“Joanne sparks the imagination and keeps us focused on the reward of feeling good and spreading your magic. She is constantly creating the reality she wants for herself and inspires those around her to do the same. Magic passion love is inside of you too, cool, huh?” 🙂
-Julie Staub, photographer

The concept of Magic Passion Love makes me feel good about life. My sister gave me a pack of Joanne’s MPL cards — her practical and positive affirmations make me want to do and be more and feel that I can. I framed the set of them because the artwork is also very beautiful and I smile every time I look at them.
Ann Schroeder, Madison, WI

JM brings light with her energy, perspective, insight and colors. she energizes her friends, colleagues and strangers, who are only temporarily unknown to her.
To bask in her energy is to learn and grow. Lucky world!

Judith Steinhart, Health and Sexuality Consultant

Your art is magnificent in my family room. I love it! I have a cathedral ceiling and its perfect. The colors are made for the room. WOW!!!
Lou R., art collector

i love the business card holder because it is *sturdy*–*and* it holds both my atm/credit cards and my metro card! perfect because i am so so so disorganized–i get to be reminded of you, being an fcw–and it is art! if you like i’d be happy to give you a quote as a happy customer for your card holder……i really do adore it and i think it’s ingenius!
Elaine Delahant -NY, NY

Joanne is a wonderful soul ,full of abundance and peace!
Her incredible art and manifestation of Magic, Passion and Love,,flow like notes being sung or a beat to dance to , they lift the heart , feed the soul and most importantly, it is contagious and radiates onto others that are not so lucky, spreading all good, to all people, no matter who or where they are in life!

Rebecca Rose Gonzales
San Antonio ,Texas

“From the day I met Joanne, I knew I had met someone special. Joanne is not afraid to commit herself to alternative ways of thinking and to challenging the perameters in which most people exist. She is her own woman; dynamic, enterprising, beautiful, vibrant, passionate, creative, intelligent and kind. And she shares her idea of Magic, Passion, Love with such openness and trust. Because she believes in MPL, so do you. You start to embrace this way of thinking and it inspires you. As for her art, well, what can I say. She’s as good as Pollack or de Kooning. The only difference is she’s a FCW!!!!
Christine Larkin,
singer, voice-over actress

“Joanne is a very energetic, dynamic woman…an asset to any enterprise. I have always appreciated her creativity and enthusiasm and ability to bring all kinds of people together…as well as her many, varied skills.”

Roberta Pyzel, President, Act II Productions, Inc.


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