Summer Solstice reflections

“Summer Solstice – the beginning of a Transformational Summer!  Release anything you wish to rid yourself of in the next spiral of your spiritual expansion.   The Stage is set for Great Leaps Of Energy.  You want to be able to harness this power – this is day is a POINT OF POWER.

Fill up your Heart with Love! 

Love your Heart – it can hold more than you think it can and then some!   

sunset blueThe Solstice is always a time of CELEBRATION and HONORING THE SUN.

The Sun is available as an energy source for all of us to ACCESS & USE!  Use the SOLAR ENERGY to anchor & ground your path, your growth, your expansion!

This is a very important time as the influences are huge.  Anything you put your attention on will magnify.

The SHIFT everyone is talking about is not something that happens to humanity – it’s is something that is   CO-CREATED by HUMANITY!

We are the Designing Force!

June 21, 2010 –  I was living on Tybee Island, GA for about a month.   I had been away from my NYC life since April.   I moved into the attic of the Carbo House and had no idea what was going to come next … It was the beginning of my life outside of New York City.   I was learning how to LET GO of EXPECTATIONS … and TRUSTING in the Divine – in my Angels!

Here is an excerpt from my journal …

Being here on Tybee has really changed my perspective. I took a step away from what I called “Home” to travel in search of another home.  Last night I was sharing a great night with a new friend who is also new here, we both agree we love it here however, it’s not our final destination.  As corny as this sounds, My home is not ONE PLACE.   My Home is built around my Spiritual Family and this keeps growing.  For we are all one Tribe of Earthlings.   I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing or even how I”m supposed to share Magic Passion Love… I just know WHY I’m doing it.  Because it feels good!  WE need to share things that make US Feel Good (perhaps FEEL GOD).

Feel GOD – bring more of the spiritual consciousness in our every day living  – everything is sacred.

I’ve started to re-read my journals so I can see how far I’ve evolved over these past few years.  One thing that has really been revealed to me is that my “Home” is where ever I choose to be as long as I surround myself with spiritual people.    When you make the effort to stay aligned with your “true essence” – you attract those people who value sacred living.   It’s been almost a year since I returned to Savannah to live – and as I look back at all of the other choices I could have made to live – I know that all of them still are CHOICES I can make.   Nothing is permanent – nothing is forever – every year – we celebrate a NEW Beginning of Summer!    Every day is a start of something new.

It’s important to remember this.