirmations are solutions that will replace whatever problem you might have. By repeating these affirmations over and over, you’ll be planting new seeds in the fertile soil of your subconscious mind, and they’ll become true for you. Louise Hay

I believe if I continue to trust & use my intuition and believe & say my affirmations — I will feel FREE to Live Fully!!

Interestingly enough — right now I DO feel free to live my life!

Magic Passion Love & Owls

Tonight while I was sitting in the back yard – I heard an owl hoot and then … a few moments later it flew right over me. It was an amazing sight to see. The evening was perfect temperature, I was able to enjoy sitting out there for an hour.

There is nothing like sitting in the back yard after 10pm for a quite moment. I feel like my spirit guide sent the owl for me. Hmm…. perhaps!

Animal Spirit guides: The Owl

To our past ancestors, the animal held great spiritual power and symbolic meaning. In Native American culture, mythology and ancient civilizations, each animal is embodied with its own symbolic meaning and held its own unique spiritual power.
A particular animal crossing your path had deep significance to your life and indeed a strong message to impart. The presence of animal wisdom may appear to you in a dream, on the physical plane or intuitively.

We can also utilize and tap into the energy of animal guides around us to assist us in the daily challenges that life some times brings to our door.

The Owl is the bringer of wisdom. The all-seeing owl possesses supernatural qualities and is often associated with intuition, clairvoyance and clairaudience. The Owl’s energy is at its peak in the very heart of darkness. When we are plunged into blindness and disorientation. He penetrates the darkness of the blackest night. Seeing and hearing that which others cannot.

A magical creature of the forest enigmatic and powerful.

If the owl is calling you, or you are aware of the owl being present in your life, dreaming or waking.

You are being called upon to open your eyes, ears and mind to the truth of a situation. To listen to the wisdom deep in your heart and soul. That still small voice is trying to reach you in some way. To assist you or help you in a current challenge you may be facing. (How am I going to get to Tybee Island?! The answer will come!)

Tap into the power of the Owl by calling on your own intuition, listen to your own wisdom for there is something you need to see or hear. As the owl is so strongly associated with the night time, his wisdom may come to you while you slumber. So take the time to be aware of your dreams or make a special effort to remember and write down any important dreams you have. The Owl is a messenger that can bring clarity and illumination.


I open my heart and soul to the truth.
And ask that my life’s journey be illuminated before me,
I ask for the wisdom to see.
Even in the darkness of life’s challenges.
And the ability to manifest my true path.

Article By Janet Robson, Durham UK

New Moon Thought … and Trickydame Art

January 15, 2010 This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn is to help us learn more about our selves and what we want out of life. Developing our own personal faith will help to sustain us while we are evolving and becoming the person we wish to be. It will enable us to maintain important personal values while eliminating worn out beliefs that hinder our growth.

Know what’s really exhausting? STRUGGLE — The fucking Struggle!

without judgment on of the obstacles – challenges – choices – vanity – feelings that may occur in your life.

SERIOUSLY… LIVE MY LIFE! That’s all I have to do… and anything that I want…ask for it and do what I need to do to RECEIVE It.. which first just means to ASK!

SO—- LIVE LIFE! Painting and Making Art – – This really is my DREAM – FUCK!!

I easily afford this lifestyle! Creating my ideal life is my work/my job and It is possible to create it on my own terms! I enjoy my life more and more every day – YEAH!!!

It’s quite interesting at certain times in my life … at the challenging or scary risk taking times …my body reacts in so many ways, lower back pain, twinges in my ankles, headaches and yes a rash on my ass!

Do I really need a pain in my butt to make me realize that I’m making something out of nothing??!!

Relax – Enjoy – – – all of the moments in life.

or as the FCW Louise Hay says … when you have a RASH “I love and approve of myself. I am at peace with the process of life.” For those who don’t know the ideas of Louise Hay and Hay House Publications – check it out! Change your thoughts, Change your life. It’s crazy yet oh so true!

Chakra Cleansing

Our energies are controlled by so many inside and outside forces … when I start to feel blah, yuck, just really low … all I can do is just allow my body/mind/spirit just relax to chill the fuck out! I am VERY Grateful that I have the life that allows this … and I’m very GRATEFUL that I created this life!

It’s so important to be PROUD of Oneself!

This morning I cleared my CHAKRAS with my pendulum – interestingly enough … My Red , Orange , Yellow Chakras were either closed or near closed … THANKFULLY …my HEART (green ) Chakra was WIDE OPEN … which makes me feel even more love. My Blue , Purple were also open – not as much as the heart and my White Light … it’s active – it’s calling me. It’s important for me to connect my Body (lower chakras/strength-sexuality-power) to my Mind(upper chakras/thought-voice-clarity) thru my SPIRIT – heart/love.

We are experiencing something pretty intense right now – I feel it. I’m excited.

A- accepting/allowing
R – relax
E – enjoy

I am!