Art Gallery

I paint to release BS …

to feel the bliss…

to understand more…

to have fun…

to be me…
I am what I am.
I am Joanne.

I share Magic Passion Love in my art so that you may find a “ZIP ZAP of POSITIVE ENERGY” when you need it.   

My abstract paintings painting evoke the feeling of what it feels like to live in an era of lots of mixed messages and shifting perspectives.  There are many unanswered questions that often stall our abilities to pursue living our heart’s desires.   

somday someone

I play with color! I play with paint!

I play with words & images!


Photos by Martha Burzynski

I am available for Commission Work.

love vibe tree

In the midst of chaos – this is the time to “Activate YOUR LOVE VIBE” 

Plus… the cool thing is when you zip zap your personal positive energy – it expands and activates the whole Earth Heart Vibe.    This is a good thing.

You can view my work online on my Flickr page:


The concept of Magic Passion Love makes me feel good about life. My sister gave me a pack of Joanne’s MPL cards — her practical and positive affirmations make me want to do and be more and feel that I can. I framed the set of them because the artwork is also very beautiful and I smile every time I look at them. Ann Schroeder, Madison, W.

JM brings light with her energy, perspective, insight and colors. she energizes her friends, colleagues and strangers, who are only temporarily unknown to her. To bask in her energy is to learn and grow. Lucky world! Judith Steinhart, Health and Sexuality

One thought on “Art Gallery

  1. Could not find the art work that I ordered.

    That lovely gift I received from you is so precious and close to my heart…..your work moves inner souls. bless the day you were born. I am moved by them. Thank you.

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